5.9 The Way of the Loner

Arthur and Agatha were truly devoted to bringing out the best in their little Ada, who was cursed with typically Willowy traits. They hoped that all the love and attention they gave her would compensate her evil and loner traits and make her a happy sim, just like they had become in-spite of Morticias malice.

Still, however much Agatha and Arthur worried about their daughter’s social awkwardness, they both agreed she was an extremely intelligent child. She would spend hours on end playing with her logic toys in her room, happy to be left alone and to have something challenging to entertain her. At least they weren’t worried about how she would do in school and work.

Being the child of two renowned celebrities, Ada was already a celebrity herself. When her birthday came up, Agatha threw a big party and invited all the local celebrities. But what her parents forgot to take into account, was that due to her loner trait, Ada wasn’t overly pleased at the party due to the big crowd of people that all wanted to congratulate her.

As a child, Ada was the only one in her block of fancy celebrity mansions, that went to the community school, but she didn’t mind, this would mean she could sit by herself in the school bus and read her book or look out through the window. At school, she got top grades in all her classes and made it into the honor roll very quickly, but was, as always, uncomfortable with all the people around her. Although all the kids new she was a celebrity, her down to earth nature made the rest of the class forget about all that and treat her as any other kid.

After finishing her homework Ada usually spent her afternoons in her great grandmother Desdemona’s workshop. Desdemona still haunted the mansion, and Ada hoped to have the chance to meet her and get to know her a little more, apparently Desdemona had been a very intelligent lady.

As an only child, Ada had the full attention of both her parents. Her intelligence and her precocious and old-fashioned ways, maybe due to her parents older age, made her a little of a child prodigy. Seeing how their daughter was developing, Agatha and Arthur encouraged her in all the ways they could.

Still, Ada was a lonely child, and would spend a lot of time dreaming of worlds far away, may it be in outer space or in another dimension, she always played elaborated games that took place in imaginary places. But to tell the truth, she was quite happy as a loner.


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~ by Tota on November 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “5.9 The Way of the Loner”

  1. It’s fantastic to see the Willow traits back! (what isn’t fantastic is the recurring error code 12 I continuously see playing my own games… -_-)
    It’ll be interesting to see how Ada grows, and whether she’ll revive all of the Willow Legacy

    • So sad to hear you are having problems with your game. I had also, for a long time, don’t give up and search the net for help, maybe you will find a solution. All the best of luck to you 🙂

  2. Great update 🙂 I can’t wait to see how Ada turns out!

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