5.6 To Live Another Day

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Morticia had lived to die another day, she had passed to the other side and come back from the dead. What had saved her was that somebody had loved her and begged for her life. How ironic, that the mother of three and the powerful ruler of the Willow legacy had been saved by her beloved cat, nobody else had come to her rescue. She had set to be the greatest heir of them all, and she had had great promise, but what had she made of all that? The only thing that she was to leave behind was a lonely daughter and a great empty mansion. Maybe it was best to just cave in and go with Grimmy next time.

After recovering herself from the traumatic experience of seeing her mother die and return from the realm of the dead, one morning, Agatha got up feeling unusually well. There was a light breeze in the air, the sun was shining on her pale skin and the dark corridors of the Willow mansion weren’t as chilly as usual.

It was that day, when the evening rose, that Grimmy came back once again for Morticia. Agatha, that was sitting in front of her mother typing away on one of her novels in the library, ran to her in despair. As soon as Grimmy arrived, she ran to the door and closed it, making sure that Patches would not make her way in. Morticia saw that Agatha also wanted her to go, with a sad smile she waved her daughter goodbye and went with Grimmy. This time, not to return again.

The next day, they held Morticia’s funeral in the mansion. Her sons, Osiris and Valdemar came together with their families, and of course a long row of celebrities attended too. Agatha felt quite sad to see all these familiar faces together, maybe Morticia wasn’t as disliked as she thought. A bit of guilt squeezed her heart. Still, she felt quite relieved, this was the start of a new beginning for her.

Everybody was exhausted after the epic party that was Morticia’s funeral. Sims had come from all corner’s of the world to pay their respect and the party had continued until the next morning. Patches, who paced around the mansion looking for her master finally fell asleep on the couch.

With Morticia gone, only Selena was left to take care of Patches, Agatha and Arthur hadn’t left their bedroom since the funeral. So Selena took care of the house and of Patches, who actually had grown very fond of her. Patches would follow her everywhere she went in the house and kept her company while she was doing the household chores.


One day, Selena approached Agatha with a request, she asked her if she could reprogram her back to her old self. Agatha was surprised to hear such a request.

“You are not running your original program?” she asked.

“No,” Selena said. “Desdemona, my creator and mother, didn’t make me a clean-bot originally, I had once other traits. When Morticia came into rule, she reprogrammed me into a clean-bot. I’ve never dared to request to be set free.”

Agatha was appalled by these news, all along she thought her aunt Selena was happy as she was, working as a clean-bot at their mansion. Her mother really had no scruples.

“Of course, Selena, let me do it straight away.”

“And while you are at it,” Selena said. “Can you make me a free bot?”

Agatha nodded with a big smile.

That is how finally, Selena  got back her old personality and was set free. After talking with Agatha she decided to move out of the mansion into a place of her own. She took Patches with her, leaving the two love birds at the big mansion, finally, on their own.

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5.5 Secrets Of The Heart

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Morticia wasn’t ready to give up on the legacy just yet, she was sure that she could find a good mate for her daughter and decided to hit the town and chat up some young sims. Of course, they had to be celebrities and have a lot of money themselves since she didn’t want them to marry Agatha for her money. They would fall in love and be happy, Morticia was sure of that. After convincing the young sims she met in town that she wasn’t looking for a date herself, but for her daughter, she managed to put together a couple of dates. But when she got home and announced the news to Agatha, she got quite upset and would not go on any dates. Finally, after a lot of convincing she agreed to go on just one date.


Agatha was having a bit of an emotional meltdown, she worked hard every night to keep her thoughts of Arthur and her aching heart pain away, but now her mother had gotten quite stubborn about finding her a mate. She finally agreed to go on one date, mostly to get her mother off her back. It had been a disaster, she was bored and the only one she could think of was Arthur.


It turns out, the emotional turmoil Agatha was feeling was nothing less than a mid-life crisis and apart from changing her wardrobe and buying a new car, she got herself a tattoo. When Morticia saw it, she got very concerned, it all felt so hopeless, it was like the two of them were living in parallel universes and were unable to communicate with each other. And the date Agatha had agreed to go on, the young sim had behaved perfectly and was a great match for Agatha, but she had rejected him. Sure his skin had a bit of a weird color, but he looked so young and handsome.

What was the point, Morticia should probably just let her be, maybe there was no hope for the Willow family, maybe it would all end with Agatha. Instead of worrying her head off, Morticia spent more time doing the things she loved the most. That is, playing with Patches, getting her groomed, training her and just being together.

One afternoon, when they were on their own, Agatha couldn’t stand it anymore and made a move. She gave Arthur a shy kiss and told him she could barely stand to hold her love for him secret from her mother.

“What should we do Arthur?” she asked. “I just want to be with you…”

“We should wait,” he sighed. “Your mother will have me back into my toy form in no time, if she found out.”

“But she has changed so much since she got Patches,” Agatha objected. “Maybe she just doesn’t care about that old fight anymore.”

They looked at each other with longing eyes. Arthur sighed and said:

“We have to wait…”


Agatha avoided Arthur as much as she could and tried to never be alone with him again, since she was sure she would not be able to control herself. They had people over several nights a week and had concerts and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Agatha loved entertaining her friends, specially since it kept her mind off other things.

One night, while Agatha was getting ready to go to sleep, Arthur sneaked in to her bedroom.

“I can’t wait anymore,” he said and took her in his arms.

They embraced and it was as if all their feelings for each other, that they had suppressed for so long, poured over in an overwhelming wave of passion. Arthur stayed the night in Agatha’s bedroom and sneaked out early in the morning before anybody got up. From that night on, Arthur sneaked in to Agatha’s bedroom every night. He would wait until everybody in the Willow mansion was sleeping before he went into her bedroom, the next morning they would both get up before everybody else. Agatha prepared breakfast for the whole family and Arthur went out to the garden to take care of his plants. Morticia noticed the change in the routine without being able to really understand what was going on. She was surprised that both Arthur and Agatha were up before her, given that they both used to sleep quite late. It also appeared to her that Agatha was much more at easy and happy, specially towards her.


As many in the Willow household were expecting, the day came when Grimmy arrived to take Morticia. Everybody was in distress by the reaper’s appearance, although for some it meant good news. When the deed was done and the urn was placed on the floor and they all started mourning, from nowhere arrived the cat Patches and pleaded for her master’s life. Grimmy, that found Patches adorable, granted her the wish and brought Morticia back to life, giving her yet another day until the dice was rolled again. Agatha, that saw the whole ordeal could not believe her eyes, it could be weeks before Grimmy appeared again, she ran off to her bedroom and lay in bed crying.

5.4 A Time To Wait

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It was at one of Agatha’s regular celebrity parties that Morgana Willow passed away. Not only was it a great loss for the Willow family, but also a complete disaster for Agatha’s reputation. The party was an absolute fiasco, everybody was in chock after seeing her leave with Grimmy and after the ordeal they all left the Willow Mansion as quickly as they could. For Morticia it was sad to see her sister go, sure, they hadn’t been very close, but they were still family.


That night after all the guests had left and Morgana’s ashes were taken down to the Willow mausoleum, Arthur and Agatha took a relaxing dip in the bubble pool. It was the first time since they were kids that they could just hang out without worries. The events of the evening had put things in a new perspective and when the rest of the family left for bed, they stayed up late talking. They would give each other shy looks and joke about how lonely they were and how empty the Willow mansion was.

“Maybe someday you will meet someone and have children,” Arthur said. “Your mother will be happy to see you bring the legacy further.”

Agatha made a long pause and then looked at him deeply in his eyes.

“I’ve already met someone,” she said softly. “But I’m not sure he is the right one.”

Arthur felt his heart-beat race and his cheeks get all warm, he was so in love with Agatha, but it could not be. They looked at each other in silence and then he decided, he had to tell her the truth, he could not go on like this.

“I made a promise to your mother…” he said and looked away. “A long time ago, before we left for boarding school.”

The news made Agatha quite uncomfortable, she knew that whatever happened between Arthur and Morticia, could not be good. Arthur told her everything that had happened that unfortunate afternoon when Morticia asked him to come in to her study. That he had promised her not to pursue his love for Agatha and that he would never tell Agatha about it. And now he had broken that promise.

Agatha sat quietly thinking for a long time.

“Well, like aunt Morgana, mother will not live forever…” she finally said. “I have longed to tell you, that I love you. Never dared to say anything because I was afraid you would reject me. But when you returned from Champs Les Sims, I thought it was for me.”

“It was for you!” he said. “I love you too.”


After that night, when aunt Morgana died, Arthur and Agatha didn’t speak much about what was said. They had reached an agreement, never to speak again of what was said unless they were completely alone. To not wake any suspicions they also decided to make sure not to be seen together alone. They would do the only thing they could, wait. Wait, and when the time was right they would be with each other. They had both a hard time coping though. Agatha submerged herself in her training, hoping that physical exhaustion would quench her heart’s desire.


Arthur devoted himself to his garden and to the art of nectar making. He would pursue his dream of a bottomless nectar cellar to perfection. He was sure that when he had reached his goal, Agatha and him would finally be free to love each other.


Morticia was worried that Agatha wouldn’t find a suitable mate and was starting to worry that she would never see the 6th generation heir being born. Seeing her sister die made her realize that soon it would be her turn, but she decided to stay put as long as she could, all in the hope to see Agatha marry. She was sure Agatha was being too picky, there was no reason not to have married yet, Agatha was a perfectly good young woman that anybody could like. Still she was the first to admit that celebrity life could really put a strain on anybody, she could see that Agatha wasn’t feeling completely well, but she felt incapable of doing anything. Morticia continued to attend the local celebrity hang outs and she was well known everywhere in town, and fairly well-liked.


What really had invigorated Morticia to stay healthy and alert, was little Patches. Together they spent day and night, playing and cuddling, and with her, Morticia never felt alone. Patches had grown into a lovely adult and she and Morticia had become best friends forever.


Agatha and Arthur shared their birthday and celebrated with a common party. All the celebrities in town were invited and although they remembered Agatha’s previous party and it’s tragedy, they all pretended like nothing and tried to have a good time. Morticia was getting close to 100 simdays, but she partied like she was a young adult. Becoming and adult made Agatha realize that her days to become a mother were counted. There was little time, but she could only wait, and hope that soon Morticia would be gone and she and Arthur would be together.


Away from all the peering eyes, Selena kept to herself whenever there was a party at the Willow Mansion. Sims didn’t react very positively to her and she enjoyed being on her own. The rest of the family would always forget about her when she wasn’t around, but she really didn’t care. All the drama in the house made her uncomfortable, and she rather preferred staying on her own, reading a book or two.

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5.3 The Willow Renaissance

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The decay of the Willow household was evident for everybody in the small town of Sunset Valley. The Willows had risen since the arrival of Elvira Willow, she was a nobody when she came to the town, now 5 generations later, the family had reached the top and seemed to be falling into oblivion. At this point in life, the household consisted of a Sim-bot, an imaginary friend and Morticia and Agatha Willow, mother and daughter of the grand family. According to the gossip in town, Agatha wasn’t interested in getting married, and really, there was nobody that was a somebody that would marry into the family, at this point. Morticia feared she would live long enough to see the family fall, all that she had once worked for would be gone. Her great ambitions would be for nothing and all that would be left were the graves of the great women that once ruled the family.

Arthur was well aware of the dire situation the family was in, when he returned from his travels in Champs Les Sims, still he had decided to stay at the mansion, for Agatha. He decided to put away all musts and not listen to the gossip in town. Instead, he would focus on the small things in life, watching a beautiful plant grow in his garden, observing natures creatures and listening to Agatha’s soft laugh when he joked with her. That would make all the difference for him and maybe, only maybe, he would affect her and make her happy.

He started a collection of gems, metals and insects that he displayed in a large room in the basement. Everybody was intrigued, even Morticia, and they all came running down looking at the beautiful things he was displaying, leaving their differences behind. Realizing what was going on, he began to think out a plan. He could actually make a difference in the Willow household, if he just thought it through, he could make Agatha happy, and Selena and maybe even Morticia. It would not be easy, but he would try.

Selena, that was a true scientist became curious of Arthur’s collection and they would spend hours talking about different species and looking them up in the encyclopedia. Selena hadn’t had a true friend since the death of her mother and creator, the great inventor, Desdemona Willow. But Arthur wasn’t like the rest, he would take the time to talk to her about things and she would make sure to bring in any gem or metal she would find in the garden when she was out and about. Life had suddenly a new meaning and she felt greatly relieved to finally have a new friend.

One morning when Morticia got up to eat her breakfast, she found a newspaper cut about her cousin Lauren Willow giving away kittens. She was puzzled to find the clipping by her morning coffee, someone must have forgotten it there. She hadn’t seen Lauren for a long time and it got her thinking that she really had no idea what she was up to these days. The newspaper clipping got her curious about her cousin, and she decided to pay her a visit. When she arrived at her apartment, she thought she would just say hi and not make a big deal of it, but when she left the apartment she had somehow managed to get a kitten as present. Oh well, little Patches needed a home, and the Willow mansion was quite big, no harm done in taking her in.

Agatha was feeling happier with life, she saw that Arthur was here to stay and that gave her some peace of mind. She was still working at the criminal career, she had gained a good position and wasn’t thinking of giving that up, but now she found life outside of work, more bearable. At home she would work her magic fingers and create fantastic dishes for everybody to enjoy. She still didn’t feel that she deserved Arthur and would probably never work up the nerve to ask him out, but until he found some pretty girl-next-door to marry, he would enjoy his company.


When she got Patches, something happened with Morticia, the little bundle of joy made her feel at ease with herself, she barely got angry anymore and she didn’t care much about the talk of town. She was actually on talking terms with her daughter, and they would spend the evenings writing away on their novels in the studio. Agatha could barely believe it, but really, she just didn’t feel that angry with her mother anymore. Somehow, she just didn’t care. For Morticia it meant the world, she still had hopes on finding a suitable mate for her daughter. If Agatha didn’t find a mate, it would mean the end of the Willow era, and for Morticia, the end of her great ambitions as heiress.

Something happened to Arthur when he was at Champs Les Sims, and whatever got him, he brought it to the Willow mansion. Everybody was feeling it, even the guests at the countless parties Agatha hosted for the celebrities of town. But the best thing of it all, was that Arthur no longer avoided the parties, they even danced together a couple of times.

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Of Kings And Castles – The Kingdom Of Castle Keep

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Hey all,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that follows my blog, thank you for all the great comments. I may not be the fastest writer, but I’m loyal to my stories and I’m glad you have the patience to follow the Willows to their 10th generation (only half-ways there!)

For some time now I have been working on putting together a new challenge and I have now started writing a new story that I’d love to share with you here. It is a medieval themed story, but still very sims-like 🙂

Of Kings And Castles

It is a Royal Kingdom Challenge, read all about the challenge rules on the provided link. It is quite a hard-core challenge and if there are any of you out there that like those type of challenges I’d love to hear your thoughts about the rules. Tips are very much welcome!

The story also features a fantastic custom world by auntielynds, which is fabulous – Castle Keep – A Medieval Fiefdom. I have made some new lots for the world and some alterations to the existing ones, you can find them on my studio.

5.2 Lonely Hearts

•February 10, 2012 • 3 Comments

At Champs Les Sims, Arthur found a new rhythm in life. He would get up early in the morning and go out for a jogging round before he ate breakfast at the local coffee shop. He would chat with the owner and read the newspaper or a book. After that he visited different cultural sites and then the local nectary to learn about grape vine gardening and nectar making.

He enjoyed himself thoroughly where he met a lot of new people, different from him and from the people he knew in Sunset Valley. He made many good friends and just when he started to consider if he would move to Champs Les Sims, he felt for the first time since boarding school, that he truly missed Agatha. He wondered what she was doing and if she was also missing him.

Agatha had recovered somewhat from what she felt like a huge abandonment by Arthur, to her mother she pretended that everything was alright and that Arthur’s departure didn’t mean a thing. However, when she was by herself, Agatha felt that she was extremely lonely and sad.

To keep her emotions and thoughts in place, she spent a lot of time exercising and pushing herself to the limit. When she wasn’t working or scouting the town for things to “borrow”, she would hide in the basement gym and work out.

On her free nights, Agatha would indulge herself in the luxuries of celebrity life. Taking the motive mobile to the clubs and bars of Sunset Valley would make her feel like a whole new sim. At the clubs she would dance and drink until they closed, and it was true, sometimes she had one or two drinks too many.

It wasn’t only Agatha that was feeling lonely, Selena’s life had changed dramatically since Desdemona’s death, every sim she met would see her with disgust, she had lost her only friend in life, and was having a hard time making new ones.

As a Cleaning-Bot, Selena spent most of her days cleaning or repairing items in the Willow mansion. She had quit her job at the science facility, that she loved so much. The new life was really not being very fulfilling, but it wasn’t like she was able to reprogram herself.

Aurora would come and visit the mansion almost every night, and for Morticia it was really the only company she had, apart from the weekly visits of her son Valdemar and his wife Lindsay. Agatha barely spoke to her, and none of the candidates Morticia had picked for her to marry were given the chance of more than one date. Morticia was feeling very old and lonely. If Agatha didn’t marry, it would mean she had failed as a mother, there would be no grandchildren and no heir to the Willow throne, the legacy would be over.

Just as everybody was feeling hopelessly lonely at the Willow mansion, Arthur returned like a fresh new wind. He had changed dramatically in style and spirit, that was something all could tell. Agatha was so happy to see him again, she could barely conceal it,she was even being nicer to her mother. Even Morticia felt a bit charmed by Arthur’s return, he was still not good enough for her daughter, but it was nice with new company in the big empty mansion. But what would happen next? Was he here to stay?

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5.1 Femme Fatale

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It was on the same day that Agatha and Arthur returned to the Willow mansion from their schools. Graduation had been a success for both of them, and even though Agatha had been a bit of a rebel at school, they both had excellent grades. However, their reunion was a bit awkward. Arthur was more serious than ever, and Agatha was cold hearted and a bit superficial. She was unsure if Arthur had longed for her as much as she had done for him and wanted to play things cool and not let him know that she was still in love with him.

That Arthur found Agatha attractive, was no doubt about, but he was confused of her cold-hardheartedness and distance. He had always looked forward to the day they would be together again, but now, he was left wondering where his sweet Agatha had gone.

In spite of their awkwardness towards each other and their growing distance and alienation from each other, each one for themselves, was happy to have the other there. However, no sweet or kind words were ever said about it, and they were left not knowing of the other’s feeling. It was sad to see, but Morticia, that condemned the relationship, was happy to see that things went her way.

Morticia took every opportunity to remind Arthur of the promise he had made her, and made it very clear that the only reason he was still under her roof, was because he and Agatha were just friends. In the meantime she was busy finding her daughter a suitable mate. Now that Agatha was back from school, Morticia was feeling much better, she had a strange satisfaction in planning her daughter’s future.

Everybody else was so submerged in their own feelings, that nobody really took great notice of when Valdemar proposed to Lindsay. They had a small private wedding in the back yard of the mansion and decided to move out together. Valdemar had seen that his mother was feeling better with the new heiress at home and decided that it was time for him to move on. However, he remained very close to his mother, listening to all her plans and visiting at least every weekend. Lindsay found the relationship between Valdemar and Morticia a bit odd, but didn’t say too much about, at least they were moving out together now.

It seemed that Agatha had some of her rebellious personality even as an adult, the kleptomaniac trait drove her to snatch whatever was possible, all to accomplish her life time wish, Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law. It wasn’t the items that drove her to do it, the Willows were rich enough to purchase whatever they wanted, it was the thrill of doing it and getting away with it.

When she wasn’t stealing from her neighbors, Agatha was keen on posing for the paparazzis outside the Willow mansion. It felt even more like a rush to pretend to be this fantastic celebrity that everybody admired, knowing what she had just done a few moments ago. Sims were so gullible and superficial, they loved her for her smile and looks, and because she was the next heiress of the Willow legacy, but they knew nothing of who she really was.

All that Agatha did, wasn’t bad, deep down inside she was kind, she just couldn’t help it sometimes. When she felt very guilty about her bad and rebellious behavior she turned to her natural cook trait and prepared some fantastic meal for the family. To tell the truth, Agatha was torn, she didn’t want to be bad, but at the same time, she just wanted to be free to do whatever she wanted, and at times, what she wanted was to be bad. She felt there was really nobody to confide in and she felt always very lonely and sad. She couldn’t speak to Arthur, because she was sure he would despise her for her bad actions, and her mother lived in her own little world.

Arthur was very confused about Agatha, he knew he loved her, but since they had arrived from school, he didn’t know who she was any more. She was always surrounded by admirers and paparazzis, or out and about in town late at night. Maybe she found him too dull and common, she seemed to be out of his league. Without a real employment Arthur spent his time taking care of the garden in the mansion and although it was very therapeutic and fun, he was unsure what to do with his life. Maybe he should move out, just as Morticia wanted and leave the Willows alone. He just didn’t know where his place in the world was, after all, he was just a doll.

Finally, one day, Arthur decided he had to find himself and decide what he wanted to do with his life, so he rented a car and left on a road trip. He would go to Champs Les Sims and see what vines they cultivated in their gardens there, maybe he would drink some good nectar and enjoy life, and hopefully the distance to Agatha and the Willows would bring some clarity to his mind. When he announced his departure Morticia was happy, she thought that now, they would finally be rid of him. Agatha, sat quiet staring at him, she was losing him again, she thought, and there was really nothing she could do about it. She had brought it on herself with her behavior.


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