3.9 Life’s Mediocrity

When Morticia arrived at the Simperial Boarding School on her first day, she could see the enormous building taking shape already while she was sitting on the bus. The school was very majestic and a bit intimidating, for the first time in her short life Morticia wasn’t feeling very confident at all.

She was shown to her dorm where she left her belongings in her locker and then to Miss Harrison’s classroom. The class of Miss Harrison was to be her home class, all the girls in the class shared the same dorm, they had the same schedule and everything they did at the school they would do together. Miss Harrison showed Morticia to her place, since she hadn’t started the year at the S.B.S she wanted her to sit in the first row so she could keep good track of her level and improvement curve. The lesson was simhistory and they started with a pop quiz. Morticia was feeling very nervous and hoped that she would do well.

After their lessons, Morticia’s group went to the recreation room where they tested their logic skills against each other in the noble game of chess. They were supervised by Miss Harrison who also lived at the school and scrutinized everything these future heiresses did.

Back in Sunset Valley, the rest of the Willow family was living a most mediocre life, far from the great challenges of the Simperial Boarding School. Morgana and Moriana often visited their cousins, also triplets, and spent the day watching TV or playing games.

One Willow that was excelling at something was Isolde, that after saving the lives of 10 sims in Sunset Valley, was given, by the mayor himself, the key to the city. The whole family and a large part of the community attended the grand ceremony that took place outside the City Hall. Isolde was very pleased with the recognition, but she hoped she would have time during her lifetime to save at least the 30 simlives she had always dreamt to save.

When Morticia returned to the Willow mansion on the weekends, she had lots to tell about her new school. It didn’t take long for her to find her place at S.B.S. and when she returned she could feel how she was growing further and further apart from her family. All the intellectual, scientific and social challenges at her new school made her perspective change and her mind grow, while her family seemed to be in the same place they had always been. Afraid that her sisters would fall too far behind her development she made sure to share her knowledge and skills with them. Moriana loved the attention Morticia was giving her and took notes of everything she said.

Morgana didn’t want the sisterly advice that Morticia had to offer, she found it extremely patronising. Just as several generations of Willow women had done before, she took her refugee to the artist workshop were she practiced her painting. She might not be able to excel in all the skills, as Morticia was doing at her new school, but she was sure she could be the best painter of them all, at least in this generation.

Another Willow whose life wasn’t totally mediocre, was Antwan’s, after days of disciplined training he had finally acquired the highest possible belt in Sim Fu. He decided to travel to Shang Simla in China to enter the Sim Fu tournament and gain the grand master title. He proposed to Desdemona that they go together, that way they could spend some quality time together now that the girls were older. The hectic life as parents of triplets had left little room for romance between the two.

While Antwan was loving their stay at Shang Simla, Desdemona had a harder time adjusting, the food was different, she didn’t understand the language and she wasn’t very good at Sim Fu. Antwan spent all his time at the academy sparring or challenging other Sim Fu experts. Desdemona felt so miserable and bored at the academy that she decided to take on some adventures, and to her surprise  while she got to know some locals and explore some historic sites, she also started to love this beautiful place.

During his short stay in Shang Simla, Antwan wasn’t able to acquire the title of grand master, but he learned a lot while sparring other Sim Fu experts and he gained many new friendships. When they left he promised himself to return soon and try out for the grand master title again.

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~ by Tota on September 14, 2010.

13 Responses to “3.9 Life’s Mediocrity”

  1. I love the idea of the boarding school, I cant wait to start seeing the people she meets there. lol at the face Desi is making in the second to last shot!

  2. I really like the school! Excellent!

  3. Dessie looks so miserable there! Hope she is happier when she gets home!

  4. I love the boarding school. It must’ve been really hard to organize all the children and what they do; to actually make it look like a boarding school. Anyway, loved this chapter, and all the sims in it 😉 Well done x

  5. The screenshot of Desdemona is so funny! I am glad the school is working out for Morticia.

  6. I’m glad the boarding school is being so well received 😀

  7. the boarding school is such a great idea! i’m really anxious to see how morticia adjusts to a harder schooling. poor desdemona, the picture of her in china is so cute. she looks so lost. 😛

  8. Wow, I love how everyone is progressing, and even better that nothing too dramatic has happened 😀 !!

  9. Aww Dessie China isn’t that bad. I hope Morgana cheers up soon, I don’t like seeing her so down. Morticia is doing well then. Yay for Isa!

  10. Aaah, I LOVE your legacy. I’ve read the whole thing in some hours, and I really like your writing style. This is excellent!

  11. If you please, check out my legacy as well: http://thestarlegacy2.wordpress.com/

  12. I also just read the whole thing, and I love it! 🙂 Made me want to play the game so bad.

    Will be eagerly waiting for the next update.

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