4.9 Secrets In The Dark

“I’ve heard mother and father talk last night,” Agatha said concerned.

It was a dark evening when Agatha finally was done with her homework after her ballet class.

“They will send me to boarding school after my birthday.”

“What will we do then? Can you take me with you?” Arthur replied.

Agatha shook her head sadly.

“They will take you away from me, and then send me away, we may never see each other again,” she was sobbing when she pronounced the last words.

They were both silent. Finally, Arthur said aloud although to himself.

“What will happen to me?”

Being with Agatha had been the most fantastic thing that had ever happened to him, when he arrived in the mail, he could never had imagined that he would find such a fantastic friend.

“I think I have a plan,” Agatha finally said.

It seemed that all the Willows were going in their own directions. While Agatha and Arthur discussed their future as teenagers, grandmother Desdemona continued with her secret project. It wasn’t far now from completion, she went to the science facility to get the last pieces she had ordered.

After several days of working hard at the inventors bench, Desdemona had finally completed her most grand invention of all times, she had created Selena Willow, her daughter, her very own robot. Selena was a fantastic creature, brave, genius and of course hydrophobic and she dreamed of achieving a perfect mind and a perfect body. Apart from her hard exterior Selena was like any other sim. Of course, Morticia was not very happy, her family was turning into a freak show, but at least she could see that her mother was happy.

So to compensate for all the craziness her family was displaying, Morticia spent even more time impressing on her celebrity friends. She would put up with almost any kind of behaviour as long as she was liked and accepted by the community. The more she got to know her celebrity friends she started to realize, that everybody seemed to be struggling with some kind of issue, no matter how perfect they seemed on the outside. Take Lola, for example, a beautiful artists that seemed to have everything going for her, she had been bitten by a vampire and could not be outdoors during the day. She was doomed to a life in the darkness of the night.

Giovanni, that had become an elder, found peace of mind working in the garden. He had a high-profile job at the hospital as a renowned surgeon and when he arrived back home he had to deal with his overachiever wife, his daughter that spent her days talking to a doll, his eccentric mother-in-law that called a robot to be her daughter. It was more than many could bear, but fortunately for him, he had his plants.

Seeing how Agatha’s behaviour embarrassed Morticia, the family decided to have a small private party for her birthday. Within herself Morticia thought, that this was the last thing they had to deal with for a while, because now, she would send Agatha to boarding school and finally separating her from that devil’s doll.

But before she was sent to boarding school, Agatha had business to attend. She had gone to the science lab and bought a potion that would make Arthur become real.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Agatha asked.

“Yes, lets do it, it’s the only way we won’t be separated from each other,” Arthur said with a smile.

Arthur drank the potion and in a matter of seconds he was transformed from an imaginary friend into a handsome teenager. The moment Agatha laid eyes on him, she knew she was in love.

Now that Arthur was a real sim, Agatha found courage to go and tell her mother how things were. Now they would both need to be sent to school, hopefully together.

When Morticia met Arthur, she could not believe her eyes. This boy who was in front of her, with his hypnotizing eyes, was that devil’s doll that Agatha had received as a present when she was born.

“Agatha, I will talk to Arthur alone,” Morticia said when she had collected herself. “Please leave the room.”

Agatha did as she was told, but she put her ear against the door to listen, although she could not hear anything.

“So you are Arthur,” Morticia said walking around the room and scratching her chin in deep thought.

Arthur nodded, terrified of this great lady that held his fate in her hands.

“I am a very powerful woman.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I could get you arrested and taken away from Sunset Valley in a blink of an eye. Then you would never see Agatha again.”

She paused and looked at him.

“It would break her heart.”

He nodded.

“And we don’t want that. But here is what I will do instead, I will pay for your schooling at the Fort Starch Military School, because I’m also a very generous woman. Even though you are not my son and I already have 3 children.”

Arthur swallowed hard at the thought of going to military school.

“Agatha will go to Smuggleworth Prep School, like an heir deserves. This means that you will not see each other for a while. When you both have graduated you can return to the Willow mansion and live here together as good friends. But you have to promise me one thing…”

Morticia turned towards him and looked him straight in the eyes with her piercing coldness.

“Anything, as long as we can still be friends,” Arthur managed to stutter out.

“You will never fall in love or be a couple. Agatha shall marry a real sim from a good family and she will have children and continue this legacy. And you, no matter what Agatha feels or does, are not to break this promise, you are never to marry her!”

Arthur was paralyzed with fear, he could barely collect his thoughts.

“I promise,” he finally said.

“You may go now.”

Arthur started walking towards the door.

“And you may never tell Agatha that this conversation took place,” Morticia said before he opened the door and left the room.

The next day, at the break of dawn, a taxi came to pick up Arthur to send him to school. Quietly he got his things together and entered the cab, his heart was heavy, his mind numb. Hopefully he would come back after graduation and see Agatha again.

“Arthur!” when Agatha realized what was happening, she ran out the door screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Arthur! Where are you going, Arthur?”

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~ by Tota on October 5, 2011.

10 Responses to “4.9 Secrets In The Dark”

  1. Oh Morticia, What have you done? Your daughter loves him already and you are going to break her heart making him promise to turn her down.

  2. Oh, Morticia…

  3. Oh! He’s a real boy! Yay! (Can’t wait to try that in my game.)

    Shame on Morticia for forbidding those two. She does not know what future heartache she is causing her daughter…or maybe she does and doesn’t care? She’s just so intent on leading the Willow family into greatness — no matter the cost it seems. I can’t wait to see what happens. :o)

    I’ve started a new Sims 3 story. If you have time, could you take a peek? I’d like to know what you think.



  4. Arthur did turn out to be handsome. I hate that they have to be separated for now and I am curious to see what happens when they reunite–will they have the courage to defy Morticia?

  5. […] https://willowlegacy.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/4-9-secrets-in-the-dark/ […]

  6. Good luck with that one. Those two were meant for each other.

  7. Neat story! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next….

  8. {grabs nearest weapon- a pair of safety scissors} I’d run if I were you, Morticia, cuz you’re breaking your daughter’s heart and I’m going to kill you.

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