Simperial Boarding School

When I wrote the chapter 3.8 Raising An Heiress and introduced the fact that the future heiress was sent to the Simperial Boarding School, I didn’t have a plan to write anything with pictures from the actual school. My initial idea was just to mention it and send the future heiress Morticia off to school and just use it as a background spice to the story. However, when I wrote that chapter and received so many comments from the readers showing interest in the school, I thought of making something more of it.

To be able to take some screenies from the school I needed a set and some characters. I was thinking of building my own Gothic styled school but I felt it was more important to get the story out quickly and thought that I wouldn’t have time to build something from scratch. So I looked around the exchange and on modthesims, I didn’t find anything Gothic that suited me but finally found something somewhat ok. I downloaded it and made some alterations to it. When I see the pictures from the Simperial Boarding School now I feel I could have done a better job in getting the set more Gothic since it looks actually quite plain and almost cheery.

When it came to the characters that were to play Morticia’s classmates and teacher, I felt it was important to mix classic stereotypes with a large range of diversity to make it feel like a school from an undefined part of the world. Miss Harrison was to portray the typical young, nerdy and maiden teacher, a little on the prude side. The girls from Morticia’s class were to be culturally diverse and with different personalities, although portraying heiresses of supposedly existing legacies around the sim world. Jena Poyajingale, Sheila Suleiman, Marcia Everwood and Ella Chang were some of the characters I created just for the school.

The idea of writing about Morticia’s time at the boarding school evolved in the next chapter, 3.9 Life’s Mediocrity, to create a contrast between the school and the life at the Willow mansion. It gave me a chance to invigorate my legacy story. On one side we had the traditional life at the mansion with the painting in the artist studio as so many Willows had done in previous generations, it felt like the story was repeating itself. On the other side was Morticia’s quest to excellence that gave us hope of a more exciting future for the legacy.

Already in chapter 3.9 Life’s Mediocrity I used the school as a means of opening the gap between the triplets, which also brought in some new drama to the legacy. Morgana was to represent the traditional Willow heritage while Morticia was doing something new and different. In 3.10 The Greatest Of Them All it was accentuated by the new traits the girls got as teenagers. Morgana, with the hot-headed trait would enable me to create more drama and conflict, while Morticia got the ambitious trait, more promises without any concrete facts of what was to come.

To enable me to take the screenies I made the school lot a residential lot and moved in all the girls that I had created and Morticia that I copied from the Willow legacy lot. I placed the lot in a new neighborhood and played it in parallel with the legacy lot just to enable me to take some screenies for my story. When it was time for Morticia to become a teenager I aged all the members of the Simperial Boarding School lot and gave Morticia the same trait and took screenies for the teenage part of the story.

Finally in 4.1 Back To Basics it was time for Morticia to say goodbye to her friends and although she has left the school, I feel that I became a bit attached to the girls and the teacher and who knows, maybe they will reappear in the story in the future.


6 Responses to “Simperial Boarding School”

  1. I really enjoy these peeks into your writing/creating technique. I hope you are having a great time on your trip!

  2. I think you did a very good job with the boarding school element. It really did spice things up a bit, and prevent the story from repeating itself. I also like how it was used to set the plot a bit by distancing the sisters even more. With them all living in the same house, it would have been more difficult to do that.

    About the boarding school itself, I kind of liked that it wasn’t gothic. On the fancy side, maybe, but I took it to be a school only for the best. And I absolutely love how you made the girls diverse. There can never be too much cultural diversity, especially in the Sims 3 Community where it seems to be lacking!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your trip, Tota, and I look forward to seeing the next update, especially if it includes Morticia’s husband and children 😉

    • Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it.
      Oh, by the way, I think you will have to wait until the next generation for the husband you are thinking of 🙂 I had already played ahead for this gen.

      • Oh, really now? Well now I’m very intrigued! Either way, I can’t wait to see what happens!

  3. The exploration of great minds.
    It was clever how you worked the school, and I liked how you kept the school more on the fancy posh side then making it gothic.

    I hope your enjoying your trip Tota. Can’t wait to hear from you again! 😀

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