Impossible Love Story

Some of you may wonder why Aurora and Mortimer never got married, many of you have hoped throughout the story that they would one day, so had I. To tell you the truth I tried to get them married for ages, I just wouldn’t get the interaction to “propose marriage”. Already when Aurora was born in 1.3 The Dawn Of Darkness I had made up my mind that she would marry Mortimer Goth. Since there aren’t many dark or gothic default sims in the game he was my only choice and I also felt it would be fun to include such a legendary sim in my story. At that point I had no idea how hard it would be to get the two together, had I known maybe I wouldn’t have tried. As far as my experience reaches I’ve never had a couple that was impossible to marry, some have been harder than others, but it has always worked after a while.

When I wrote 1.8 A Match Made In Hell I had played with Aurora as young adult for a while and already knew it wasn’t going to be easy, so I decided to play along and make it part of my story, using it as a little spice. By the time I wrote 2.0 Bitter Sweet Love I was seriously trying to get them married, I would make them spend all their days together interacting amorously without any luck. I love the character Aurora for her traits, I was lucky to get such a complicated sim in my legacy, but her unlucky, unflirty and loner traits were being a real pain when it came to getting married. I guess Mortimer with his grumpy trait didn’t help either.

Since I wasn’t entirely sure of the reasons why Aurora was unable to marry Mortimer, I tried with Malcolm Landgraab in 2.2 Raging Fire, but had little luck there too, so I understood it was going to be hard no matter with whom. It was then that I decided that Aurora would still have children with Mortimer, although even getting to woohoo was a bit problematic, but I had made up my mind.

I was so happy when Aurora was finally pregnant, but you can image the despair I felt when a boy was born in 2.4 Mortimer Regenerated. I needed a girl since it is a matriarchy. The three first children were boys and I was really loosing my patience when Aurora got pregnant for the fourth time, at that point I said to myself that if it wouldn’t be a girl, I would let the story end with that. I figured that it would make an unusual story with a legacy that ended on the second generation because there was a lack of heiresses. The other option as I saw it was that I would pick one of the boys and not continue the matriarchy.

I little light was lit when I one day got the interaction to “ask to move in” in 2.6 A Gothic Metamorphosis, I was so happy. I figured that having them living together would make it easier to get them married, but I was wrong, almost every day of their lives together I tried to get them married without success. When I finally got the girl in 2.9 Demons Of Insanity I was thrilled, I let myself forget a bit about Mortimer and Aurora, even though I tried to get them married continuously. When Mortimer happened to die while visiting his son in 2.13 Farewell My Love I took the opportunity to make a last twist of the relationship. Really, I wanted them to be married, I just wasn’t able to make it happen.


11 Responses to “Impossible Love Story”

  1. I am a big fan of your legacy and I loved reading the inside information. I am always curious how other writers develop their stories.
    I hope you will continue your legacy even if for some reason Dessie only has boys. I hope she will have a girl but if she doesn’t, I don’t want the story to end!

    • Thank you seaweedy, I’m glad you find it interesting, I will write more here in the future I’m sure 😀

  2. Oh wow, I had no idea that you were having so much trouble getting them to get married! It’s too bad that they never did, they were such an epic couple.

  3. hm, first i thought it must be something about mortimer that the game won’t allow him to marry, but then aurora could have married malcolm, so it must be something about her.. maybe a bug in the game, or her unflirtyness. too bad though.
    but i think you involved it nicely into the story, with the whole affair thing with tori.
    but i’ll echoe terra and say that it’s too bad, and they really were an epic couple.

  4. Yes, you guys said it, they were an epic couple, I’ve grown so attached to them 😀 Still I think it was fun to have such a complicated couple to write about, not the regular happy and dandy that usually comes out when you play the sims 😉

  5. Wow this is really clever, I was kinda curious about this. 😀 More readers should do this for their fans, because I’m sure most fans get psycho-obsessed with legacies.

  6. Oh. I always figured that it was because heir/heiresses weren’t allowed to marry rich Sims, but this answer is much more interesting, and frustrating. I’ve never heard of that happening, but I guess their traits must have played against them. But it was more interesting to read than the happy dandy couples 🙂

    • Dan,
      technically, they were allowed to marry since she isn’t the founder. The rules were revised by Pinstar from the original when no one was allowed to marry rich sims:

      “Sims that are identified by your sim as “Rich” are now fair game for all sims except your founder.”

      But you are right that they made my story more interesting 😀

  7. i love how you do this entire set up for your legacy, it probably helps keep track even. It sucks they could never get married =[ but at least in the end, they did have your heiress!

  8. Wow Tota! I did not know the get married interaction don’t show up for some Sims. Very interesting! And you did a great job working around that situation. You clever woman!

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