4.1 Back To Basics

Morticia was very concerned about her future, so concerned that she decided to take a peek and see what it would bring for her. Maybe she would get a glimpse of her future husband and find out how many children she was to have.  She sneaked up to her mother’s workshop one evening when Desdemona and Antwan were out having dinner at the Bistro, nobody needed to find out. Although she was a bit afraid of what would happen, she jumped into the purple light and was sucked to the future. Unfortunately she arrived so many years ahead that she didn’t find out anything interesting about herself or any Willow, for that matter. A bit disappointed she decided that she might try it out again later.

Moriana and Morgana weren’t very close to Morticia, since they didn’t see each other during the weeks they didn’t feel they knew each other. As a teenager Morgana had reached a new level of bitterness towards Morticia, the three were triplets but still Morticia would get all the attention from everybody since she was the heiress, it was like if she was the only child. Moriana, that didn’t understand why Morgana had to be so grumpy all the time, didn’t think it was a big deal, even though she could admit that she felt a bit left behind.

“Don’t take it so harshly,” Moriana told Morgana. “You are great as you are, we all admire your painting skill, for example.”

“You just don’t get it,” Morgana barked at her. “Aren’t you clever enough to figure it out?”

Moriana gave a sigh, she just didn’t want to be unhappy all the time, life was good, she thought quietly and didn’t say anything else during the whole ride to school.

Moriana was actually very happy, she was in love. After school she started to hang out with Donald Logsdon, he was very funny and a bit goofy, they had a lot of fun together. Moriana proposed they would go steady and Donald agreed, but she didn’t tell anybody at home since she didn’t want it to get blown up out of proportions.

Unaware of her daughter’s teenage concerns, Desdemona was always working on either new inventions or sculptures. She had finally reached her life time wish of becoming the descendant of Da Vinci, and now all her things sold very well. She wasn’t very concerned about her daughters, she understood that there was some rivalry between them, but she dismissed it as childish quarrels that were not very serious. At least Moriana seemed to be genuinely happy with her new friend Donald. Of course, she did wonder a bit about Morticia’s exaggerated old-fashioned ways and determination to be the best heiress the Willows ever had, it must’ve been that boarding school that got her that way.

The end of the school year arrived quickly, it was time for Morticia to leave the Simperial Boarding School for good, it was heartbreaking. All the girls took farewell of each other and exchanged addresses and phone-numbers to keep in touch in the future. Miss Harrison was in tears, her girls were about to become young adults and she only hoped she had done all in her power to make them great sims. Morticia was sad to leave the school, it had been her home for so long and now it was time to return to the Willow mansion and never come back.

It was time for the triplets to move on to the next phase in their lives. For Morticia it meant taking charge of the family matters and ruling this great legacy. She had great plans of being the best ruler since her great-grandmother Elvira, she dreamt of being the best mother and the best wife and thus the best heiress.

The girls grew up well, Morgana gained the trait of great kisser, which hopefully would help her in her quest for love. Moriana, that was already quite plain, gained the trait of unflirty, just as her grandmother Aurora, hopefully she would be more lucky than her in getting married. Morticia got the trait of neurotic, not the best trait for an heiress, but at least she wasn’t insane.

The first step in becoming a great wife and mother was, of course, to find a suitable mate. Since Morticia had lived a very secluded and protected life at the Simperial Boarding School, she knew very little about dating and love in general. She realized she was out on thin ice, but she tried her luck with the first male sim she encountered, Westley, the maid. Desdemona felt that Morticia was taking things to the extreme, did she not have any other dreams than to become a mother and a wife? What about a career? But Morticia was very stubborn and wouldn’t listen.

For the two other girls, life meant continuing being in their sister’s shadow. Morgana was becoming more and more Morticia’s opposite, she followed the steps of the great women of the Willow family and pursued her artistic skills. She was not interested in love at all, even less in going out to meet new sims. In the artist’s workshop she spent days and nights making a name of herself just as her grandmother Aurora once had done. The brush was her only friend.

Moriana wasn’t a fool, she knew very well what her sisters thought of her, sure she would agree that she was rather shy and wouldn’t be elected as Miss Personality, but she was happy with her traits. Even more, she was happy to lead a quiet and tranquil life, she really didn’t like the spotlight. Now that she was a young adult, she decided to start working at the science facility in town, she would save money and when Donald also grew up they could get married and move together, out of this mad house.

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~ by Tota on November 3, 2010.

15 Responses to “4.1 Back To Basics”

  1. Thank you for making my day 😉

  2. great update!

  3. Great update! Wonderful start gen 4! ^-^ <333

  4. I find myself loving Moriana, She seems so kindhearted and willing tp be herself. I hoe whoever Morticia ends up with will humble her a bit, being an heiress has gone to her head lol

  5. Hope*

  6. I had to laugh at the screenshot of Morticia and Wesley…it is funny to me that after all her training, she would pursue the maid.
    Such an excellent update!

  7. Hi, I really like your blog it’s fab.
    I’ve recently started my own and was wondering If you’d add it to yours.
    I’ve already linked yours to mine.
    Thanks, Jen
    My blog is here:

  8. Yay!! Gen 4 is gonna start 😀

  9. Good update, I was actually hoping to see Morgana take the lead but Morticia seems fine for it. She is a bit set on it, does she not want to live a little before rushing headfirst into marrige?

  10. Oh, Moticia, I don’t think it’s the best idea to just charge headlong into marriage and family… Poor girl, she won’t even let herself live a little first!

  11. Really what is it with people abandoning their legacy’s in dec.-jan.

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