4.10 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

With all the children finally at boarding school, Morticia and Giovanni could finally enjoy the pleasures of being celebrity sims. There was not a weekend that passed by without the Willows throwing a celebrity party for their neighbors and friends. Amongst their friends were the best musicians in Sunset Valley and they had often visitors from other towns.

With all the free time they could think of, they enjoyed going out for dinner or a drink at the hot spots in town. There was not a bar or night club that wasn’t delighted to have them and they would get free things wherever they went. They were starting to become a legend in town. Everybody knew who they were, even though not all could say exactly why they were so famous.

Even though Giovanni was an elder, their romantic life was in bloom. With the children gone to school, they felt like teenagers, in love again and with no time for anybody else.

The rest of the family, Selena and Desdemona, went on with their business without caring much for Giovanni’s and Morticia’s parties and fuss. Desdemona had to take care of her Sim-Bot daughter, Selena, that could not always make it on her own in the cruel world that was Sunset Valley. Many sims were judgmental and disliked Selena from the start, without giving her a chance.

Even her own family frowned upon her, when the late Aurora would show up at night tormenting the family with her ghostly ways, she made sure to stop by Selena’s bedroom to let her know how much she disliked her. Desdemona was heartbroken that her mother would be so immature, but she had never been known for her sensibility.

Giovanni was one of the sims that really enjoyed Selena’s company. She was a brilliant logic thinker and they could spend evenings on end at the chess table. Giovanni had yet to defeat her at the game, but he had been close a couple of times.

Osiris was finally back from LeFromage Art School, his parents, that had grown accustomed to be on their own, were not entirely pleased. The boy had done well, he had good grades and they were hoping he would enter a fine career and marry an influential woman.


Being the eldest son of the greatest celebrity couple in town, Osiris was not ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood just yet. He decided to stay at home and got a small job as a spell checker at a local newspaper. Most of his free time he spent clubbing and meeting all the gorgeous ladies in town.

Just as everybody was enjoying their careless lives at the top of the social latter, the inevitable happened. It was Desdemona’s turn to go and the grim reaper came and got her, just as he had done with all the Willows that once had left. Desdemona wasn’t sad for her own sake, but mostly for her daughter, Selena, that was left all alone without her.

Selena was heartbroken, her only friend was gone.

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~ by Tota on January 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “4.10 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being”

  1. Nice to see your story up and about again – I love the update! Poor Selena, though – who will take care of her now? 🙂

  2. Yay! A new post! So happy to have you back. 🙂

  3. Almost time for a new heir to take over! so exciting.

    I feel bad for Selena I hope that someone will step up and care for her like her mother did.

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