5.5 Secrets Of The Heart


Morticia wasn’t ready to give up on the legacy just yet, she was sure that she could find a good mate for her daughter and decided to hit the town and chat up some young sims. Of course, they had to be celebrities and have a lot of money themselves since she didn’t want them to marry Agatha for her money. They would fall in love and be happy, Morticia was sure of that. After convincing the young sims she met in town that she wasn’t looking for a date herself, but for her daughter, she managed to put together a couple of dates. But when she got home and announced the news to Agatha, she got quite upset and would not go on any dates. Finally, after a lot of convincing she agreed to go on just one date.


Agatha was having a bit of an emotional meltdown, she worked hard every night to keep her thoughts of Arthur and her aching heart pain away, but now her mother had gotten quite stubborn about finding her a mate. She finally agreed to go on one date, mostly to get her mother off her back. It had been a disaster, she was bored and the only one she could think of was Arthur.


It turns out, the emotional turmoil Agatha was feeling was nothing less than a mid-life crisis and apart from changing her wardrobe and buying a new car, she got herself a tattoo. When Morticia saw it, she got very concerned, it all felt so hopeless, it was like the two of them were living in parallel universes and were unable to communicate with each other. And the date Agatha had agreed to go on, the young sim had behaved perfectly and was a great match for Agatha, but she had rejected him. Sure his skin had a bit of a weird color, but he looked so young and handsome.

What was the point, Morticia should probably just let her be, maybe there was no hope for the Willow family, maybe it would all end with Agatha. Instead of worrying her head off, Morticia spent more time doing the things she loved the most. That is, playing with Patches, getting her groomed, training her and just being together.

One afternoon, when they were on their own, Agatha couldn’t stand it anymore and made a move. She gave Arthur a shy kiss and told him she could barely stand to hold her love for him secret from her mother.

“What should we do Arthur?” she asked. “I just want to be with you…”

“We should wait,” he sighed. “Your mother will have me back into my toy form in no time, if she found out.”

“But she has changed so much since she got Patches,” Agatha objected. “Maybe she just doesn’t care about that old fight anymore.”

They looked at each other with longing eyes. Arthur sighed and said:

“We have to wait…”


Agatha avoided Arthur as much as she could and tried to never be alone with him again, since she was sure she would not be able to control herself. They had people over several nights a week and had concerts and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Agatha loved entertaining her friends, specially since it kept her mind off other things.

One night, while Agatha was getting ready to go to sleep, Arthur sneaked in to her bedroom.

“I can’t wait anymore,” he said and took her in his arms.

They embraced and it was as if all their feelings for each other, that they had suppressed for so long, poured over in an overwhelming wave of passion. Arthur stayed the night in Agatha’s bedroom and sneaked out early in the morning before anybody got up. From that night on, Arthur sneaked in to Agatha’s bedroom every night. He would wait until everybody in the Willow mansion was sleeping before he went into her bedroom, the next morning they would both get up before everybody else. Agatha prepared breakfast for the whole family and Arthur went out to the garden to take care of his plants. Morticia noticed the change in the routine without being able to really understand what was going on. She was surprised that both Arthur and Agatha were up before her, given that they both used to sleep quite late. It also appeared to her that Agatha was much more at easy and happy, specially towards her.


As many in the Willow household were expecting, the day came when Grimmy arrived to take Morticia. Everybody was in distress by the reaper’s appearance, although for some it meant good news. When the deed was done and the urn was placed on the floor and they all started mourning, from nowhere arrived the cat Patches and pleaded for her master’s life. Grimmy, that found Patches adorable, granted her the wish and brought Morticia back to life, giving her yet another day until the dice was rolled again. Agatha, that saw the whole ordeal could not believe her eyes, it could be weeks before Grimmy appeared again, she ran off to her bedroom and lay in bed crying.


~ by Tota on April 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “5.5 Secrets Of The Heart”

  1. Wow…..that was super. Can the cat really wish for her to be alive or was it just part of the story?

    • It’s for real, when Morticia died I was all like “finally”, the urn was there an all, everybody had the “witness death”-moddlet. 2 seconds later a message poped up saying that Patches had begged for the life and saved her, I couldn’t believe it 😛

  2. I hope they’re being careful. If Agatha ends up pregnant, they’ll be found out in no time. I had no idea a pet could plead for their master! That’s really cool! I’ll have to start actually getting pets.

  3. Oh, no! The twists and turns! I loved this update. Agatha must have the worst luck. She was so close to being with Arthur sans Morticia’s interference, and then Morticia had to cheat death (just like her to do that). I can’t wait to see if the two lovebirds get caught and what Morticia’s reaction is going to be.

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