4.11 The Willow Clan

Morticia turned into an elder, and she decided to throw herself a grand party. All the celebrities in town were invited and sims came all the way from Riverview to attend the fabulous party. All the Willows were also invited, to unite the grand family and show all of Sunset Valley how powerful they were, except Agatha, that was away at boarding school.

It was at his mother’s grand party, that Osiris had the chance to catch up with Margie, who was actually his mother Morticia’s cousin, but only a bit older than himself. Margie was one of the second set of multiples of Tristan and Mayra. Uncle Tristan had passed away a while back, but he was unable to attend the funeral since he was away at boarding school. Last time they met, must have been at Valdemar’s birthday, when he had become a child.

With time, one thing led to another and the two fell in love, even though they weren’t cousins, strictly speaking, a lot of people thought i to be a bit odd that they became a couple. Margie had moved away from home into a tiny cottage and soon they found out that she was pregnant, so Osiris moved in. His intention was to leave behind his night life and take care of his little family. Neither of them were concerned about what people thought, and they didn’t bother to get married. Love was all that mattered to them. Morticia highly disapproved on her eldest son’s choices in life and removed him from her will at once.

Giovanni, the world renowned surgeon, woke up one morning not feeling well. He had a constant cough and was feeling dizzy and faint. For the first time in his entire career he had to call in sick. Morticia was worried, but cold hearted as she was, she merely showed it. Giovanni on his part dismissed the matter as a little infection, he had never been very ill, and thought that after some days of rest, he would be fine.

The actual morning when he decided to go back to work, the grim reaper came for him. Giovanni was astounded and started to question the reaper, but Grimmy wasn’t there to negotiate and wouldn’t hear it. Morticia was devastated, powerless and sad, the bitterness started to grow.

Morticia had become even more cold hearted after her husband’s death, or rather, even more mean. She was unhappy with her eldest son’s choices in life and now she had lost the sim that stood her the closest, her other half. The mansion was deserted, it was her and her half sister Selena, whom she had never really liked. In a fit of anger she decided to reprogram Selena into a cleaning bot.

When Valdemar graduated from Smuggleworth Prep School he finally returned home, as he had always wished for. He had been miserable at the school and longed to get away. However, nothing had prepared him for the state in which his family home was. Morticia had changed enormously since the death of Giovanni and Selena just wasn’t the happy Sim-Bot he used to know. He was concerned.

When he realized the state of things, he decided to bring life into the house again. He took care of his mother, who was in the verge of delirium and took a job as a private investigator. What was wrong with Selena, was more than he could understand since he didn’t really excel in logic, maybe time would tell. He tried to get in touch with Osiris but when he questioned him for leaving their mother in the state she was, Osiris just hang up the phone and wouldn’t return his calls. Morticia didn’t say a word about why Osiris had left the mansion.

In his job he met Lindsay Willow, he didn’t know who she was but he felt he had to find out since they bore the same name. It turned out that she was Morticia’s cousin Karissa’s youngest daughter.  Lindsay knew very well who he was and was kind enough to ask about his mother and family in general. They got a long very well and Valdemar was feeling something special when they spent time together. He would invite her over to the mansion for dinner once a week, to liven things up and Morticia actually really appreciated some new company.

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~ by Tota on January 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “4.11 The Willow Clan”

  1. I hope someone can pull the Willow family out of their little rut and make it a happy home once again.

  2. I think Morticia is my favorite heir so far. It’s rather funny seeing all the various things she does.

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