4.4 Ruthless Ruler

Morticia had expected Giovanni to be calmer at the time of the delivery of their baby, since he worked in the medical career. However, when the time came, in spite of the pain, she was the calm one while he could barely keep it together. Fortunately they made it to the hospital in time and there were no complications.

Baby boy Osiris was born and the family couldn’t be prouder. While previous Willow women had been distressed by not giving birth to an heiress directly, Morticia calculated everything to her advantage. Osiris would make a great contribution to the legacy in other ways. She would make sure to give him a top of the line education and make sure he was successful in life bringing fame and wealth to the legacy.

That the times had changed, everybody agreed. Desdemona never regretted sending Morticia to the Simperial Boarding School, mostly because she seemed to be the happiest while she was there. The boarding school really lived up to their promise to raise an heiress. Still they were all a bit apprehensive about Morticia’s ideas. She ruled the household ruthlessly, everything had to go through her and everything any Willow undertook had to be done to perfection. At the same time, she had a way of making everybody feel they were obliged to do as she said, so at the end of the day she got things her way. All for the honor and glory of the family!

Desdemona and Morgana took refuge in their art while Morticia ruled the family into perfection. The artist’s workshop was the only room in the Willow mansion that Morticia didn’t care to enter, she just wasn’t interested in what went on there. In a way she knew that if she interfered with the artists, their work wouldn’t turn out as good, so she kept away, happy to cash in the simoleons the masterpieces brought in.

Everything in the Willow mansion revolved around Morticia, something that suffocated Morgana to the point that she decided to head out and do some work as a home designer. Tristan and Mayra Willow were in dire need of a renovation and she had promised to help them out. Getting away from the house made a great impact on Morgana, and doing some creative work for others gave her a great satisfaction. After she had finished their renovation she promised herself she would get out more.

Back at the Willow mansion, Morticia and Giovanni were busy getting pregnant again. As Morticia saw it, there was no time to be wasted, the sooner they had their children and a secured heiress, the sooner they could relax. Running a legacy is a lot of hard work, although, this particular task wasn’t all that demanding.

By the time it was Osiris’ birthday Morticia was pregnant again. There was no pregnancy that slowed her down though, she worked hard and late every day scheming plans and ideas that would benefit the family. At the same time, of course, she made time to celebrate her boy as tradition required.

Osiris turned into a lovely little toddler and he got a lot of attention by all the adults in the house. According to Morticia’s plan he was only allowed to play with educative toys that where recommended by the Society of Accomplished Legacy Heiresses. She was automatically part of “The Society”, as she called it, through her former boarding school and kept tight contact with the members that discussed everything on how to have the most accomplished family. On top of that Osiris learned to walk, talk and was potty-trained in no-time and well on his way to the perfect childhood.


~ by Tota on August 14, 2011.

9 Responses to “4.4 Ruthless Ruler”

  1. I like a woman who knows what she want and sets out to make it happen! I also like that she wasnt disappointed with a son as other heiresses would be.

    Cant wait to see if baby number two is a girl.

  2. Loved the update! Can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂

  3. I’m glad that Morticia didn’t freak out about having a baby boy. I find it can be difficult getting a baby girl when you need one, especially when you’re running a matriachy, to be honest I actually love having little baby boys running around my sims house.
    I wonder if she’ll have a little girl next!

  4. Awwwww what a cutie pie! Hope they get their girl!

  5. You always pick the best names! Osiris is a perfect name for a Willow.

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  7. osiris is so adorable! i hope that their next child will be their heiress! 🙂

  8. woah Morticia hon slow down… this is gonna bite her in the ass. i can sense it.

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