Triple Trouble – Heiress Poll


Morgana has the classic Willow look and is a typical Willow even in her traits, since she is both insane and artistic. Maybe she is what the legacy needs to become even more deeply Gothic.


Morticia melts everybody’s heart with her stunning looks. She has the pale skin of her mother and the blonde hair of her father. Even though none of her traits make her stand out, she will probably have no difficulty to find a mate. Is she the new Gothic breeze that this legacy needs to lift it’s spirit?


Moriana doesn’t have a lot going for her, her pink skin is not very Willowy and none of her traits makes her stand out. Still, a cute and loving child, maybe she is what this legacy needs, an average Jane to bring the family back to reality.

The winner will be revealed on the 5th of September!


~ by Tota on August 22, 2010.

27 Responses to “Triple Trouble – Heiress Poll”

  1. I voted MORTICIA cos I like the blonde hair with the pale skin she really stands out

  2. Morgana because 1) she sticks to the Willow ‘look’ 2) insanity is the new sanity 3) she can only go up from here. 😀

  3. Thank you for voting 😀

  4. I like Morgana, she’s perfect to me, despite the insanity. Insane is a-ok.

  5. Morticia. She has their look, but adds a new vibe 🙂

  6. I like Morticia, too. She could still become insane or artistic in her childhood or as a teen 🙂

  7. I voted for Morgana. I like her name the best, and she definitely is the classic Willow, with her appearance and her traits. Can’t wait to see who wins! 😀

  8. That was a very tough choice. I chose Morticia because I love the name.

  9. Thank you all that are voting, I’m so excited, can’t wait to see who wins 😀

  10. I voted Morgana in honor of my good friend Morgana! LOL

  11. I chose Morticia, her blonde hair and pale skin are just beautiful!

  12. Still lurking. This is a great Legacy with an intriguing story. I placed my vote … not telling for who. Mwahahahaha

  13. Hello Tota 🙂 I’ve been following the blog for some months now (and I love it; you have a great writing style) and was pleased to see the heiress poll email in my inbox! I voted for Morgana because, like others, I like the classic Willow look and traits. Hopefully though, if she wins, she’ll get the traits needed to bring a lifetime wish to the household that was different than Elvira’s, else things might not be so interesting (maybe she could be a stylist with that artistic trait and turn the whole town gothic, haha). If nothing else, whether Morgana wins or not, having another artist in the house will get you another legacy-portrait-capturer. 🙂

  14. voted for Morticia 🙂

  15. I chose Morticia, there is just something I like about her…

  16. Voted, but I am not telling who for 😉

  17. MORGANA, loving her!

  18. voted! n_n

  19. Voted!! 😀

  20. I voted for Morticia; I would like to see a blood-related blonde Willow in this legacy. I really don’t mind who wins though; they are all so adorable 😉

  21. MORTICIA…shes so cute!!!!

  22. The 5th is too long to wait 😦

  23. moriana

  24. I love this 🙂 I like the take you did on the legacy thing. I can never keep up after gen 5 though, so I’m wishing you all the best. And I’ll be adding a link to you on our site!


    With 74 votes and a 62% of the votes


    is the 4th generation heiress 😀

    Thank you everybody that voted!

  26. Hehe yay, She’s so cute 😀

  27. beautiful 🙂

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