4.3 Getting Things Done

For Morticia there was no time to waste, since she had met Giovanni she had weighted all the pros and cons of picking him as a mate and was left undecided, so she asked him for a second date. He was fairly young, neat, he had the looks and they had some traits in common. On the other hand, he was good. Although her mother had picked an evil sim as her husband, not all the Willow women had done so. Even their great founder, Elvira, had picked a rather jolly-go-lucky kind of husband, and Christopher had turned out to be a great asset to the family.

Well, Morticia had no time to loose, so on their third date she popped the question, Giovanni moved in and they got married in a couple of days. Everybody was in a bit of a shock at the Willow mansion, they had barely time to introduce themselves to Giovanni before he and Morticia were kissing at the altar. When Morticia puts something into her mind there is no way to stop her and she has to get things her way quickly.

Antwan grew up into an elder, but although their young days were gone, he and Desdemona were as young at heart as ever. When they looked back on their life they realized that things didn’t go as expected but everything turned out good anyway. Their daughters were all grown and making their own lives, I guess now the only thing that was lacking was grandchildren.

Everybody seemed to be so happy, Morticia was in love and married, Desdemona and Antwan were always cuddling around the house, but the only one that felt Willowy bitter was Morgana. She spent most of her time in the art studio and although she loved painting, she felt that everybody was taking her for granted as the new family portrait painter. Sure there must be bigger things for her to achieve in life, she just didn’t know what else she wanted to do than paint.

As a good sim, Giovanni’s lifetime wish was to reach the top of the medical career so he got right to it working on his logic skill by the chess table.

When Morticia got hastily married to Giovanni and he moved in, Moriana decided that she was also entitled to pursue her happiness, no matter how things would turn out. She got her courage up and asked Donald to marry her and they decided to move into his parents house, it was going to be crowded, but lovely.

Eager as she was Morticia wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible, so she cuddled up Giovanni and they opted to try to have a baby. Apparently they were both as fertile as only sims can be and the next morning she woke up feeling nauseous. Her first thought was that she was probably pregnant and the next one was the she really hoped this was an heiress.


~ by Tota on August 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “4.3 Getting Things Done”

  1. Getting things done is an understatement lol in one swoop she met a guy got married and got pregnant. Theres a gal who knows just what she wants.

  2. I loved the update! And grandchildren on the way! Woot-Woot!

  3. can’t wait to see what their babies look like! 🙂 i wonder how well giovanni is going to fair being a good sim in a legacy full of evil simmies 😉

  4. Whooo hooo!! That was so much faster than her mother! XD ♥

  5. wow…super fast!

  6. When she makes her mind up… she really makes her mind up

  7. Well, I guess they train good heiresses at the Simperial Boarding School 😉

  8. Holy Crow! That girl moves quick! I can see a lot of Elvira in her actually, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.
    I’m eager to see what this child is going to look like!

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