5.4 A Time To Wait


It was at one of Agatha’s regular celebrity parties that Morgana Willow passed away. Not only was it a great loss for the Willow family, but also a complete disaster for Agatha’s reputation. The party was an absolute fiasco, everybody was in chock after seeing her leave with Grimmy and after the ordeal they all left the Willow Mansion as quickly as they could. For Morticia it was sad to see her sister go, sure, they hadn’t been very close, but they were still family.


That night after all the guests had left and Morgana’s ashes were taken down to the Willow mausoleum, Arthur and Agatha took a relaxing dip in the bubble pool. It was the first time since they were kids that they could just hang out without worries. The events of the evening had put things in a new perspective and when the rest of the family left for bed, they stayed up late talking. They would give each other shy looks and joke about how lonely they were and how empty the Willow mansion was.

“Maybe someday you will meet someone and have children,” Arthur said. “Your mother will be happy to see you bring the legacy further.”

Agatha made a long pause and then looked at him deeply in his eyes.

“I’ve already met someone,” she said softly. “But I’m not sure he is the right one.”

Arthur felt his heart-beat race and his cheeks get all warm, he was so in love with Agatha, but it could not be. They looked at each other in silence and then he decided, he had to tell her the truth, he could not go on like this.

“I made a promise to your mother…” he said and looked away. “A long time ago, before we left for boarding school.”

The news made Agatha quite uncomfortable, she knew that whatever happened between Arthur and Morticia, could not be good. Arthur told her everything that had happened that unfortunate afternoon when Morticia asked him to come in to her study. That he had promised her not to pursue his love for Agatha and that he would never tell Agatha about it. And now he had broken that promise.

Agatha sat quietly thinking for a long time.

“Well, like aunt Morgana, mother will not live forever…” she finally said. “I have longed to tell you, that I love you. Never dared to say anything because I was afraid you would reject me. But when you returned from Champs Les Sims, I thought it was for me.”

“It was for you!” he said. “I love you too.”


After that night, when aunt Morgana died, Arthur and Agatha didn’t speak much about what was said. They had reached an agreement, never to speak again of what was said unless they were completely alone. To not wake any suspicions they also decided to make sure not to be seen together alone. They would do the only thing they could, wait. Wait, and when the time was right they would be with each other. They had both a hard time coping though. Agatha submerged herself in her training, hoping that physical exhaustion would quench her heart’s desire.


Arthur devoted himself to his garden and to the art of nectar making. He would pursue his dream of a bottomless nectar cellar to perfection. He was sure that when he had reached his goal, Agatha and him would finally be free to love each other.


Morticia was worried that Agatha wouldn’t find a suitable mate and was starting to worry that she would never see the 6th generation heir being born. Seeing her sister die made her realize that soon it would be her turn, but she decided to stay put as long as she could, all in the hope to see Agatha marry. She was sure Agatha was being too picky, there was no reason not to have married yet, Agatha was a perfectly good young woman that anybody could like. Still she was the first to admit that celebrity life could really put a strain on anybody, she could see that Agatha wasn’t feeling completely well, but she felt incapable of doing anything. Morticia continued to attend the local celebrity hang outs and she was well known everywhere in town, and fairly well-liked.


What really had invigorated Morticia to stay healthy and alert, was little Patches. Together they spent day and night, playing and cuddling, and with her, Morticia never felt alone. Patches had grown into a lovely adult and she and Morticia had become best friends forever.


Agatha and Arthur shared their birthday and celebrated with a common party. All the celebrities in town were invited and although they remembered Agatha’s previous party and it’s tragedy, they all pretended like nothing and tried to have a good time. Morticia was getting close to 100 simdays, but she partied like she was a young adult. Becoming and adult made Agatha realize that her days to become a mother were counted. There was little time, but she could only wait, and hope that soon Morticia would be gone and she and Arthur would be together.


Away from all the peering eyes, Selena kept to herself whenever there was a party at the Willow Mansion. Sims didn’t react very positively to her and she enjoyed being on her own. The rest of the family would always forget about her when she wasn’t around, but she really didn’t care. All the drama in the house made her uncomfortable, and she rather preferred staying on her own, reading a book or two.

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~ by Tota on March 17, 2012.

5 Responses to “5.4 A Time To Wait”

  1. Loved the update!

  2. Amazing update, cant wait to see what happens next 🙂

  3. Thank you both!
    I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  4. I hope Agatha and Arthur don’t have to wait long to be together! Looking forward to your next update. 😀

  5. I feel a bit guilty…for wanting Morticia to hurry up and kick the bucket, but it’s time for Agatha to start her own family.

    Can’t wait for the next update. 🙂

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