3.8 Raising An Heiress

“Your great great grandmother, Elvira, was a great lady that came to Sunset Valley with the ambition to found the most memorable legacy in simhistory.”

The triplets were in awe, the great paintings of their ancestors covered the walls of the gallery that also displayed the egyptian relics brought to Sunset Valley by their grandmother Aurora. Desdemona wanted to make her daughters aware of the importance of their history and their legacy, there was a lot to live up to.

“Your great great grandmother came to me in a dream,” continued Desdemona.

“How did she do that, mother?” asked Moriana who was the least superstitious of them all.

“Her spirit came to me,” Desdemona continued. “To tell me who of you will lead this legacy into the next generation.”

Desdemona was yet to announce to the household who the next heiress would be, in the meantime, the members of the Willow family could only speculate.

“If I become an heiress,” said Morticia to her sisters. “I will be the greatest heiress the Willow legacy will ever have.”

“I’m sure Elvira picked me,” she continued. “I have the best potential.”

“How so?” asked Morgana calmly. “We’ve experienced the same things, we were in mother’s womb together, we were born on the same day…”

“Well,” Moricia interrupted her. “It’s not like we are genetic copies of each other, we are three-egg triplets”

“We shouldn’t fight like this,” said Moriana timidly. “Mother wouldn’t want that.”

“We aren’t fighting,” said Morticia and smiled a large comforting smile.

At dinner, the topic of who the next Willow heiress would be was the main theme for discussion. Desdemona wanted to wait until the girls were a bit older to announce who of them would be picked. She didn’t want then to compete against each other and become enemies, Desdemona and Isolde had been the best of friends already from young age, she wished the same for her daughters. However, she realized that the situation was different, without knowing who the heiress was the girls competed already. For her and Isolde there was nothing to compete about, Desdemona was the only one of them that could be the heiress. Delores stressed that it was important that the next heiress would get the best education too, tailored for an heiress, it was important to start as soon as possible. She knew of a boarding school that was perfect for teaching a young heiress what was expected of her. While Desdemona didn’t want to send any of he girls away, she had to agree that it would be hard to reach Elvira’s ambitions for this legacy without any help.

Desdemona decided to announce who the next heiress would be, she couldn’t wait any longer seeing how the girls had become such rivals because of this. She gathered the girls in the living room and said she had something important to tell them.

“Will you tell us who is the next heiress?” said Morticia without being able to hold back her excitement.

“Yes, dearies, I will,” Desdemona said. “But it is of great importance that the three of you try to be the best of friends, you are sisters and you have to be there for each other. No matter what happens. The Willow family has many enemies out there in the world, that is why we need to be friends and support each other in the family.”

“Yeah, like that is ever going to happen,” mumbled Morgana and rolled her eyes.

Moriana held herself in the background, she didn’t want to be the next heiress she had just realized, it would only mean that Morgana and Morticia would be envious of her and maybe they would go together against her. Morticia thought she was the best suited heiress, no discussion. Morgana didn’t really want to be the heiress but on the other hand if being the heiress was the only way to prevent that Morticia would be the heiress, then she would take the role anyway, she knew Moriana wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Elvira came to me in a dream and said,” Desdemona held her breath. “That Morticia was to lead this family into the next generation.”

Morticia started to jump up and down from the excitement, before she realized that it didn’t really suit an heiress to act so uncontrolled.

“Thank you mother,” she said more calmly. “I will not disappoint you.”

The news that Morticia was the next heiress was received with mixed feelings by the household. Delores was so excited that she fainted. Isolde was worried about the rivalry between the triplets and Antwan didn’t want to see his lovely daughters grow up and leave the mansion. The only one that didn’t pay much attention to the whole thing was Garett, he had other things on his mind.

Garett had decided that he couldn’t live without telling Arlene Willow how he felt for her, no matter what the family said or what anybody else in town said, for that matter. The worst thing that could happen was that she rejected him and that they lose their friendship. On the other hand, having feelings of love towards her without being able to express them was like torture to him. He invited her over and told her what he felt for her. At first she hesitated, but then she also admitted that she was in love with him. Afraid of what the family would say, they agreed to keep it a secret, at least until they were old enough to marry.

In an attempt to influence the whole of Sunset Valley with their gothic way, the Willow family had bought a styling station to give their friends and family a more gothic style. Now that they were going steady, Garett suggested that Arlene get a makeover, unfortunately nobody had worked in getting their styling skills up, so Arlene wasn’t entirely happy with the makeover Garett gave her, but at least she looked a bit more dark now.

Desdemona and Isolde became adults, time was flying by and their life time wishes were far from reached. It was a wake up call for the two of them, they had to focus on their own dreams before it was too late to achieve them.

Delores was very concerned that Morticia’s education in the Sunset Valley school was inadequate for her stature in life. She made it her business to teach her everything she knew to get the most out of this rough diamond. Morticia was a workaholic and loved being challenged by Delores, she felt that her school didn’t challenge her enough. One evening in the study, Delores, without consulting Desdemona, asked Morticia if she maybe would want to go the Simperial Boarding School, it was a very challenging school for future rulers of the world, it would be perfect for her. Morticia loved the idea and couldn’t wait to ask Desdemona to send her there.

When she found out, Desdemona wasn’t pleased that Delores made such a suggestion to the girl without asking her first, but Morticia had made up her mind and she was so stubborn that Desdemona couldn’t say no. Antwan was furious, his past relationship with Delores hadn’t been optimal, but now she had crossed the line. On the other hand, both of them agreed that maybe it was the best for Morticia, they could see that she was bored at school and that she needed more challenges in life. Desdemona sold some of their relics to afford the tuition fee and sent Morticia to the school which wasn’t too far away, allowing her to come home during the weekends.

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13 Responses to “3.8 Raising An Heiress”

  1. Excellent update! I love the idea of sending the heir to boarding school.

  2. I’m happy to see Morticia is responsible! She will be perfect to carry this story on. 🙂

  3. Love it! I’m so happy Morticia is the new heiress, I know she’ll do an amazing job.

  4. I love this idea! Morticia is so adult-like, I am interested to see how she does at her new school. I love the name.

  5. very entertaining to have the girls bickering about who would be the best heiress, Im glad it was Morticia. I hope boarding school works out well for her.

  6. Morticia is just the perfect heiress! Great chapter!

  7. Ooh Delores really did cross the line there…Congrats to Morticia!!

  8. Wonderful chapter! I think Morticia will do just great. But what kind of future will there be for Garrett and Arlene?? Seems like a Romeo and Juliet type of thing, and that didn’t end too well either! *is anxious*

  9. Another great chapter, just not sure how her sisters are going to handle it. Morticia doesn’t seem to be a modest sim. 😉

  10. I don’t think that Morticia and her sisters would become enemies. Like Tristarin said, she’s not very a modest sim; but I can see her being very nice when the time is right. Or, maybe not? Great Chapter!!

  11. how im curious if the heiress was moriana^^
    Anyway, always loved reading your chapters.

    Would you check out mine? http://vangloriouslegacy.blogspot.com/p/chapters.html

  12. I hope Morticia is a good heiress I was really hoping for Morgana to be the heiress today. But hopefully Morticia will do good too, plus Morticia warms my heart Dessie must be proud

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