4.2 New Ambitions

Soon after the triplets aged into young adults, it was Desdemona’s turn to age. As an elder she decided to step down as the family matriarch to leave the spot to the new generation. Desdemona felt she had had a wonderful life so far, now she wanted to see her heir marry and continue the legacy. She was sure Morticia would do a good job, even though she didn’t always get things right the first time and was a bit stubborn. Concerned about Morticia’s choice in romance, she asked Antwan to have a talk with Westley, the maid that Morticia had been flirting with. Desdemona didn’t think he was the right pick for the legacy.

Antwan asked his brother Toby to stop by and have a small talk to Westley, who wasn’t happy at all and refused to stop seeing Morticia. As it turned out, marrying the heir of Sunset Valley’s most powerful family was sought after by many eligible bachelors in town. Westley wasn’t going to let this chance pass.

As it turned out, things resolved themselves according to Desdemona’s desires, without her interference. Apparently, Westley had lied about his age and when he became an elder, Morticia inevitably found out. It was not in her plan to marry an elder sim, she needed a mate with the same level of ambition as herself and enough years ahead to ensure the grandeur of the legacy. Morticia ended the relationship in cold blood.

In the shadow of her sister, without anybody taking notice, Moriana pursued her love. Donald Logsdon was her high school sweetheart and they had been going steady for quite a while. Moriana wanted to take their relationship to the next level, but was unsure of how to go about it. If they got married Moriana wanted to move out of the Willow mansion and the drama, but they couldn’t afford their own place and Donald’s family was quite big, so she was unsure that she would be able to move in to his place.

Besides finding a suitable mate, Morticia had set her mind on raising some funds for the future of the family. Her ancestors had done little to ensure a great capital for the family and she felt it was her duty to do something about it. She was an ambitious sim that wished to live in the lap of luxury, so she decided to invest in some property. Being a bookworm and a self-employed writer, she decided to buy the local book shop, she renamed it to “Willow Books”.

Dating took a lot of Morticia’s time, after her disappointment with Westley, she had learned her lesson and decided to get out there and meet a new suitable mate. The sims she met were far from her standards, they were mostly simple and dull sims with no ambitions. One fortunate evening she met Giovanni Dean, although a good sim, there was something about him that charmed Morticia. Could he be the one for her?


~ by Tota on August 4, 2011.

13 Responses to “4.2 New Ambitions”

  1. Ooooh Giovanni!
    And it’s nice to hear from you again, did you have a nice trip?
    I’m not sure what to think of Morticia right now. I know she’s a good choice for heiress but I’m a little spooked by her cold blood.
    Anyhoo great chapter 😀

  2. HUZZAH! the return of the Willows! 🙂

    welcome back, Tota! hope you had a wonderful trip.

  3. Welcome back, Tota!
    I’ve got this great list of legacies that I check for updates nearly every day, and I was so stoked to see an update.
    I hope you had a great trip, and I hope Morticia finds a suitable spouse soon! You said that Charles would show up next generation, yes?

  4. Welcome back!
    Loved the chapter and i agree. Morticia was great choice for heiress. And i like her too 😉 I hope she finds the perfect husband.

  5. Hi everybody, thank you, I had a great trip, but I’m happy to be home now 🙂 Felt a bit rusty with the writing, but I will get right back into it soon.

  6. So great to see updates from you in my inbox once again, I have missed your writing style. Welcome back!

    Tho there is evil in those Willow veins they sure do have a thing for the good boys, Perhaps they want to corrupt the rest of the town 😀

  7. Welcome back Tota! I have been missing my fix of Gothistory telling. Left you a note on the Sims3.

  8. it’s good to see you back tota! i hope you had an amazing trip 🙂 i was definitely missing the willows though 😉

  9. I am glad to see the Willows are back — really missed ’em — and can’t wait to find out what happens in Morticia’s search for a husband. 🙂

  10. So glad for the return of the Willows.

  11. Thank you all, what a fantastic welcome it has been 😀
    I just bought the latest expansions so I’ve been struggling with the installation and getting the game to work without crashing, seems like it is stable now and the Willows survived!

    Just editing Sunset Valley a bit and then a new chapter should be coming out soon 🙂

  12. Oh my B! You are back!!!! Weeee! Keep looking Morticia the right one will come along :]

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