3.6 Crisis

It was a pleasure to see the little ones grow up, but everybody feared the phase to come, toddlers needed so much care and the achievements that were accomplished during ones childhood could turn to be crucial for their well-being. Desdemona wasn’t sure if she was happy or in terror of what the triples would be as toddlers.

Fortunately they grew up into adorable toddlers. Morgana was her mother to the date with her dark hair and pale skin, she was the classic Willow. Morticia had inherited her father’s blonde hair and her mother’s pale skin, two worlds united. And Moriana had her father’s skin and her mother’s hair.

Four grown ups and four children lived in the Willow mansion, the house was packed, and the financial situation was grim. Delores that had the life-time wish of becoming an illustrious author worked day and night on getting several novels ready to publish.

Desdemona and Isolde had known for a long time that the family didn’t have a lot of money, sure the mansion was full of relics and extravagant furniture, but there was little cash to pay the bills. Aurora had left a small inheritance of royalties from her novels, but it wasn’t much. Isolde had a dream of becoming a super hero, but she worried that she had to give up her job for a more lucrative one. Damien was happy that his sister had yet not given up on her fire-fighting career when his home caught on fire.

The only one that didn’t have an income, was Antwan, he took care of the triplets and tried to keep up with teaching them all the things necessary for a toddler. It was a full-time job, but he could sense that not everybody was happy that he stayed at home all day.

The tensions were high at the Willow mansion, finally at dinner one night, Antwan and Delores flew at each other. It wasn’t usual with an open conflict in the house, the Willow’s were all very civil and calm, but the situation was too difficult.

Garett was a sensitive boy who could sense his two mothers’ worries, he had overheard them discussing the matter and when Delores and Antwan had their fight, he decided to help the family out. He was a Willow now and had to take responsibility for his family, besides, he disliked when the grown-ups were mad at each other, he was afraid Isolde, Delores and he would have to move out from the mansion.

Isolde and Delores did discuss the possibility of moving out from the Willow mansion, but Isolde had once made a promise to her sister, to never leave her alone in the mansion. Besides, Antwan and Desdemona couldn’t take care of the three girls on their own, they needed their support. Delores, that was very stubborn and strong-minded, gave into her wife’s wishes, they were to stay, but she was still very mad at Antwan.

While the grown ups were all worried about the financial situation at home, Garett had worries of his own. He didn’t want to trouble his mothers, but he had for long wanted to know who his father was, Delores had never mentioned him. One unfortunate day, he found out by coincidence. At school he overheard a boy, whose last name was Baker, talking to some other kids, saying that he was Garett Willow’s cousin. Puzzled, he asked his actual cousin, Arlene Willow, that went in the same class, if she knew what this Baker kid was talking about. Apparently, the whole of Sunset Valley had known, all along, that Topher Baker was Garett’s father, but nobody had yet found the courage to tell him. When Garett found out he was unsure what to do, he was very sad but he couldn’t tell his mothers, they would be sad to know he had found out from a stranger. Finally, he decided to go to the cemetery to pay his late father a visit, there was nothing else to be done, at home, he would continue to pretend he didn’t know.

Desdemona was nowhere to be found, she didn’t care for arguing and bickering about pennies, she hid from both her family and the financial troubles by working on her inventions in her workshop. She had finally managed to finish her greatest invention ever, the time-machine. She was sure people would flock to buy it to be able to find out the secrets from the past and the future. Hopefully, this would take the family from their financial troubles.

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~ by Tota on August 21, 2010.

14 Responses to “3.6 Crisis”

  1. Ouch, financial problems. 😦 At least you have an even adult to child ratio so it isn’t too bad. Best of luck to the Willow family, I hope they don’t get anything repossessed!

  2. Such gorgeous triplets, the heir vote is going to be a tough one. Great chapter though 🙂

  3. Garrett has a heavy secret to carry around. I look forward to the Heiress poll.

  4. Hey, amazing chapter! Every legacy family encounters some financial problems some time. But Im sure Desdemona would find a way to get out of them, and Im sure her newest invention will help! The triplets are adorbale! Can’t wait for the heiress vote.

    I would really appreicate if you can read and comment on my latest chapters! Please. 😀


  5. Oh my the girls are adorable, i have a favorite based on looks. Cant wait for the heir poll.

  6. WOW!! Great Chsapter!!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next time.

  7. i’ve just stumbled upon your legacy and sure glad that i did =D
    i was supposed to do my hw but instead i’ve spent the morning reading this. =P the willows are so interesting and unique. i can’t wait for the next chapter to come out. ^^

  8. Oh no! Hopefully the Willows can sort out thier financial problem! And yay for the triplets! They all became so adorable 😉

  9. This one is definately a cliff hanger. Poor little Garrett, what an awful way to find out. At least he seems like a good, responsible boy. He should be a big help as a teen.

  10. i finally was able to catch up! triplets! omg, i’ve never experience triplets and honestly i don’t want to! lol, off to vote for heir! 🙂

  11. I am in love with your triplets! Such cutie pies! 🙂

  12. I love Dessie’s dress, so so much! The triplets are little darlings!

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