5.8 The Road Less Traveled

Any sensible sim knows what morning sickness means, specially after a long, passionate night of unprotected woohoo. It was bound to happen. Still, Agatha wasn’t overly excited to run to the toilet every minute and having to stay at home to not run the risk to vomit in public, after all she was a celebrity with a reputation to maintain.

Although Arthur and Agatha hadn’t dared to hope it would happen so quickly, they were happy to know that they were well on their way to having a baby. They were not getting any younger and their adult days were counted. Fingers crossed the child would be a girl to keep the Willow bloodline alive.


Not everything was joy and laughter in the Willow mansion though. Agatha had inherited the family affairs in dire conditions, the mansion, together with all the estates owned by the family were worth quite a lot, theoretically, but there was little cash to bee seen. Bills needed to be payed and maintaining such a large estate was expensive. While Arthur was pursuing his dream of cultivating the perfect garden and having a bottomless nectar cellar, Agatha found herself digging deeper in the criminal career to make ends meet. When the Repo sim arrived, Agatha decided it was time to get her affairs in order, and they started cutting expenses.

Finally, little Ada was born and Agatha and Arthur found themselves forgetting all their troubles. The baby consumed all their attention and time. As a true Willow, she was born with perfectly Willowy traits, loner and evil. Agatha wasn’t overly amused, she had hoped for a cheerful and happy life for her daughter, but apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


It was time for a great birthday party to take place at the mansion, Arthur and Agatha, who had their birthday on the same day, were becoming elders. It was a bittersweet time, they looked back at their youth and felt that they wished for more simdays to fulfill all their dreams, but at the same time, it had been a heck of a ride. Of course, all the celebrities in town attended and all the Willows too, the party went on for hours.


It was a time for calmness and seclusion, Agatha took the opportunity to retire from the criminal career, to make sure she had time to fulfill her life time wish “Possession is Nine Tenth of the Law”, which was looking like a hard one to accomplish. For Arthur, the everyday life didn’t change much, he tended his garden and made his nectar.

It soon became Adas birthday too, she grew into a lovely little toddler. She was a privileged child, not only did she have two devoted parents, but also the professional care of the butler Keli Andrade, that had long experience with children and had been with the Willows for quite some time now. There was something special about Ada, though, and Miss Andrade was sure taking a liking for her, she might even say that Ada was her favorite.


Seeing how quickly Ada was growing up, Agatha started to think about the future. One gentle morning, when they were having breakfast, Agatha felt it was time to discuss their child’s future. She expressed her concern with sending Ada to a boarding school, even though generations of Willows had done it, she felt she didn’t want to send off her only child far away from them. Arthur agreed he had similar thoughts, neither of the two had had great experiences at their boarding schools, needless to say, they were practically forced to go away even though they didn’t want it.

“Does this mean, then,” Agatha was a bit hesitant. “That we are willing to send her to a community school, with regular children?”

Arthur smiled.

“Yes, I think we are ready,” Arthur replied and stretched out his hand to hold Agatha’s.

“Good, then,” now Agatha smiled. “Our little Ada will be just a regular sim, not a Willow”

And then it was settled.

Thank you for reading!
And being patient with my slow story 🙂


~ by Tota on October 14, 2012.

8 Responses to “5.8 The Road Less Traveled”

  1. Yay!! Awesome chapter 😀 Ada is so cute! I can’t wait to see what she will look like when she’s older!

    Would you care to check out my legacy sometime? 🙂

  2. Somehow, I feel like her being “a regular sim” wont last very long. It was a lovely chapter though, and I enjoyed reading it.

  3. CHAPTER!!!!

    I love the ending, thank you for posting again, Tota! I can’t wait to see a Willow attempt to be a normal Sim!

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  5. Great story! Can’t wait for the next chapter. I’ve felt deprived of good stories these last few months.

  6. It seems a shame that the skin colour that defines the Willows has been lost… and, since watching the Legacy from the start, some (Me) are a little sad to see everything your founder wanted start to go south, but hey, that’s progress for you.
    I have a feeling that we may (Hopefully) start to see a revival with our latest little Willow woman, Ada.
    Wonderful chapter.
    xx Melanie


    • Yes, I agree about the skin color, it’s a true shame, but little I could do about it 😦 I guess in a way, it does give the story a sense of progress.

      As with the blond hair color of Morticia, I thought that her children would be blond, since she married another blond. But it seems like the Willow dark haired gene prevailed there at least 😀

  7. Yaay, a chapter! This is by far one of the best legacies i have read.

    Ada is so cute, i like that she has traditional willow traits 🙂

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