Main Characters

Here is a list of all the sims that ever lived in the legacy lot.

Elvira Willow – Founder

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Elvira is extravagant, refined and has an air of superiority that makes anybody feel small. On the other hand, she has that special ability to make people feel good about themselves with flattery. Dreamed of being the founder of an epic legacy that is worth remembering.

Traits – Artistic, Bookworm, Snob, Perfectionist and Schmoozer

LTW – Illustrious Author

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Christopher (Steel) Willow – Founder Mate

Christopher is a good father and husband, he adores his wife, children and grandchildren and always puts them before himself. He is the one that keep his head cold in all the drama of the Willow’s lives.

Traits – Great Kisser, Natural Cook, Daredevil, Angler and Friendly

LTW – Perfect Aquarium

Wiki-page: Christopher Steel

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Aurora Willow – Gen. II Heir

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Aurora is a complex sim that had a dark and gloomy childhood, life had been harsh on her and she had several traits going against her. As a young adult she found herself caught up in a romantic drama with the famous Mortimer Goth, while trying to bring the legacy forward. She is a great artist and adventurer with a special place in her heart for Egypt.

Traits – Loner, Artistic, Unlucky, Unflirty and Evil

LTW – Private Museum

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Draco Willow – Gen. II Spare

Draco is the second child of Elvira and Christopher. He grew up in the shadow of Aurora and resented his parents for not giving him enough attention. As a teenager he fell in love with the much older neighbour, Holly Alto, they eventually got married and moved out of the mansion. Together they had two children, Tameka and Janelle Willow.

Traits – Athletic, Mean Spirited, Daredevil, Loner and Loves the Outdoors

LTW – Martial Artist

Moved out

Mortimer Goth – Gen. II Heir Mate

Mortimer Goth is Aurora Willow’s lover and father to all her children. He had a turbulent love affair with her since they were young. While he was absent as a father to his older children, he finally moved in to the Willow mansion.

Traits – No Sense Of Humor, Technophobe, Artistic, Grumpy and Ambitious

LTW – Visionary

Wiki-page: Mortimer Goth

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Mortimer Junior Willow – Gen. III Spare

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First born child of Aurora Willow and Mortimer Goth. He grew up in the middle of the tearing love affair of his parents. He had a close relationship with his grandfather, but had little sympathy for his father that was absent during his childhood. He married the former maid of the Willow mansion, Angelique Fulton, and moved out. They didn’t have any children.

Traits – Hates the Outdoors, Light Sleeper, Computer Whiz, Evil and Handy

LTW The Tinkerer

Moved out

Tristan Willow – Gen. III Spare

Second son of Aurora Willow and Mortimer Goth. A sensitive and talented boy who already at young age showed the scars of growing up in a turbulent home. He married Mayra Elmore and moved to the countryside. After a dispute with his mother regarding the relationship between Tori Elmore and Mortimer Goth, they cut contact.

Traits – Neurotic, Virtuoso, Adventurous, Over-Emotional and Hot-headed

LTW – Rock Star

Moved out

Damien Willow – Gen. III Spare

Third son of Aurora Willow and Mortimer Goth. He grew up into a complicated sim with a somewhat split personality. He had a hard time with love as a teenager but he finally married Nao Sakaue and moved in with her and her mother, Kei Sakaue in a suburb in Sunset Valley.

Traits – Insane, Slob, Brave, Photographer’s Eye and Vegetarian

LTW – Creature Robot Breeder

Moved out

Desdemona Willow – Gen. III Heir

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Desdemona is the 3rd generation heiress, she is the fourth child of Aurora Willow and Mortimer Goth and the only daughter of the blood, thus the only potential heiress. As a child she was a bit spoiled and she grew up into a  special sim that dances to her own tune, but everybody around her admires her and wish to be a bit more like her.

Traits – Insane, Friendly, Artistic, Neat and Dramatic

LTW – Descendant Of Da Vinci

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Isolde Willow – Gen. III Spare

Isolde is Aurora Willow’s fifth and only adopted child, she grew up seeing Mortimer Goth as her father, although since he never married Aurora he technically wasn’t. She is Desdemona’s closest friend and they jokingly say that they are twin sisters.

Traits – Brave, Inappropriate, Perfectionist, Ambitious and Hot-Headed

LTW – Fire-Fighter Super Hero

Moved out

Delores (Langerak) Willow – Gen. III Spare Mate

Delores is often confused to be a Willow of the blood, due to her dark nature. The truth is that she is married to Isolde Willow and is originally a Langerak. Still when she moved into the Willow mansion, she perfectly assumed the part of being a Willow role-model, specially to the children.

Traits – Unflirty, Loves the Outdoors, Coward, Light Sleeper and Mean Spirited

LTW – Illustrious Author

Moved out

Garett (Langerak) Willow – Son Of Gen. III Spare Mate

Son of Delores Willow and Topher Baker, the result of a one-night-stand, Garett was doomed to a life of loneliness and gloom. Goodhearted, he takes refuge in his music. As a teenager he became best friends with Arlene Willow, Draco Willow’s granddaughter. Together they eloped as soon as they became young adults.

Traits – Virtuoso, Good, Inappropriate, Eccentric and Athletic

LTW – Paranormal Profiteer

Moved out

Antwan (Hutchison) Willow – Gen. III Heir Mate

Antwan married Desdemona thinking it would be an easy life in the lap of luxury, but he didn’t predict the hard work of being father to triplets. From being a self-centered and arrogant young adult he became a devoted father and grandfather. He always dreamed of moving to China to pursue his Sim Fu career.

Traits – Hates the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humor, Disciplined, Grumpy and Evil

LTW – Physical Perfection

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Morgana Willow – Gen. IV Spare

Dark, creative, hot-tempered and somber, Morgana is the classic Willow, and Desdemona’s personal favorite for heir. Unfortunately she wasn’t picked, although she still believes she is the better choice. She resents her arrogant triplet Morticia and wishes the other one, Moriana, would support her more.

Traits – Insane, Brave, Great Kisser, Hot-Headed and Artistic

LTW – Home Design Hotshot

Moved Out

Moriana Willow – Gen. IV Spare

Simple, down to earth and content with life, Moriana wants to get away from the drama of her family. She dreams of a quiet life with a husband and children. Always in the shadow of her two triplet sisters, she goes often unnoticed and doesn’t want to make a big fuss over herself.

Traits – Unflirty, Loves the Outdoors, Handy, Heavy Sleeper and Computer Whiz

LTW – Become Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

Moved out

Morticia Willow – Gen. IV Heir

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Morticia takes the role as heir very seriously, her goal is to take this legacy to the next level, pursuing a life of wealth, luxury and fame. Her personal opinion is that she is a new class of Willow and she will rule the family to bring them out of mediocrity.

Traits – Workaholic, Neurotic, Heavy Sleeper, Excitable and Ambitious

LTW – Living in the Lap of Luxury

Giovanni (Dean) Willow – Gen. IV Heir Mate

The greatest price in Sunset Valley, is to marry an heiress of the powerful Willow family, and that is exactly what Giovanni accomplished, although his greatest wish is to do good to humanity and change the world.

Traits – No Sense of Humor, Excitable, Good, Bookworm and Neat

LTW – World Renowned Surgeon

Deceased on legacy lot and still haunting

Selena Willow – Gen. IV Spare

Created by the bear hands of her mother, Selena is the first Willow Simbot. She loves her mother and her niece and nephew, although she understands that her sister Morticia will never fully accept her. Still, her good sense of humor and courage go a long way with the family.

Traits – Good Sense of Humor, Brave, Genius, Daredevil and Hydrophobic

LTW – Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Osiris Willow – Gen V Spare

First born of the 5th generation,  he was not what was wished for by his mother. His uneven artistic temperament got him sent to LeFromage Art School at a young age. As a young adult he returned to the Willow mansion. He got involved with Margie Willow, his mother’s cousin, and they moved together when she got pregnant, leaving him in an eternal feud with his mother, Morticia.

Traits – Friendly, Couch Potato, Brave, Photographers Eye and Dramatic

LTW – Star News Anchor

Moved out

Valdemar Willow – Gen V Spare

Valdemar was a sensible and quiet boy. His mother, persuaded that it was the best for him, sent him to Smuggsworth Prep School, where he felt completely alone. When he returned back home, as a young adult, he didn’t blame his mother for his unfortunate childhood, he still loved her. In his line of work, he met Lindsay Willow, second cousin to his mother, Morticia. They got married and moved out together.

Traits – Perceptive, Friendly, Neurotic, Snob and Ambitious

LTW – Pervasive Private Eye

Moved out

Agatha Willow – Gen V Heir

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As a child she was given no love and torn apart from her childhood imaginary friend, Arthur. At Smuggsworth Prep School she grew cynic and coldhearted and learned to use her attractive looks to get what she wanted in life. Inside the hard exterior, she has always felt truly lonely and abandoned, really she just wants to be loved.

Traits – Kleptomaniac,  Mean-Spirited, Can’t Stand Art, Natural Cook and Ambitious

LTW –  Possessions is Nine Tenth of the Law

Arthur Willow – Gen V Mate

ArthurAgatha’s imaginary friend that left his toy-form to be together with his true love, Agatha. After turning into a sim, he was separated from her and sent to military school by Agatha’s mother Morticia. He returned and worked hard to be with Agatha, finally, after much struggle they found each other and made a family, despite Morticia’s disapproval. Calm, happy and simple, Arthur enjoys the tranquil days in the Willow mansion.

Traits – Technophobe, Disciplined, Easily Impressed, Loves the Outdoors and Green Thumb

LTW – Bottomless Nectar Cellar

Ada Willow – Gen IV Heir

Ada Download link

The only child of Agatha and Arthur, although very much loved by her parents, she was a lonely child and although she didn’t think much of the world she lived in, as a young adult she finally found her true love, the animals.

Traits – Over-Emotional, Loner, Daredevil, Animal Lover and Evil

LTW – The Fairy Tale Finder


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  1. Ugh,, where is Draco, Holly and other childs??
    Like Mortimer Jr,???

    • They will be coming up soon 🙂
      Although only characters that lived in the mansion, so not Holly and her kids… but Draco 🙂

  2. Very cool. Can’t wait to find out more about little Desdemona.

  3. Oooh, Christopher Steel! I started my legacy by marrying my sim to him too! (:

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