5.1 Femme Fatale

It was on the same day that Agatha and Arthur returned to the Willow mansion from their schools. Graduation had been a success for both of them, and even though Agatha had been a bit of a rebel at school, they both had excellent grades. However, their reunion was a bit awkward. Arthur was more serious than ever, and Agatha was cold hearted and a bit superficial. She was unsure if Arthur had longed for her as much as she had done for him and wanted to play things cool and not let him know that she was still in love with him.

That Arthur found Agatha attractive, was no doubt about, but he was confused of her cold-hardheartedness and distance. He had always looked forward to the day they would be together again, but now, he was left wondering where his sweet Agatha had gone.

In spite of their awkwardness towards each other and their growing distance and alienation from each other, each one for themselves, was happy to have the other there. However, no sweet or kind words were ever said about it, and they were left not knowing of the other’s feeling. It was sad to see, but Morticia, that condemned the relationship, was happy to see that things went her way.

Morticia took every opportunity to remind Arthur of the promise he had made her, and made it very clear that the only reason he was still under her roof, was because he and Agatha were just friends. In the meantime she was busy finding her daughter a suitable mate. Now that Agatha was back from school, Morticia was feeling much better, she had a strange satisfaction in planning her daughter’s future.

Everybody else was so submerged in their own feelings, that nobody really took great notice of when Valdemar proposed to Lindsay. They had a small private wedding in the back yard of the mansion and decided to move out together. Valdemar had seen that his mother was feeling better with the new heiress at home and decided that it was time for him to move on. However, he remained very close to his mother, listening to all her plans and visiting at least every weekend. Lindsay found the relationship between Valdemar and Morticia a bit odd, but didn’t say too much about, at least they were moving out together now.

It seemed that Agatha had some of her rebellious personality even as an adult, the kleptomaniac trait drove her to snatch whatever was possible, all to accomplish her life time wish, Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law. It wasn’t the items that drove her to do it, the Willows were rich enough to purchase whatever they wanted, it was the thrill of doing it and getting away with it.

When she wasn’t stealing from her neighbors, Agatha was keen on posing for the paparazzis outside the Willow mansion. It felt even more like a rush to pretend to be this fantastic celebrity that everybody admired, knowing what she had just done a few moments ago. Sims were so gullible and superficial, they loved her for her smile and looks, and because she was the next heiress of the Willow legacy, but they knew nothing of who she really was.

All that Agatha did, wasn’t bad, deep down inside she was kind, she just couldn’t help it sometimes. When she felt very guilty about her bad and rebellious behavior she turned to her natural cook trait and prepared some fantastic meal for the family. To tell the truth, Agatha was torn, she didn’t want to be bad, but at the same time, she just wanted to be free to do whatever she wanted, and at times, what she wanted was to be bad. She felt there was really nobody to confide in and she felt always very lonely and sad. She couldn’t speak to Arthur, because she was sure he would despise her for her bad actions, and her mother lived in her own little world.

Arthur was very confused about Agatha, he knew he loved her, but since they had arrived from school, he didn’t know who she was any more. She was always surrounded by admirers and paparazzis, or out and about in town late at night. Maybe she found him too dull and common, she seemed to be out of his league. Without a real employment Arthur spent his time taking care of the garden in the mansion and although it was very therapeutic and fun, he was unsure what to do with his life. Maybe he should move out, just as Morticia wanted and leave the Willows alone. He just didn’t know where his place in the world was, after all, he was just a doll.

Finally, one day, Arthur decided he had to find himself and decide what he wanted to do with his life, so he rented a car and left on a road trip. He would go to Champs Les Sims and see what vines they cultivated in their gardens there, maybe he would drink some good nectar and enjoy life, and hopefully the distance to Agatha and the Willows would bring some clarity to his mind. When he announced his departure Morticia was happy, she thought that now, they would finally be rid of him. Agatha, sat quiet staring at him, she was losing him again, she thought, and there was really nothing she could do about it. She had brought it on herself with her behavior.


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~ by Tota on January 30, 2012.

6 Responses to “5.1 Femme Fatale”

  1. Awesome chapter 😀

    Agatha really is something ❤ I like her personality! ^.^

  2. Agatha go get him! Don’t let true love get away just because you are too scared of getting hurt, Being alone will hurt much more.

  3. Yay, Agatha is back! Shame she’s too worried about Arthur rejecting her to see that he really is still in love with her. *Sigh* Hopefully Arthur’s little road trip will eventually bring them back together. Don’t let Morticia win!

    Love the update. 🙂

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