5.6 To Live Another Day

Morticia had lived to die another day, she had passed to the other side and come back from the dead. What had saved her was that somebody had loved her and begged for her life. How ironic, that the mother of three and the powerful ruler of the Willow legacy had been saved by her beloved cat, nobody else had come to her rescue. She had set to be the greatest heir of them all, and she had had great promise, but what had she made of all that? The only thing that she was to leave behind was a lonely daughter and a great empty mansion. Maybe it was best to just cave in and go with Grimmy next time.

After recovering herself from the traumatic experience of seeing her mother die and return from the realm of the dead, one morning, Agatha got up feeling unusually well. There was a light breeze in the air, the sun was shining on her pale skin and the dark corridors of the Willow mansion weren’t as chilly as usual.

It was that day, when the evening rose, that Grimmy came back once again for Morticia. Agatha, that was sitting in front of her mother typing away on one of her novels in the library, ran to her in despair. As soon as Grimmy arrived, she ran to the door and closed it, making sure that Patches would not make her way in. Morticia saw that Agatha also wanted her to go, with a sad smile she waved her daughter goodbye and went with Grimmy. This time, not to return again.

The next day, they held Morticia’s funeral in the mansion. Her sons, Osiris and Valdemar came together with their families, and of course a long row of celebrities attended too. Agatha felt quite sad to see all these familiar faces together, maybe Morticia wasn’t as disliked as she thought. A bit of guilt squeezed her heart. Still, she felt quite relieved, this was the start of a new beginning for her.

Everybody was exhausted after the epic party that was Morticia’s funeral. Sims had come from all corner’s of the world to pay their respect and the party had continued until the next morning. Patches, who paced around the mansion looking for her master finally fell asleep on the couch.

With Morticia gone, only Selena was left to take care of Patches, Agatha and Arthur hadn’t left their bedroom since the funeral. So Selena took care of the house and of Patches, who actually had grown very fond of her. Patches would follow her everywhere she went in the house and kept her company while she was doing the household chores.


One day, Selena approached Agatha with a request, she asked her if she could reprogram her back to her old self. Agatha was surprised to hear such a request.

“You are not running your original program?” she asked.

“No,” Selena said. “Desdemona, my creator and mother, didn’t make me a clean-bot originally, I had once other traits. When Morticia came into rule, she reprogrammed me into a clean-bot. I’ve never dared to request to be set free.”

Agatha was appalled by these news, all along she thought her aunt Selena was happy as she was, working as a clean-bot at their mansion. Her mother really had no scruples.

“Of course, Selena, let me do it straight away.”

“And while you are at it,” Selena said. “Can you make me a free bot?”

Agatha nodded with a big smile.

That is how finally, Selena  got back her old personality and was set free. After talking with Agatha she decided to move out of the mansion into a place of her own. She took Patches with her, leaving the two love birds at the big mansion, finally, on their own.

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~ by Tota on April 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “5.6 To Live Another Day”

  1. Yay! Not ya for death but….yay for death lol. Hopefully they can be together now 😀

  2. Ha! Agatha shut the door to keep the cat out! Good for her and she freed the simbot and the simbot took the cat with her…..wonderful! Looking forward to more 😀

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