3.5 Full House

The inevitable happened so suddenly that there was no time to go to the hospital, Desdemona went into labour while working on her newest invention in her workshop. At first, Antwan panicked and was running around aimlessly, but he managed to pull it together and help his wife. Dessie gave birth right there and then, it wall went so fast.

The fertility treatment had been more than effective, three little girls were born. Morgana with the traits of insane and artistic.Moriana with the traits of love the outdoors and heavy sleeper. And finally Morticia with the traits of excitable and heavy sleeper. Desdemona was delighted, three potential heirs to pick from was more than she could have wished for. Her grandmother, Elvira, founder of the legacy, would’ve been proud.  It was really triple trouble, Desdemona was exhausted and taking care of the three had the whole household going.

Delores came over to pay a visit to the new mother and the triplets, but she was quick to announce to Isolde that it had been Garett’s birthday and she felt they were now ready to move together. Isa didn’t hesitate for a second and asked her to marry right away, she had barely entered the mansion, they got married there at the entrance, just the two of them.

Delores and Garett moved into the Willow mansion the next day, they didn’t have a lot of belongings and they were in a desperate need of a Willowy make-over, which they got straight away. The three made a great family and Garett and Delores fit perfectly into the Willow household. Delores was actually often mistaken for being a Willow of the blood, so dark and gothic were her looks.

The Willow mansion was full, all the rooms were occupied and there was always some noise somewhere, it was far from the quiet dark mansion it had once been. Taking care of the triplets was heavy work, at no point during the day could all the grown-ups be resting, there was always something to be done. Everybody was pitching in raising the girls to become the best Willows they could be.

The stress of her work seemed small compared to taking care of the triplets. Isolde actually found it to be a relief when she was called out to a mission, no matter how crazy it was, she was glad she had an excuse to get out of the house. The quest to become a hero was well on the way, it was hard work and sometimes she had to do odd jobs like capturing crazy gnomes, but all in all she was glad she made a difference in Sunset Valley.

Like many previous Willow men, Antwan made the kitchen to his territory. None of the Willow women were interested in cooking and being a full house they couldn’t afford to go out for dinner every evening. Between baby bottles and dirty diapers he cooked for the whole family, he wasn’t a natural cook, but it worked alright. He was actually enjoying being a family man, of course, he would have never imagined that it was going to take so much work raising a family, more work at times than getting a job. Of course, he didn’t count with the fact that Desdemona had taken the fertility treatment, he would have never agreed, had he known, three babies were a lot to care for.

Dessie took the first opportunity she had to go and visit the Willow-Elmore family on the country.  Tristan and Mayra’s triplets were getting big and Desdemona was happy to talk about everything regarding having triplets. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to relax during her visit, the girls were a handful, Desdemona was terrified of how much work having toddlers meant. With the babies it was much easier, they just slept, ate and pooped, but toddlers had to be taught to walk and talk, and be potty trained. Even more, to have outstanding children they better learn creativity and logic with their toys. Tristan and Mayra were so busy with the girls they said they would love to come and visit, but they probably would have to wait until the girls were older.

Delores had her birthday coming up and the whole family gathered to celebrate with a lovely dinner. Seeing how her inappropriate sister, Isolde, reacted, Desdemona wished that she would grow up once and for all. It wasn’t enough she still looked like a rebellious teenager, her behaviour left much to ask for.

The hectic life of a parent left Antwan and Desdemona exhausted, every night they fell heavily asleep after tucking their triplets to bed. All the work it meant having a family had brought them closer, they had no time for arguments or bickering, and they were both extremely focused on making things work.

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~ by Tota on August 14, 2010.

14 Responses to “3.5 Full House”

  1. first none, now three?
    can we get an “OH MY GOD?!”

  2. Wow, Triplet Girls, I wasn’t expecting that. I also love how Isolde and her fam moved into the mansion.

    Great Chapter 😀 !!

  3. Triplets, that is a lot of work! I adore their names.

  4. three potential heiress’ goodness how exciting. will their be an heir poll?

  5. Loving the names! Congrats on having triplets 🙂

  6. Haha I love the names you come up with, they are brilliant. Can’t wait to see them grow up, and Garrett is a little cutie!

  7. Congrats on the triplets!! Stunning chapter, and brilliant photography 😉 I am happy that Isa and her family moved in. Can’t wait for the next post. – Mia.

  8. Congrats on the triplets, three beautiful potential heirs to choose from, wow 🙂

    Love the names you chose too, can’t wait to see what they look like as toddlers.

  9. Cool, they get three little heiresses to choose from. At least the Willows don’t have to worry about that. Now they just have to worry about diapers, training toddlers, and all that. 🙂

  10. Wow, congrats on the triplets! They’re going to be terrors as toddlers, though, but I can’t wait to see how cute they’ll be! :O

    And I’m glad Isa and her new family moved in…even if Isa does act like a little kid sometimes.

  11. Awww triplets! Yay!

  12. Whee, girl triplets! 😀

  13. Sounds like life is going to be exciting and complicated for Desdemona. It is going to be hard to choose which one will be the heiress with three little ones running around. I suppose it is poetic justice for her to have it so easy compared to how hard her mother had to work to have her. Looking forward to the next update, Tota!

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