5.10 The Birth of the Dark Butterfly

For Ada’s 3rd birthday, Agatha and Arthur organised a private party, it was the three of them and their loyal butler, Kelli Andrade. Agatha had baked a fabulous cake with her natural cooking skills. Arthur opened a bottle of his best nectar and Kelli decorated the house. For Ada it was the best of birthdays so far, she felt perfectly comfortable with her closest family and didn’t have to worry about the big crowds. Of course, the paparazzis all gathered outside the big mansion to see if they could get a glimpse of the young celebrity.

Ada grew up into a lovely young lady, she still had her awkward ways but her ravishing beauty made any sim forget all about them. Arthur and Agatha were very pleased, although they didn’t dare to mention it out loud, they agreed that this meant that she would easily find a mate to take the family legacy forward. Sims were silly that way, give them fame, money and beauty and they will take whatever else that comes with it. They won’t even care about the rest.

Ada, on the contrary, was a sim of the mind. She dedicated herself to the pursuit of the mind, and would spend hours reading, playing chess or taking on experiments in her great grandmother’s workshop. She looked at the world and their shallow ways and felt very lonely, sims around her only cared about her celebrity status and her looks. They didn’t understand the beauty of a well-composed poetic phrase, the grandness of the universe, or the mathematical complexities that surrounded them. Not like her.

Seeing his daughter grow up made Arthur truly enjoy his retirement, the future looked bright and now he could relax and take the time to nurture his garden and his nectar cellar. Sure, there would be teenage fits and quarrels, but Ada was a dedicated, intelligent young woman that managed most on her own.

Agatha, on her side, was struggling to reach her life time wish, possession is nine-tenths of the law, that was proving to be very hard to accomplish. As each day passed, she asked herself if she would live another day to make it happen. Every night she would visit her celebrity friends and swipe things from their homes, hoping they would bring her closer to her dream. She knew it was wrong, but really, she didn’t care, they were all things, and her friends had all more money than they needed, just as herself.

There are some things, that all teenage sims, no matter what class, celebrities or not, have to endure. One of those things, is to learn how to drive. While Agatha loved cars and speed, as an elder sim she had her ways set, so the task to teach her teenage daughter to drive, was consuming all her patience. Fortunately, Ada was a fast learner and managed to get her drivers permit in no time.

Although Ada’s transformation from her awkward childish ways into a beautiful teenager had gotten her a lot of attention from her peers and others around town, she didn’t let herself get overwhelmed by it. She was not interested in fame and stardom, she wanted to explore the universe through her telescope or concoct new potions in her lab.

Not saying it was completely risk free in the lab, but it was a world she knew well and felt safe in.

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~ by Tota on November 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “5.10 The Birth of the Dark Butterfly”

  1. Wow! Ada is really pretty 🙂

  2. Ahaha the lab! THis looks incredible so far! Love it!

  3. Oooh she looks so pretty… great update xx

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