4.7 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

For the Willow children life was a constant challenge, and their goal was to win, to rule, to become the best ever Willow sim to walk the hills of Sunset Valley. Morticia controlled everything revolving the household, and the upbringing of her children was the most important task she had at hand. She was a typical micro-manager and would decide everything from what books they would read to what color toothbrushes they had.

Fortunately it wasn’t all work for the children. Morticia truly loved them and would spend hours baking their birthday cakes and organizing fun activities for them to take part of. For Agatha’s first birthday she threw a party that few would quickly forget. Of course, all the big celebrities of Sunset Valley attended, since Morticia and Giovanni were making a name of themselves.

For her birthday Agatha received a package, on the mail, from a distant relative. Morticia examined the doll very carefully and, although she didn’t particularly like it, she let Agatha have it. Soon she found out that Agatha and the doll, Arthur, were inseparable, Agatha just wouldn’t stop playing with it. This concerned her somewhat, but she convinced herself it was harmless.

Valdemar grew up into a lovely child, he was friendly and perceptive although a bit neurotic. The frail nature of her boy puzzled Morticia, wasn’t all her love and dedication making him the best sim he could be? She consulted the matter with The Society and they persuaded her that probably the boy was getting a bit too much attention and love, he needed to become more independent, that would make him a strong individual.

Morticia thought it over and not a week had passed before Valdemar was sent to Smuggleworth Prep School. The poor boy didn’t look very happy when he climbed into the huge empty limousine that took him to school.

Osiris called from LeFromage Art School one day and asked to come home, he was tired of the life at boarding school and missed them very much. Giovanni listened to his boy and thought it wouldn’t hurt to have the boy over now that he had become a teenager.

Morticia wasn’t very happy, why Osiris would want to come back home, she couldn’t understand, she had herself had a wonderful time at boarding school and she never wanted to come home. To sooth things a bit, Osiris held a concert for his family to show off all the things he was learning at school, reassuring them that he was a great student with a bright future.

Morticia called the boarding school to get to the bottom of things and she found out that Osiris was actually failing almost all his classes. The first thing she did was to confront him, she was so angry that she could barely constrain herself. Osiris tried to explain that he was tired, unmotivated and just unhappy, but Morticia wouldn’t hear him out. She was sure that her couch-potato of a son was just being lazy.

“So what are you going to do about it?” Osiris reproached her. “It’s not like you can trade me for another son, so what if I am a couch-potato, I can’t help it, it’s who I am!”

“What I’m going to do?” she answered. “I’m sending you back to that boarding school and you may not come back until you have top grades on all the subjects!”

And so it was that Osiris was sent back to LeFromage Art School the same day. Giovanni was sad to see his son get into an argument with his mother, and to see him go, like that, it was sad. Still, he supported Morticia in her decisions regarding the children.

With the boys at boarding school, the big mansion felt a bit empty. Morticia dedicated herself to her daughter, teaching her everything necessary for a toddler, giving her all the attention and love she had. Deep down inside, she couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty that she had sent her boys to boarding school, when they both clearly didn’t enjoy it as much as she had done. Maybe spending all this time with Agatha was a way of compensating.

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~ by Tota on September 11, 2011.

10 Responses to “4.7 A Series Of Unfortunate Events”

  1. Agatha turned out to be such a cute toddler! I feel bad for the boys, I think Morticia has to realize that they are not her and may not like the same things she did at their age.

  2. Wow, Agatha is an incredibly cute toddler. I love how you used that hat!

  3. I think Morticia is a good mother, even if she is a little tough.

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  5. I love this legacy, I’ve just found it! Morticia is a good mom but she just needs to realise not everyone is the same as she was.

  6. Another great chapter! I didn’t have enough time to read it until now. When’s the next chapter coming?
    I want to see Agatha grow up! I wonder if she will remain a cute girl?

  7. I really don’t care for Mortica. She is a monster when it comes to mothering. (Monster, frankinstein, she has the bride of frankinstein hair.. Haha I’m so corny :/..)

    • I orgot to add that I love the title of this segment. If you’re referring to that childrens book series, A Series If Unfortunate Events, I love it. If not, just ignore me. 🙂

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