5.3 The Willow Renaissance


The decay of the Willow household was evident for everybody in the small town of Sunset Valley. The Willows had risen since the arrival of Elvira Willow, she was a nobody when she came to the town, now 5 generations later, the family had reached the top and seemed to be falling into oblivion. At this point in life, the household consisted of a Sim-bot, an imaginary friend and Morticia and Agatha Willow, mother and daughter of the grand family. According to the gossip in town, Agatha wasn’t interested in getting married, and really, there was nobody that was a somebody that would marry into the family, at this point. Morticia feared she would live long enough to see the family fall, all that she had once worked for would be gone. Her great ambitions would be for nothing and all that would be left were the graves of the great women that once ruled the family.

Arthur was well aware of the dire situation the family was in, when he returned from his travels in Champs Les Sims, still he had decided to stay at the mansion, for Agatha. He decided to put away all musts and not listen to the gossip in town. Instead, he would focus on the small things in life, watching a beautiful plant grow in his garden, observing natures creatures and listening to Agatha’s soft laugh when he joked with her. That would make all the difference for him and maybe, only maybe, he would affect her and make her happy.

He started a collection of gems, metals and insects that he displayed in a large room in the basement. Everybody was intrigued, even Morticia, and they all came running down looking at the beautiful things he was displaying, leaving their differences behind. Realizing what was going on, he began to think out a plan. He could actually make a difference in the Willow household, if he just thought it through, he could make Agatha happy, and Selena and maybe even Morticia. It would not be easy, but he would try.

Selena, that was a true scientist became curious of Arthur’s collection and they would spend hours talking about different species and looking them up in the encyclopedia. Selena hadn’t had a true friend since the death of her mother and creator, the great inventor, Desdemona Willow. But Arthur wasn’t like the rest, he would take the time to talk to her about things and she would make sure to bring in any gem or metal she would find in the garden when she was out and about. Life had suddenly a new meaning and she felt greatly relieved to finally have a new friend.

One morning when Morticia got up to eat her breakfast, she found a newspaper cut about her cousin Lauren Willow giving away kittens. She was puzzled to find the clipping by her morning coffee, someone must have forgotten it there. She hadn’t seen Lauren for a long time and it got her thinking that she really had no idea what she was up to these days. The newspaper clipping got her curious about her cousin, and she decided to pay her a visit. When she arrived at her apartment, she thought she would just say hi and not make a big deal of it, but when she left the apartment she had somehow managed to get a kitten as present. Oh well, little Patches needed a home, and the Willow mansion was quite big, no harm done in taking her in.

Agatha was feeling happier with life, she saw that Arthur was here to stay and that gave her some peace of mind. She was still working at the criminal career, she had gained a good position and wasn’t thinking of giving that up, but now she found life outside of work, more bearable. At home she would work her magic fingers and create fantastic dishes for everybody to enjoy. She still didn’t feel that she deserved Arthur and would probably never work up the nerve to ask him out, but until he found some pretty girl-next-door to marry, he would enjoy his company.


When she got Patches, something happened with Morticia, the little bundle of joy made her feel at ease with herself, she barely got angry anymore and she didn’t care much about the talk of town. She was actually on talking terms with her daughter, and they would spend the evenings writing away on their novels in the studio. Agatha could barely believe it, but really, she just didn’t feel that angry with her mother anymore. Somehow, she just didn’t care. For Morticia it meant the world, she still had hopes on finding a suitable mate for her daughter. If Agatha didn’t find a mate, it would mean the end of the Willow era, and for Morticia, the end of her great ambitions as heiress.

Something happened to Arthur when he was at Champs Les Sims, and whatever got him, he brought it to the Willow mansion. Everybody was feeling it, even the guests at the countless parties Agatha hosted for the celebrities of town. But the best thing of it all, was that Arthur no longer avoided the parties, they even danced together a couple of times.

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~ by Tota on February 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “5.3 The Willow Renaissance”

  1. The remaining Willows have seemed so sad and disconnected lately. It’s nice to see their lives take a happier turn. Hopefully, the two silly lovebirds will wake up and realize they should be together before it’s too late. 🙂

  2. Great chapter, can’t wait for the next one. Love all the characters 🙂

  3. Thank you for the comments!
    Will be working on a new chapter during the weekend 🙂

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