3.4 The Unpredictable Lightness Of Being

The Willow’s had spread their genes across the little town of Sunset Valley, some had met better destinies than others. Mortimer Junior had lost his beloved wife Angelique to old age, he was left in the big mansion by the sea, all alone without any children.

To Angelique’s funeral came all the brothers and sisters to pay their respect to Mortimer Junior. The house felt cold and empty, Dessie wondered if Junior would become a bitter, old and lonely man, or if maybe he would also find love once more, just as Draco had done before he passed away. During the funeral Tristan announced that Mayra and him were having a baby soon, Desdemona was hoping to go and visit as soon as the child was born.

Damien and Nao were the only of the Willow family that didn’t attend Angelique’s funeral, they excused themselves saying that Brannon was too young to be put through those things, grief wasn’t something they wanted their little boy to be exposed to just yet.

Three sim-days later it turned out that Mayra and Tristan had triplets, three cute little girls, all born with the artistic trait, they were named Shirley, Lauren and Karissa. Dessie and Isa came to visit as soon as Mayra returned from the hospital. Desdemona told Tristan that she had also taken the fertility treatment just to make sure there would be enough heiresses to pick from for the next generation.

“You have to start by finding a mate, littlesister,” Tristan teased her with a smile.

“Yes,” she answered. “First things first.”

Speaking of which, Dessie met Antwan for that second date, Desdemona had certainly not planned for anything in particular to happen, she was most unsure about her feelings towards him, but things went as they did. Dessie wasn’t sure if it was love or passion, but whatever it was she didn’t want to fight it anymore, she let herself go and they had a beautiful night together.

In contrast to her sister, Isolde was very sure about her feelings for Delores, it was love, and she just couldn’t wait until the day that they would get married and Delores and Garett would move into the Willow mansion. Garett had grown and was smart little toddler that enjoyed playing with his toys. Isolde spent a lot of time at the Langerak house, she helped out taking care of Garett and teaching him everything she knew, she wanted to make sure to be there for him and give him all the love she had. Delores was very impressed by Isa and she also longed for the day they would make their commitment an official one.

One morning Desdemona woke up feeling unwell, she stumbled into the toilet…

…and while she was vomiting her guts out, suddenly it hit her, she and Antwan had had unprotected woohoo the other night. It wasn’t anything she had given a lot of thought to during their passionate encounter, he had just proposed it to her and she didn’t stop to think of the consequences. The next thought that hit her was, she had a fertility treatment, this could mean that she would have more than only one baby. A chill spread through her spine when she thought of the idea of having triplets as a single sim, it would be a lot to handle.

When Desdemona felt upset about something, she liked to blow up things, the idea of her unplanned pregnancy of maybe twins, or triplets, made her very upset, so to clear her thoughts she went to the junkyard and blew up some piles of trash. It helped her to put things into perspective and gave her clarity. After an afternoon of blowing up junk, she had made her decision.

Desdemona invited Antwan over to announce her pregnancy and after dropping the bomb she got down on her knee and proposed to him. She told him that even though they didn’t know each other that well, she wanted to make a family and take this dark legacy forward, if he wanted he could also be part of this epic story. He didn’t hesitate to say yes, actually things were going exactly according to his plan…

As soon as Antwan moved into the mansion, he started on his quest to reach his lifetime wish of physical perfection. At his parents house he was expected to get a job and bring in some cash to support the family, but at the Willow mansion he didn’t need to work and he had all the time in the world to practice martial arts. This was the life he always wished for, away from financial worries and in the lap of luxury. The moment Desdemona had walked into their house that fortunate morning during her jogging round, he knew what he needed to do to win her over.

Antwan spent a lot of time at the gym, it had all been a bit too easy, he thought, sure the Willow mansion seemed a bit decayed and the family wasn’t bringing in a great income, at this point it was only Isa that had a steady income through her fire-fighting, but the family treasures were enough to live of for a while, maybe enough for him to reach his dream before he could make new plans. Desdemona was glad to see Antwan so motivated to work out and live a healthy life, he spent a lot of time at the gym perfecting his body, which had been far from perfect when they met.

Dessie was feeling some kind of contentment, it was almost like happiness, but she was completely unaware of Antwan’s initial intentions with their relationship, of course, she knew that they had married in a hurry, without really making a rational decision, but it felt like love. Dessie’s dramatic and insane outlook on life made her a bit unstable, at times she would feel very down and insecure about her decision to go ahead and marry Antwan and have her child, but then Antwan stepped up and tried to calm her.

“Everything is going to be alright, baby,” he would tell her. “We are going to make a great family.”

And when Dessie listened to his sweet voice, she would believe him, and the truth be told, he was starting to believe it himself too.

Thank you for reading.


~ by Tota on August 5, 2010.

16 Responses to “3.4 The Unpredictable Lightness Of Being”

  1. Antwan is making me nervous! Cant the poor Willow women ever find easy love? no love at first sight for these girls.

  2. 😦 these poor confused adults.

  3. I hope things work out for Dessie! There was so much sadness for Aurora, I would hate to see her daughter experience the same…

  4. I know it’s not very ‘gothic’ but it WOULD be nice if this were actually love and not just a money, woohoo and babies thing!

  5. oh, no, no, NO!
    poor Dessie, I’m glad she and her brother are doing a lot better in my game for once ^_^
    *goes off to smother both of them with the hug interaction*

  6. Like everyone else has said, Poor Dessie!
    I wonder what the baby or babies will look like!
    I hope Dessie finds happiness, and sees the good side of
    things more often!

  7. Maybe they will learn to love each other more as time goes on. And the child or children will bring them together.

  8. Hehe, well I hope you will have patience with my sad Willows, they are just hopeless when it comes to romance, but maybe there is a little light in the future for Antwan and Dessie 😀

  9. oh geeze! i hope dessie’s relationship works out with antwan. he’s making me nervous as well. he better not be a jerk *shakes fist*. can these willow girls ever catch a break with love?

    great update though 🙂

  10. The “Unprotected Whohoo” part made me giggle, heheh.

    But as usual, great update 😀

  11. Hmmm… I’m not sure about Antwan, but if he really wants a great family then I like him lol.

    Double lol, at Dessie’s Explosions and ‘Unprotected Woohoo. XD

  12. I don’t think I like Antwan, marrying Dessie so he won’t have to work and all. Hope Dessie has an heiress so she can relax a bit and not have to worry too much about the next generation not having a leader.

  13. awww! Hopefully they get to have a happy life 🙂

  14. Great writing, but I have a bad feeling about Dessie and Antwan.

  15. Rargh, Antwan! You had better treat Desmonda right, or I will be so pissed, you’ll explode!!!!

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