4.6 Family Matters

Life at the Willow mansion revolved almost entirely around the children. Few days passed by between birthdays and there seemed to always be diapers to be changed. Osiris’ birthday was therefore much welcomed by all the adults of the household. Although seeing how Morticia’s belly had grown, they were all reminded that there would be even more diapers to be changed in the future. They all hoped for a girl to be born so they could finally close the factory.

As a child, Osiris had gained few traits that particularly defined his personality. He was friendly, a couch-potato and brave, which meant he spent his days trying different hobbies, all to find something that would attract his interest. He spent time by the easel, at the computer writing novels and by the chemistry table, but really, there was nothing that felt like a real call. Thankfully, he had plenty of time to figure it out.

For Valdemar’s birthday, the Willow family gathered once again to celebrate. Tristan’s daughters, Karissa, Margie and Lauren showed up together with Karissa’s children. It seemed that none of the 4th generation children had inherited the pale Willowy complexion that distinguished them from the rest of the Sims in Sunset Valley. When Morticia thought of her unborn child she could only hope that it would carry the Willow distinction into the next generation, or would it die with her and her cousins?

Although their butler, Brandy Romano, practically took care of the children, grandma Desdemona enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren and would take Valdemar out for a stroll in the park, or help Osiris with his homework.

In the shadow of her sister, Morgana took yet another step to detach herself from the Willow family. Her new job gave her new freedom and independence, and when she met Orlando, for whom she was remodeling a study, they fell in love and he asked her to move in with him, which she gladly accepted. Sadly, it went fairly unnoticed at the Willow mansion, where all attention was on the grandchildren and Morticia’s 3rd pregnancy.

Finally, an heiress is born and Morticia and Giovanni can relax. Agatha was born late at night taking them all by surprise. The line had been secured and the Willows’ epic tale would continue. Around town, the word spread quickly and soon the congratulations and presents arrived to the parents. For many, it was important to stay on good terms with the Willows, maybe one of their sons would be picked to be Agatha’s mate. Only time could tell.

For Osiris, the time had come to leave for boarding school, after a long talk with his mother, he had convinced her not to send him to Smuggleworth Prep School, since he was mighty afraid of the snobs. Instead he left for LeFromage Art School where he hoped to explore his artistic side. Although she was sad to see his oldest son leave, Morticia had herself a wonderful experience at the Simperial Boarding School and only hoped that he would also have a great time at his school.

The Willows have yet some time of diaper changing and toddler training. Hopefully, as the household gets smaller the young ones will get an even better upbringing and more attention from the adults, although with so many people coming and going in the house, it is hard to know how things are really evolving.


~ by Tota on August 29, 2011.

6 Responses to “4.6 Family Matters”

  1. Congrats on an heiress! tho it doesn’t look like she got the Willow skin tone after all. I cant wait to see what her personality is like.

  2. Yay for Agatha!!! ;D

  3. Hooray for an heiress! Are you going to try for another girl, with the skintone?

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