3.7 Dramatic Transformations

It was a gloomy evening when the family gathered to celebrate Garett’s teenage birthday, the mansion’s windows rattled in the stormy wind. Although Garett wasn’t of the Willow blood-line and far from a potential heir, he was a Willow nonetheless, and a celebration was called for. The family decided to keep it small, it was all very private and quiet since the family was having financial troubles and Garett was a quiet and reserved boy. Isolde and Delores, that had recently noticed that Garett spent a lot of time to himself and seldom brought friends over after school, were hoping that the boy would receive a more favourable trait that would help him become social. He walked around the world like if carrying a very heavy burden, he was always very pensive and gloomy.

In spite of the cheery atmosphere during Garett’s birthday, anybody with some sensibility would notice that things at the mansion weren’t entirely relaxed. Delores and Antwan hadn’t spoken for weeks, Antwan felt offended by Delores accusations. Delores on her side, agreed that she overreacted, but wasn’t sure how to apologize, she was too proud and stubborn.

Garett turned into a handsome teenager, his gloomy air didn’t change though, only now he had gained the good trait which put his heart in the right place. As a toddler he had shown interest in the creative arts and as a teenager he could finally make use of his virtuoso trait. He spent his evenings composing melancholic love songs of broken hearts and longing. His mothers were happy that he had such talent but hoped that he would have a more positive outlook on life, and who knew, maybe get a girlfriend.

At school, Garett only talked to his cousin Arlene, they weren’t cousins by blood, so Garett wasn’t feeling entirely bad for the new feelings he was having for her. Arlene was the only one in the family that knew Garett’s secret, at times he felt that there was nobody in the world that could understand him like she did. He wanted to be with Arlene all the time and they spent a lot of time together. His amorous feelings were filled of guilt, since it felt morally wrong to be in love with one’s step cousin. He was sure he would never have the guts to tell her.

As if the financial problems of the Willow family weren’t enough, one particularly dark night a burglar broke into the mansion. Thanks to the high-tech burglar alarm that was installed in the mansion, the police arrived fairly quickly. Unfortunately the police officer wasn’t able to get the burglar and while she was explaining that to the family, Isolde kicked the burglar in his behind and things were solved. It really paid off to have a hero in the family.

The triplets were growing quickly and their birthday was coming up, unfortunately, no matter how much time Antwan spent with his girls he felt that it wasn’t enough. Even though they all were potty-trained and had learned to walk, none of the girls were talking and they hadn’t learnt all the skills they could learn.

Before the girls grew up, there was one question that needed to be answered and Desdemona knew who to ask. Behind the Willow mansion the family had built a mausoleum to hold the graves of their beloved ancestors. Desdemona went to her grandmother’s grave, Elvira was the founder of the legacy, she would know which of the triplets should lead the family on. Desdemona knew that granny would give her a sign.

A large birthday party was arranged for the triplet’s birthday, it had to be perfectly wonderful, every little detail was carefully planned. The whole extended family had gathered in the backyard that was extensively decorated. Everybody was dressed at their best, although some of the family members had their issues and showed up in whatever suited their mood of the day.

Just as the candles were to be blown, the worst possible chain of events unfolded before their eyes. One of the cakes was pushed by mistake, tipping the handles over onto the table. The fire took on extremely quickly and surprised them all. The whole party was in distress and thought that it would be the end of it all, the party and the Willow family too. Fortunately, Isolde was once again there, ready to save the day, without thinking it twice she put out the fire and the party could resume. Everybody was shaken but it was time and the girls made their transformation. The Willow’s had wished that the party was going to be remembered by the whole town, now it was most certainly not going to be forgotten, it was the talk of the town.

The girls grew up into lovely children, when the rest of the family saw their transformation they were in awe. Morgana became brave, Morticia workaholic and Moriana computer whiz. The three had gained a mysterious and dark air to themselves that had only been seen when Elvira first came to Sunset Valley to found the legacy.

Thank you for reading!

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~ by Tota on September 2, 2010.

16 Responses to “3.7 Dramatic Transformations”

  1. I love the screenshot of Desdemona visiting the family graves. It is very atmospheric. And the looks on the little girls faces at the end is perfect for the description of their “mysterious and dark air.”

  2. That was a great chapter I think Garrett (tho not a willow) is very handsome! Im very glad to see that my choice for heir has aged up very well. Cant wait to find out who won!

  3. Dramatic Transformations indeed 🙂

    Great Chapter 😀

  4. Tota, I adore your interiors! The colours just flow so well. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing the Willow Mansion on the exchange! Maybe with your permission I could use it in my story? 😀

  5. The girls all turned out darkly lovely. I had never noticed the titles to the pictures before. I about fell over laughing when reading about Isolade “kicking the burgler’s ass” 😉 Looking forward to seeing which little one is the next heir.

  6. Ooh. I can’t wait to see if Elvira sends a sign about who should be the heiress.

  7. Ooh, they are all so darkly adorable. I wonder who had won the heiress poll. I really don’t mind. They are all srump-diddly-umptious. Beautiful chapter and photos 😉 Mia x

  8. They came out great!

  9. I love the way they look! Especially their hair and outfits! Just wondering, but wear do you find all your out fits and such? They fit in so perfectly with your story!

    • Everything is from the store or the expansionpacks, I think I have only one single dress that is CC, which I got when I downloaded a sim once 🙂

      • That’s really cool! 🙂 I haven’t bought anything from the store but I have downloaded CC

  10. The girls look amazing! I was pulling for Morticia at first but now I’d be totally happy with any of them becoming heiress!

  11. Wonderful update Tota! The triplets are a lovely crew! 🙂

  12. Great chapter. I love the drama of the family!!

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