6.1 Shattered Dreams

Full Stable

When Ada grew up into a young adult and took over the role as head of the household, she decided that the family budget left her enough money to buy another horse. Ada disliked sims quite a lot and preferred the company of animals instead. She went to the Equestrian Center and picked the best stallion she could find. He would make a perfect mate for Dessie and hopefully they would have a foal soon enough. She called him Mort after her great-great-grandfather Mortimer Goth, she felt the name was suitable since Mortimer Goth was such an epic sim that truly made an impression on the Willow family. Ada’s intention was that her horses would also become epic and renown around town.

Becoming Friendly

Dessie welcomed the new addition to the family, she and Mort now shared their daily life, taking long runs along the lot and playing together. Certainly, it didn’t take long for Dessie and Mort to become friendly with each other and try for a foal. It seemed that they were successful and Dessie became pregnant quickly. Although everybody at the Willow mansion was happy to see Dessie pregnant, both Arthur and Agatha wondered when Ada was planning to find a mate  for herself and make a family. Agatha made sure to remind Ada that the legacy would fall if she didn’t manage to make a family, and most importantly, to have a female child. But Ada didn’t bother herself with that, she just didn’t seem to have the time to go on dates, besides, Arthur and Agatha had themselves been adults when they had her, she had plenty of time to find a mate.

Winning One Losing One

One summer night when Arthur went to a nightclub to work on his dancing, in the hope that he would finally reach the top of the celebrity ladder, the Reaper came for him. Although he was still living his life to the fullest, he was happy enough with what he had achieved in life, that he went without much fuss. The only regret he had in life, was that he had never become a grandparent, but that was how life was, he had himself been very mature when he first had Ada and she didn’t plan to have children anytime soon.

In the Heat

The funeral was held at the family mausoleum on a hot summer day. The Willow ladies, who didn’t enjoy neither the heat nor the sun very much, were thankfully equipped with parasols to keep their fair complexion as pale and cold as it had been for generations. The celebrity community of Sunset Valley was certainly very sad over the passing of Arthur Willow, but Ada only saw it as a shallow way for them to bathe in the sunshine of her late father’s greatness. She wasn’t pleased, to say the least, and was seen moping around during the whole party.

The New Arrival

One life comes to an end, and another one starts, that is the circle of the sim life. Dessie gave birth to a little foal that was given the name of Tornado. He was born clueless, aggressive and untrained, not the most advantageous traits, but Ada wasn’t the one to shun a challenge.

Raising Tornado

Mort and Dessie took good care of Tornado, teaching him everything they knew about a life as a horse, and by nursing and caring for him as parents should. Ada was also very involved in the upbringing of the new Willow stallion. She brushed his coat, fed him with a bottle and praised him when he did something good. They grew very attached to each other, so much that Ada felt that little Tornado had a special place in her heart, she felt almost like a mother to him.

Fall Over Sunset Valley

Fall came to Sunset Valley, a season that suited the Willows much better, the mansion had not looked so beautiful ever before. The arrival of seasons made such a difference in the sims lives, that everybody in town was talking about it. Some missed the neverending summer days and complained that things were better in the old days. But the big majority welcomed the changing seasons and all the new festivities it brought.

Caring For The Legacy

With Arthur gone there was nobody to take care of the perfect garden he had created. Agatha spent most of her days indoors, mourning the death of her spouse and lover, so it was up to Ada to keep the Willow mansion from decay. Although she wasn’t very good at gardening, it certainly wasn’t one of her interests in life, she decided that her fathers legacy would live on, and she would do the best to keep the garden in the best condition possible. Truly, she wished that she could just hire a gardener, like in the old days, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.

Following the Rainbow

Ada had long been on the outlook for a mythical creature that was said to roam the lands of Sunset Valley. One rainy fall evening, she saw the rainbow appear at Plumpuddle Park. As the tale foretold, the mythical creature was sure to appear were the rainbow started, so she decided to take a chance and go out to find it. She wasn’t disappointed, the mysterious mythical creature was more beautiful than she could ever imagine. She was afraid to scare it off, so for the longest time she stood and observed it from a distance, but she had made up her mind, she would befriend this beautiful creature.

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~ by Tota on December 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “6.1 Shattered Dreams”

  1. Beautiful chapter I can’t wait to see if Ada is able to befriend a unicorn and I am especially looking forward to seeing how she falls in love, if she does! 😀

  2. Oooh, great update 🙂

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