3.11 Gone With The Wind

Life continued as tranquil and serene as always at the Willow mansion. All the children were now teenagers which brought a whole new way of life to the family. At dinner they all conversed about the latest events in the Sunset Valley society and as usual, Morticia took the opportunity to shine with her excellent skills in conversation and with her great knowledge of any subject. Morgana, whose bitterness seemed sometime to overwhelm her, could barely stand it when her sister rubbed her superior ways on their noses, she would always take the first chance to escape to the artist’s workshop to express herself with the brush.

When Morticia returned to her school, she could relax, she knew the fantastic days at the school were counted, their graduation was soon to come, but until then she enjoyed herself. The other girls in her class were as keen as herself to excell in all the subjects and they all faced the same issues as she did when they returned to their homes during the weekends. Some were lucky enough to live far away and thus stay at the school even during the weekend, Morticia was a bit envious of them. Being a SBS student woke a lot of envy in the people she met, Morticia understood that her position in life would bring her many enemies, but hopefully she would be able to at least keep her friends from school even after they became young adults.

One weekend, when Morticia was at the Willow mansion, an interesting character showed up at dinner. Elvira, her great-grandmother and the founder of this fabulous legacy, gave her a visit. Morticia had secretly been a bit worried about her future, she really didn’t want to disappoint anybody and she had some great ambitions she wanted to accomplish, so when Elvira showed up, she was happy to get the advice from her.

“It is important to remember your roots,” Elvira told Morticia. “Do not forget your past and stay true to the spirit of the family. Take care of them and guide them in the right direction.”

Morticia would have prefered some more concrete guidance, but before she could take the time to ask her something, Elvira had vanished.

Garett turned into a young adult and the whole family gathered to celebrate his birthday. They all cheered and were happy to see him go into adulthood with such a bright future before him. The whole family discussed both happy and excited how his future would be and the different possibilities that lay before him, little did they know of the dark cloud that would shadow his future.

The next night, Arlene came over to stay the night, they waited until the mansion was quiet and dark. When everybody was sleeping they sneaked out and left. Garett was hesitant to leave a note to his mothers, he wanted them to know that he was well and that he would have a happy future, but at the same time, he didn’t want to leave them a clue on why he had left and where he had gone. On his pillow he left a note with only one word “Love”. They tiptoed out of the mansion and took a taxi out into the night and just like that they were gone.

It wasn’t until late the next day that the Willows understood what had happened. At first, Delores thought that Garett had left early to look for a job, as he had said vaguely the day before, so nobody worried. In the afternoon, Isolde received a call from her cousin and co-worker, Tameka, saying that her daughter Arlene was missing, she was wondering if Garett might know where she was. It seemed that Arlene had never showed up at work and Tameka was very worried.

“Garett isn’t at home,” Isa told her. “Actually, I haven’t seem him at all today, he must have left very early this morning. I will ask him as soon as he gets home.”

They hung up but as soon as Isolde had put down the receiver she started to think that Arlene’s disappearance may have something to do with Garett’s. Everybody knew they were very close friends, could they have left together somewhere? Isolde consulted with Delores and finally they decided to check in his room for any clues, Garett wasn’t the kind of person that didn’t talk about his plans or let others know where he was. In his room they found the note, clearly in Garett’s handwriting, but what could it mean?

Delores was devastated, she stayed up all night, in the company of Isolde and discussed the different possible scenarios. Every now and then Delores walked up to the window to look out into the darkness in the hopes that Garett would show up with a simple excuse saying that he forgot the time. But he didn’t show up that night and Delores didn’t get any sleep.

In the morning the whole family got together in the dining room to have a family meeting, Tameka was also there, horrified that something terrible had happened. They all agreed that Arlene and Garett were probably together, and Garett’s note made Isolde think that they had left by their own free will, but Tameka wasn’t convinced, Arlene had left no note, what if they had been abducted? Desdemona, that was a very pragmatic sim made some inquiries to the local taxi companies to see if anybody had ordered a taxi to the Willow mansion during the last 24 hours. That way the family found out that a taxi had taken both Arlene and Garett to the train station. An inquiry at the train station gave them the clue that they had bought tickets to Riverview.

Finally Isolde and Delores decided that they would go out and look for them, they bought the first available tickets to Riverview and off they went to try to find their lost son. It was a hard separation to leave her twin sister behind, once a long time ago, Desdemona and Isolde had promised to die together and since then they had shared the Willow mansion as their home, now it was time to say goodbye. Hopefully all things would go well and they would be back at home shortly, but nobody dared to say it, in fear of jinxing it.

The only Willow that wasn’t joining in the collective drama, was Antwan, there had been so much people running in and out of the mansion since Garett’s disappearance that he felt extremely stressed. He knew that he had little to contribute, the Willow women had everything under control. So like he always did when things got a little too crazy for him, he sat down and meditated. Through the years he had developed an excellent ability to relax and separate his mind from his body.

Once Isolde and Delores had left, the Willow mansion felt awfully quiet and deserted, the triplets were busy with school and their extra curricular activities and spent little time at the mansion. Desdemona and Antwan found themselves alone, they had finally only each other to focus on and a lot of free time. After so many years together, it was an excellent opportunity to revive their romance.

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~ by Tota on October 22, 2010.

17 Responses to “3.11 Gone With The Wind”

  1. I can understand why Garrett and Arlene felt they had to leave. But I feel bad for their mothers, what heartbreak they must be experiencing. This update is very emotional and excellent as always, especially the meditation screenshot.

  2. Thank you for writing another chapter. I’m looking forward to it every day!

  3. another emotional chapter! i hope that garret’s mothers will understand why he left. they, above all, should know the kinds of thins that love does. 🙂

  4. yes thank-you for writing another one! I loved this chapter, I havnt read a willow chapter in ages and Im so happy by the skill it has ! wonderful 🙂

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments. Hopefully I will get out a couple of more chapters before I leave 🙂

  6. Tota, how long will you be gone?

    Once again, awesome chapter 😀

    And also do you know what happened to The Writer’s Hangout forum?? It says it doesn’t exist 😦

    • Justin, there are some major issues with the forums atm, may threads are missing, they are working on restoring them all. I hope the writer’s hangout can be saved.

      I will be gone for 9 months 😛

      • Hmm, quite unfortunate. The writer’s hangout is perfect! It will be a sad loss.

        9 months sounds like a long time! Have fun, but remember how lost we will all be without the Willows!

  7. Great update I really enjoyed being a series. -EQ

  8. If I may ask, Toto, where will you be gone to?

  9. I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet: http://galatea0.wordpress.com/favourite-legacies-and-stories/

    I write up little reviews of legacies and put them on my blog. They’re listed alphabetically, so yours is the last one.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying your story, and that this whole blog is beautifully done. I really can’t fault it. You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ve subscribed and I look forward to the next episode!

    • Wow, thank you Galatea0, I feel so honored, such nice comment about the Willow legacy. I’m so glad you like it. I left you a comment on your blog and added it to my link list. 🙂

  10. hmm I think Morticia may be getting a bit of an ego! She better humble herself a little before she expects to find a husband!

    I hope that when they find Garrett that they will accept his relationship, he has already had such a hard life.

  11. That must be a great trip! Visiting the Netherlands also? 😛

  12. Yay! SO glad they are still happily married ^-^

  13. http://ishwoodlegacy.wordpress.com/
    Hello Tota~ I was hoping youd have some time to check out my first legacy I’ve recently written. :3

    I love your legacy by the way~! I enjoy reading them and look forward to new chapters. ;D <333

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