5.2 Lonely Hearts

At Champs Les Sims, Arthur found a new rhythm in life. He would get up early in the morning and go out for a jogging round before he ate breakfast at the local coffee shop. He would chat with the owner and read the newspaper or a book. After that he visited different cultural sites and then the local nectary to learn about grape vine gardening and nectar making.

He enjoyed himself thoroughly where he met a lot of new people, different from him and from the people he knew in Sunset Valley. He made many good friends and just when he started to consider if he would move to Champs Les Sims, he felt for the first time since boarding school, that he truly missed Agatha. He wondered what she was doing and if she was also missing him.

Agatha had recovered somewhat from what she felt like a huge abandonment by Arthur, to her mother she pretended that everything was alright and that Arthur’s departure didn’t mean a thing. However, when she was by herself, Agatha felt that she was extremely lonely and sad.

To keep her emotions and thoughts in place, she spent a lot of time exercising and pushing herself to the limit. When she wasn’t working or scouting the town for things to “borrow”, she would hide in the basement gym and work out.

On her free nights, Agatha would indulge herself in the luxuries of celebrity life. Taking the motive mobile to the clubs and bars of Sunset Valley would make her feel like a whole new sim. At the clubs she would dance and drink until they closed, and it was true, sometimes she had one or two drinks too many.

It wasn’t only Agatha that was feeling lonely, Selena’s life had changed dramatically since Desdemona’s death, every sim she met would see her with disgust, she had lost her only friend in life, and was having a hard time making new ones.

As a Cleaning-Bot, Selena spent most of her days cleaning or repairing items in the Willow mansion. She had quit her job at the science facility, that she loved so much. The new life was really not being very fulfilling, but it wasn’t like she was able to reprogram herself.

Aurora would come and visit the mansion almost every night, and for Morticia it was really the only company she had, apart from the weekly visits of her son Valdemar and his wife Lindsay. Agatha barely spoke to her, and none of the candidates Morticia had picked for her to marry were given the chance of more than one date. Morticia was feeling very old and lonely. If Agatha didn’t marry, it would mean she had failed as a mother, there would be no grandchildren and no heir to the Willow throne, the legacy would be over.

Just as everybody was feeling hopelessly lonely at the Willow mansion, Arthur returned like a fresh new wind. He had changed dramatically in style and spirit, that was something all could tell. Agatha was so happy to see him again, she could barely conceal it,she was even being nicer to her mother. Even Morticia felt a bit charmed by Arthur’s return, he was still not good enough for her daughter, but it was nice with new company in the big empty mansion. But what would happen next? Was he here to stay?

Thank you for reading! 


~ by Tota on February 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “5.2 Lonely Hearts”

  1. Loved the update dear! Glad to still see you around!

  2. Oh, please let him stay! 🙂

  3. Oh, I hope Arthur is here to stay. I really want him and Agatha to be together. I really love Agatha, I love that although she has a devious side (she is a Willow after all 😉 ), the nicer side of her peeks through. Great update as always 😀

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