5.11 Enter The Dark Mare

Passing It On

Agatha realized that her sim days were counted, and although Ada was still a teenager, she wanted to make sure that all her knowledge about being a Willow heiress would be passed on to her daughter. Of course, Ada was a very intelligent and accomplished sim, along with Desdemona Willow, probably one of the most clever Willow women in history. Still, Agatha was sure that intelligence wasn’t everything when it came to surviving in Sunset Valley’s celebrity jungle, there were some social skills needed, that she worried Ada didn’t care about. It was very true, Ada didn’t care about the shallowness and materialism of the celebrities in town, but since her mother insisted, she respectfully listened her out.

After School

Being en excelling sim, can be boring at times. Ada found herself often with lots of free time, since school wasn’t challenging enough for her. She finished her assignments and homework very quickly and after school she spent most of her time reading or strolling about town. She didn’t care much for the after school activities the school provided, since none were challenging enough for her.

Advice From Father

Things that challenged Ada’s superior mind were things she could find in her great grand-mother’s workshop. Apart from doing experiments in the laboratory, she was very curious about the future and used the time machine Desdemona had once constructed to take her to the future. Arthur, who generally was a calm sim, begun to be a bit worried about Ada’s reality escapades. So after giving it a good thought, one evening he suggested a new hobby for her.

Adoptin Dessie

Since Ada was an animal lover, Arthur suggested that they would buy her a horse, one that she would care for and train. It meant a great responsibility, but Arthur was sure his daughter would manage. He was secretly hoping that it would make her less lonely, to have an animal companion and also teach her a thing or two about compassion and fondness. Ada was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as they arrived at the stables, she fell in love with this beautiful black horse. She decided to call her Dessie, after her great grandmother Desdemona, that she admired so much.

Caring For Dessie

Taking care of a horse required a lot of time and commitment, but also space and the right equipment. In one corner of their big yard they built a stable and training equipment for Dessie. Ada took her out for a ride everyday and soon they were competing together in the races. Dessie was a fast horse and they won several medals.

Being A Normal Kid

Although Ada was a loner, she still took part of the conventional social events required of every teenager. In spite of it all, she was a celebrity and her parents encouraged her to go out and even go to the prom. To please them, Ada complied and did all those things, but only so they would leave her alone the rest of the time. Ada didn’t consider her class mates as friends, but apparently they seemed to think of her in such way. For her, her only true friend was Dessie, and no sim seemed to understand that.

Birthday Girl

Soon enough it was time for Ada to pass on to the next phase of her life. As had been accustomed since the Willows had become celebrities, a fantastic party was held for her with all the great celebrities in town attending. Ada was never comfortable at these events, she felt like everybody behaved very oddly. People she barely knew congratulated her exaggeratedly as though they were best friends. They were all dressed to impress and drank too much nectar and more or less made fools of themselves. Ada was not impressed by these sims that called themselves celebrities.


Shortly after her birthday Ada had her High School graduation. She was ecstatic to take her diploma, High School had been a painfully boring time and as a young adult she would be able to do whatever she pleased. Due to her mothers good real estate investments the family had a steady income which meant she herself didn’t need to get employment. Instead she planned to devote her time to Dessie and to fulfilling her life time wish of becoming a fairy tale finder.

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  1. yay, new update, and Ada’s looking for a unicorn heehee as well as a mate…

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