Welcome to the dark age of the Willow family…

Elvira Willow – Generation I

Elvira Willow

1.1 A Shadow Over The Valley1.2 One Ring to Unite Them1.3 The Dawn Of Darkness –  1.4 A New Contender1.5 The Tormented Artist 1.6 The Mean Reality
1.7 The Curse Of The Mummy1.8 A Match Made In Hell1.9 The Wicked Path

Aurora Willow – Generation II

Aurora Willow

2.1 Bitter Sweet Love2.2 Raging Fire2.3 Passing The Baton2.4 Mortimer Regenerated2.5 While Waiting For The Reaper2.6 A Gothic Metamorphosis2.7 The Unbearable Sorrow Of Life And Death2.8 The Awakening2.9 Demons Of Insanity2.10 The Insane Asylum2.11 Two Sides Of The Moon2.12 The Dark Side Of The Moon
2.13 Farewell My Love

Desdemona Willow – Generation III

Desdemona Willow

3.1 Futuristic Ambitions3.2 There Goes The Neighborhood3.3 The Darkness From Within3.4 The Unpredictable Lightness Of Being3.5 Full House3.6 Crisis3.7 Dramatic Transformations3.8 Raising An Heiress3.9 Life’sMediocrity3.10 The Greatest Of Them All3.11 Gone With The Wind

Morticia Willow – Generation IV


Morticia Willow

4.1 Back To Basics4.2 New Ambitions4.3 Getting Things Done4.4 Ruthless Ruler – 4.5 Winds Of Fame Over The Valley – 4.6 Family Matters – 4.7 A Series Of Unfortunate Events – 4.8 Alone In A Mansion Full Of People4.9 Secrets in the Dark – 4.10 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being – 4.11 The Willow Clan

Agatha Willow – Generation V

Agatha Willow

5.1 Femme Fatale – 5.2 Lonely Hearts – 5.3 The Willow Renaissance – 5.4 A Time to Wait5.5 Secrets of the Heart – 5.6 To Live Another Day – 5.7 Perfect Paradise – 5.8 The Road Less Traveled – 5.9 The Way of the Loner – 5.10 The Birth of the Dark Butterfly – 5.11 Enter the Dark Mare

Ada Willow – Generation VI


Ada Willow


27 Responses to “Overview”

  1. I love the feel of this blog. Very dark yet intriguing and strangely inviting. Your Sims is very unique looking. =)

  2. love your legacy blog!

  3. Tota, I’ve been reading your legacy for a little while now and I absolutely love it! It has inspired me to start my own legacy. Thank you for creating the best legacy I’ve read in the three weeks I’ve been involved with legacies!

    • Thank you Dan, it means so much to know that it has inspired you, I will check out your legacy too 😀

  4. Tota,
    I have read your whole legacy and check up everyday to see if there is a new chapter. I rate your legacy 10/10 !!
    – Mia x.

  5. Hello! I have made my very first legacy!
    If you could please have a read, and if you like it can you put
    it up? Thanks 😉
    Its: thedarlinglegacy.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/prologue/

  6. sorry, it’s:
    😉 Thanks .

  7. Hey Tota, I’d just like to say how awesome I think your legacy is. You inspired me to start writing my own. I love your legacy.
    Do you think you could have a look at my legacy and see if you like it. http://nightrainpagan.webs.com/ I’d really love it if you could

    • NightrainPaga,
      thank you so much, I’m so glad to hear that I was able to inspire someone 🙂 I will take a look at your story 🙂

      • Thank you Tota. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve added a link on my page to the Willow Legacy, just so anybody who visits my website gets to see how awesome yours is. Plus It’s been updated today so if you viewed it yesterday, it’s changed today I changed the chapters. Thanks for viewing it! XD

  8. Hello Tota. I started a legacy. Would you look at it and leave a comment? https://jaylf.wordpress.com/

    I just have the prologue up now. Do you have any hints as to the webpage setup. I like the way you have your chapters and sidebar set up. I am pretty clueless about web page design.

    Also, you have your Willow Legacy signature clicking straight through to this page. How do you do that???? Also, I have not been able to make my picture at the top of the page clear even though they are clear in paint before I upload and set as my header picture. Any helpful comments there as well?

    • Hello there jaylf,
      I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to answer this, I feel a bit bad 😦
      To make a siggy that is a picture that works as a link what you have to write is:
      [url=Link to Blog][img]Link to Image[/img][/url]
      I hope this helps

      Regarding the picture, if the picture is either larger or smaller than the banner it will get blurred when resized. Secondly everytime you save a jpeg image you worsen the quality. There are better programs than Paint for resizeing images, some are expensive but there are others for free that are quite good.

  9. When’s 3.10 coming out? Sorry I’m just dying here I need to read more XD
    Did you enjoy my legacy?
    It’s a start so …
    Thanks for everything Tota

    • Nightrain,
      I’ve read your thorne legacy, but when I clicked on the first link you’ve provided I don’t come to a legacy story, but maybe you are only writing the thorne legacy now?

  10. Thanks for responding. How is the traveler? Got the picture and siggie issue taken care of. Any suggestions on how I can get my web page set up properly? I am still not happy with it. Top right hand corner has a menu I don’t like. Can’t figure out how to get rid of it or how to format the top menu better. Should the first page of the blog just be a teaser for the updates and chapter pages on the sidebar? That way the subscribers will get a notice. I don’t think they get a notice if the sidebar chapter pages are added.

    I have a prologue and 5 chapters up on the story and have submiitted for The Simmy Awards on Thesimmerssociety.net.

  11. Hey Tota, I was wondering around wordpress looking for other sims legacies (after posting my first chapter) when I discovered your legacy. It’s by far one of the best I’ve read so far, it’s also quite reasurring to see I’m not the only person who’s decided to do a gothic legacy.

    And now for a tid bit of advertising, do you think you could check out my legacy. I’ve added you to my blog roll,


    Hope your enjoying your travels

    • Hi nightrain,
      thank you, I’m glad you like my legacy and even consider it one of the best you’ve read 😀 I’m glad to see that I have inspired you, reading your legacy as we speak, will leave you a comment.

      • thanks for visiting my legacy, I just dropped by to say that I had to restart my legacy this morning because of some weird computer problem, my founder is the same but everything else will be different.
        The legacy will hopefully be better this time round.

        Thanks for your comment, it was really nice of you to drop by my legacy 😀

  12. heheh, Hi tota, nightrain, i keep reading this legacy because it’s all my sister (NIGHTRAIN) keeps talking about it all the time, since she started her own legacy, i thought i might do one too so i’m setting mine up at the minute, if it’s not up and running soon feel free to post a comment urging me to continue.

    i’m loving this legacy and i can’t wait to see more of my sisters, your both doing excellent work and it’s great insperation.

  13. Just wanted to let you know that your stories are beautiful. I just began reading them today! I also am starting a legacy, though the blog has nothing on it. Since I am kind of new to the legacy thing, could you please exaplain how you put pictures, create family trees, and put the stories on the actual blog?

    • thank you, that makes me so happy 🙂
      Well, to create a blog I just joined wordpress and write directly here, the pictures are all screenshots that I’ve taken in-game and then uploaded here on wordpress, here is a small walk-through to get you started:

      I’ve done my family tree on a family-tree site, if you follow the link of my family tree you can create your own there.

      Good luck 😀

  14. i have read a lot of legacies, and i do mean A LOT. but i have to say the willow’s if by far one of my favorites. in fact, after reading their story, i decided to create my own legacy, and i would be honored for you to take a look at it. i’ve only posted the first chapter, but hopefully i’ll get another one or two up this weekend!!


    ps. i added the willow’s to my link list on my page, hope that okay 🙂

    • Thank you so much, it makes me so happy to know that I’m an inspiration to others. I love the name of your legacy, I will definitely look it up. Thanks for sharing

      • hello again tota,
        i was wondering, i love the header pictures you chose, and i’d like to do something similar for my legacy, but… how did you do it?! i’d really love some insight!! thanks so much!

      • I made the header in photoshop, have you used it before? I found the frame on the internet, adjusted and multiplied it. For each heir I take a screenshot that I cut out to fit in one single frame. All this using different layers.

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