4.8 Alone In A Mansion Full Of People

Morticia and Agatha had their birthdays on the same day, so they decided to through a pool party for all their friends and relatives. Grandpa Antwan was not very happy seeing since he hates the outdoors. Still, everybody else had a great time. As usual the party was a success, and all of Morticia’s and Giovanni’s celebrity friends were impressed. The Willows were known in town for their fantastic get-togethers and for having what seemed to be a perfect family life.

It was also Arthur’s birthday, and even though nobody seemed to care, how many times Agatha insisted in telling them, she decided that Arthur should have a piece of her cake so he could also celebrate his birthday.

Although Morticia pretended that everything was as usual, she had taken notice of the Willow’s future heir’s peculiar behaviour. All the talking about her friend Arthur had made Morticia weary and she decided to not send Agatha to boarding school, so she could keep a close eye on her. It would be devastating if it came out that Agatha was a bit delirious. For Arthur and Agatha it was all good, this way they had a lot of time to spend together and have fun.

None of the Willows would go as far as to say that their mansion was haunted, but with all the family graves in their backyard, it was true that they had the occasional visit of one of their old relatives. Mortimer Goth was often on the lot, eating their food, taking a bath in the bubble pool or waking somebody up in the middle of the night. Actually, he was being a bit of a nuisance.

One day when Antwan was practising his martial art skills in the basement gym, Mortimer showed up and almost scared the life of him. That was the last straw for Antwan that gave Mortimer a real beating. Hopefully that would keep Mortimer away from the mansion for a while. Desdemona was not very happy to see her father kicked down by her husband and got into an argument with Antwan. It was a disgrace, thought Desdemona, and made a secret promise to herself to not direct a word to Antwan until he had apologized.

Upset by what had happened, Desdemona decided to blow up the sculpting station, but it caught on fire and almost burned down the whole mansion. Morticia was getting very tired of all the drama with her parents. They were getting old and would not listen to her, they were worse than the kids, complaining, nagging and making trouble. Still, they were her parents, it wasn’t like she was going to kick them out on the street.

Agatha was sent to ballet classes after school, something she really enjoyed. For Morticia, it was a way of keeping her daughter from constantly playing with that devil’s doll. There was no way of taking it away from her. Still, when Agatha came home to show what she was learning at ballet classes, Morticia was either too busy or arguing with Desdemona or Antwan about something silly.

Luckily for Agatha, she would always have her best friend with her all the time. The adults seemed to not notice her at all, they were all either busy or arguing about things, and her older brothers were far away at boarding school. Sometimes she wished they would come back home so they could play with her and Arthur.

The unfortunate day when Grimmy came for Antwan arrived sooner than anybody had expected. Desdemona was still not talking to him and Morticia was mad at him too for getting into a fight with her grandfather. Still, Grimmy came and took Antwan away, leaving the Willow women in despair.

As it turned out, Grimmy seemed to be a close friend of Mortimer Goth, that decided to reappear on the same night. Desdemona couldn’t help but wonder if her father had had anything to do with Antwans death. Sad and bitter, she secluded herself in the inventors study.

Desdemona didn’t leave her study for several days. She didn’t want to talk to anybody and she didn’t let anybody in. It seemed that she was working on a new project, maybe her last great project before it was her turn to go with Grimmy.

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~ by Tota on October 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “4.8 Alone In A Mansion Full Of People”

  1. Glad you are back! I really want to know how this legacy gonna end =)

  2. I loved this chapter!
    Its a shame about Antwan’s passing, especially since his wife and daughter weren’t speaking to him. But I guess if the ghosts of the other family members show up often, they should see Antwan again soon.
    Also, the lot is looking fantastic!

  3. Another chapter! Yay! My mood rised immediately when I saw this chapter in my wordpress “following” box! And of course, I loved it! 🙂

  4. Hmmn Maybe it was Mortimer bargaining with the Grim to get Antwan taken care of. Great chapter, Very clever.

  5. I think Mortimer’s behavior is quite funny but I hope he did not conspire with the Grim Reaper to take Antwan away. RIP to Antwan.

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  7. lol pillow fight with death. Is that an analogy or what? ;D

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