3.10 The Greatest Of Them All

At the Simperial Boarding School, the future heiresses were drilled in all the aspects of life, having good health and living a long life would be important to rule their respective legacies. Mrs. Harrison trained the girls everyday and even though they were all working hard to excel, there wasn’t a lot of competition between them. Morticia had become very close to the girls in her class, maybe even closer than her real sisters. Jena Poyajingale and Sheila Suleiman, weren’t only genius they were also great runners and always won all the races.

Good manners and etiquette was also extremely important at the school, Marcia Everwood, to the right of Morticia, and Ella Chang, in front, were delicate girls with refined manners. Morticia was lucky to have friends that set such high standards.

At the Willow mansion, Morticia felt that her family left a lot to wish for, but out of respect to her parents she kept her thoughts to herself, soon enough the time would come for her to take charge of this legacy and bring it into the right track. The day had come that the triplets became teenagers and a celebration was in place. Due to the tragic outcome of their last birthday party, Desdemona decided to have a small party with only the closest family. Everybody saw extreme potential in Morticia as an heiress, but at the same time her refined personality was a bit intimidating to the rest of the family.  Antwan and Desdemona were sure that their girls would have a great future, but a lot was at stake with Morticia and the question was if she could live up to the expectations.

As expected, the girls grew up into lovely teenagers. The artistic Morgana gained the trait of hot-headed, the plain Moriana gained the trait of handy and Morticia, the future heiress, gained the trait of ambitious. Everybody was sure that Morticia was going to be a great heiress, she was a hard worker and very ambitious, the only question was, in what field was she to excel. Her sisters had already picked their paths, Morgana was an artist and Moriana had her logic. Desdemona, although very satisfied with what Morticia had become, was still a bit worried, so much potential couldn’t go to waste.

The artist workshop was always full nowadays, Delores was working on her life time wish to become an illustrious author, Desdemona on her life time wish to become the descendant of da Vinci and Morgana was practicing her painting skill. Great works came out of that workshop and the Willows really made a name of themselves as artists. In town everybody spoke about the eccentric and odd family they were, but everybody was in awe of their accomplishments. Young men dreamed of becoming a mate to a Willow heiress and young women of marrying a Willow spare.

Moriana and Morgana had plenty of friends at school and many boys were interested in them romantically. It wasn’t all due to the prestige of the family, they were also charming young ladies with quite good looks. The only one that didn’t have time or interest in meeting boys was Morticia, she was sure she would find the perfect mate when the right time came, until then she was focused on improving her skills. She watched with disgust how her sisters flirted and wasted their energy on their petty classmates, she was determined to not be distracted by such trivialities. At the same time, she knew how important it was for her to find an adequate young man to marry and have children with and was prepared to work hard for it as soon as she graduated from high school.

Two that were going steady since a long time, was Garett and Arlene, it was all in secret, of course, the family would never approve of such a controversial affair. They would meet at the abandoned beach after school and spend the afternoons together, they talked about their future how they wished to move to another town where nobody knew that they were legal cousins. There they would be able to live their life together without making a scandal for their family. Since their birthdays were coming up, they made a promise to each other, to get married secretly at this beach and elope together as soon as they became young adults. Garett was very excited and very much in love.

Knowing that the days at the Willow mansion were counted, Garett made sure to spend a lot of time with his biological mother, Delores, he loved her very deeply and was sad to think that she might never know what happened to him after he eloped with Arlene. They had decided not to tell anybody, not even their mothers, so they wouldn’t come and look for them. Delores was very pleased to see her son spend more time with her, little did she know about his plans of leaving the Willow mansion and Sunset Valley for good.

With almost no celebration at all, Antwan became an adult a quiet evening. He hadn’t had time to stop and reflect over his life since the triplets were born, things had surely not turned out as he expected it. When he first met Desdemona he was sure to have struck gold, a life of luxury with no work, but with the triplets he had a lot to do day and night, being a parent wasn’t always easy. During their childhood he had had little time to work on achieving his life time dream, but now it was time to get serious if he was to become the Sim Fu Grand Master too. He started to work out in preparation for returning to China and get the title, there was no time to lose.

Back at the Simperial Boarding School all of Morticia’s class mates had become teenagers, the new year came to a start and they were all excited to see each other and to get to work. Since they now were teenagers the girls were given their own rooms and with that a lot more privacy, they no longer had to sleep in the dorms. With freedom came a lot of responsibility too, Morticia found herself with an important task of finding her path during this year, she was determined to be excellent and be remembered, the question was only in what.

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~ by Tota on October 4, 2010.

25 Responses to “3.10 The Greatest Of Them All”

  1. Great Update! I can’t wait to see how the spares turn out.

  2. I love this chapter, and I’m glad it’s finally up!

  3. Awesome chapter, I really love your boarding school. Is it totally un-gothy for me to hope that Garett and Arlene have a happily ever after?

  4. Wow, that hair is perfect for Morticia, I love it. I am looking forward to finding out her aspirations. I’m not sure if Garret is making the right decision to leave and tell no one but I guess he just wants happiness like anyone else.

  5. Yay update!

    I have to admit that I don’t read that many legacies and if I do, they’re generally plot heavy or comedy that’s light on the captions. Yours is a lovely mix of plot and gameplay and amusement. A rare find.

  6. All three of the Willow girls have turned out so great I cant wait to find out what Morticia will choose as her profession and ltw.

  7. great chapter. They have all turned out marvellous. Though Morticia’s hair is strange, she is beautiful. wonderful update 🙂

  8. Great update! I enjoy reading your legacy. Much, much better than others I have seen. Your legacy inspired me to start my own last week. So far I have a prologue and 3 chapters posted. Not sure if I will go out 10 generations and not exactly following legacy “rules” but I am more into the story telling than anything else. Check it out at http://jaylf.wordpress.com/

    • I’m so glad you like it. I did go over to your site to take a look and I love what you’ve done to it, love the theme. I just haven’t had time to post a comment, but I’ll come around soon enough 🙂

  9. Wonderful chapter, I really like your legacy. I wonder what Morticia will choose for her path in life?

  10. I love the triplets, but let’s just hope Morticia doesn’t become to snobby or does never find a path.

  11. That hair is so perfect for Morticia! I hope she finds a way to put all of her ambition to use.

  12. I love your legacy Tota!

  13. Finally lol, I didn’t think 3.10 was coming after all, but here it is and isn’t it amazing! Great work, Morticia has … bouncy hair. Lol great chapter.

    I’ve lost my legacy, my pc crashed.

  14. oooh I wonder what she will choose! Love the boarding school!

  15. just caught up, this is riveting stuff 🙂

  16. You’re added to my link page, as I absolutely love your legacy :)!

  17. I will miss reading your story while you are away on your trip, but it sounds like it will be a wonderful adventure!

  18. Hello there! I am new to your stories. A friend reccommended you to me saying you were one of her top favorite sim stories to read. I was wondering if you could give some genuine feedback on my sim stories? They are going to get better, I promise, I’m just starting out!

    • I’m so glad to hear that someone recommended my story, I hope you like it. I’m not very good at giving advice, but one thing that I know has worked for me is reading a lot and finding inspiration in what I read 😀 The other thing is to think out a couple of chapters ahead, a plot or something you want to tell, that way it is easier to write your story leading to the plot you have thought of. I hope this helps. Good luck! 😀

  19. Can you put your Boarding School up to download? I love it!

    • Do you mean the household or the building? I didn’t make the lot, I downloaded it from modthesims. But I could upload the girls and the teacher 🙂

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