4.5 Winds Of Fame Over The Valley

Sunset Valley had evolved quite a lot in the past four generations, since the time Elvira Willow first sat foot on this tranquil little town. Although the Willows had their mansion on a secluded Summer Hill Court, away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, the shiny skyscrapers didn’t go unnoticed. Morticia welcomed the changes and embraced anything she saw as a sign of evolution. She couldn’t help playing with the thought that the Willows had contributed in putting Sunset Valley on the map and attracting interesting people to the town.

As her second pregnancy progressed, Morticia devoted herself to writing and reaching the top of the writer career. Although she was both ambitious and workaholic, being a self-employed writer took a lot of time and effort. She was far from the top and she felt she needed to set an example to her children that if one started with something, one had to pursuit it to the finish.

Seeing that she spent so much time in her study, it wasn’t a surprise that she went into labor one evening while she was writing. After the first seconds of panic, Giovanni managed to drive her to the hospital just as he was returning from a long work-shift driving an ambulance.

Little Valdemar was born and seeing that the family was getting larger, Morticia decided to hire a butler. Brandy Romano joined them and was very professional in taking care of anything that one could think of regarding the household. It was a friend that recommended her through The Society and Morticia was very pleased.

With Brandy taking care of things, everybody else was left with a lot of free time. Desdemona decided to go back to inventing and spent a lot of time digging for interesting materials. One evening, after digging for a while, she found a secret tunnel and decided to explore it. It was a fun adventure that made her feel young again, but she didn’t find anything particularly extraordinary.

With all the extra time on her hands, Morgana set to pursuit her home designer career seriously and spent a lot of time making drawings and sketches, as well as creating a network to find potential costumers. This meant that she attended venues and parties several times a week and made a lot of new friends, suddenly, the life as a single woman without children was very appealing.

With the development of the town, new people moved in, and Morticia became very curious when she saw that they had gotten new neighbors in Summer Hill Court. Seeing also that they had put up a fence around the whole property, she could only guess that the new neighbors must be VIS (Very Important Sims). The first chance she had, Morticia went over to welcome them to the neighborhood. She was lucky to catch them outside the house and made the acquaintance with 4 star celebrity writer Emilia Orgoroso, thanks to her own writing she caught her attention and they hit it off, making Morticia a 1 star celebrity.

Morticia was feeling very good about herself now that she had a celebrity friend and had herself been noticed around town. Being a celebrity meant that both she and Giovanni were more often invited to parties, they got to know new sims that they before never had the chance to talk to. Still, all the fame and glory didn’t let them forget that they still didn’t have a heiress for their successful family, and without an heiress, all this wasn’t worth a lot. So they decided to get right to it.


~ by Tota on August 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “4.5 Winds Of Fame Over The Valley”

  1. Just her luck another son lol But it looks like they are ready for another 😀

  2. XD I love what you’ve done to the town.
    And the boys are just adorable XD Morticia needs to be patient, she’ll get her girl ❤

    • Thank you, it took me some time to remodel the town, all those NL community lots had too big lots to fit my town, but I’m happy with the outcome 🙂

  3. i love the willows! i always get excited when i get the email that youve updated!! 🙂 i also love what you’ve done with the town! i need to do some sunset valley updating myself!

  4. Great chapter! Morticia is a woman that knows what she wants and goes after it! I hope they have their little girl this time around.

    I like what you did with the town! 😀


  5. Great work as always. Looks like things are changing both for the Willows and the town. 🙂

  6. Two sons? That reminds me of how long it took for Cora to have a daughter. I’m sure Morticia will have hers soon!

    And I love how your town’s looking! I wish I could upgrade mine as fast as you.

  7. hahhaha boo to the boys X3 LOL

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