3.3 The Darkness From Within

The Hutchisons were far from glamorous and refined, not at all like the mansion itself, at first Dessie felt a bit disappointed. She wasn’t sure what she had expected, but this was far from it. She had always thought that someone like the Goth’s or the Willow’s would live here, people with class and good taste. Still the Hutchisons were funny and friendly and Sonia Hutchison was quick to invite Dessie to come inside and chat with them for a bit, she seemed extremely happy to meet her, she had heard so much about her. Desdemona was a bit overwhelmed by the welcoming friendliness and warmth, it was something she seldom experienced in her own home. Sonia and Michael had two sons, Toby, that was the older one, and Antwan, that had just become a young adult.

“My boys are fine young men,” Sonia was quick to explain. “Very suitable boyfriends.”

Sonia winked at Dessie with a smile when she said it and Dessie was quick to blush, she wasn’t at all used to this openness, but surprisingly she was liking it.

After talking for a while, Dessie was invited to stay for lunch which took her a bit by surprised, at her house everything was thoroughly planned in advanced, nothing was done spontaneously. A bit overwhelmed she said yes and they enjoyed the best lunch she had had for ages. The family all joked with each other and asked her many questions about her life at the Willow mansion. Antwan was the only one that was a bit reserved, he seemed grumpy and a bit preoccupied with grand thoughts. Desdemona found his distance quite attractive.

“Our little Antwan will do great things,” Sonia said when she noticed that Desdemona seemed interested in him. “We have our hopes in him.”

At the Langeraks there had been an addition to the family, Garett was born and Isa was there all the time during the birth. Little Garett was a happy little boy and Isa couldn’t be prouder. Delores found that it was time to tell Isa everything about her life, including who Garett’s father was. Delores hadn’t always been sure of her love preferences, she tried to date men for a while and one night at the Red Rendezvous she met Topher Baker and they had some drinks together. One thing led to another and he ended up following her home, it was a one-night thing. The next morning Delores woke up certain that she wasn’t attracted to men and it was a relief to be able to be honest to herself, by then she was already pregnant. Later she learned that Topher passed away the day after their night together, so she decided to not bother his family with the news.

Isa was happy that Delores had told her, she didn’t want them to have any secrets from each other. Unfortunately Isa was on call and had to rush to the fire station when an emergency broke out.

She was an expert at her job and excelled in all the tasks she took, her dream was to be a real hero and save many sim lives. Making good deeds and saving lives was not something that the Willow’s were known for around town and when people heard of Isolde’s success they were quick to remark that she was adopted, “not a real Willow”, as they put it. Isolde didn’t care of such thoughtless comments, she knew she was a Willow and she loved her family very much. All these thoughts about family made her want a family of her own, she decided that she was going to ask Delores to marry her.

One life that Isa wasn’t able to save, was her mother’s. Aurora passed away quietly in the Willow mansion, in her art studio, she was all by herself, everybody was out, busy with their own lives. The children were devastated, things were just getting better between Aurora and Isolde, and Tristan hadn’t had a chance to mend things with her yet. They had a quiet funeral with only the closest family. Aurora didn’t even live long enough to see her daughters marry, it was a tragedy. Dessie wasn’t too distressed, she was sure that Aurora would come back and visit them soon enough, she would be very curious to see how things evolved in the legacy.

To cheer Isolde up, Delores decided to arrange that double date with her sister Misti and her girlfriend Janelle Willow, that they long had been talking about. The four girls went out for dinner at the bistro and had a great girls night out. Some people reacted when they saw the two girl couples, some assumed naively that they were intimate friends, but most people were friendly and happy to feel the love that was in the air.

As the night progressed Isa was more sure about her decision to ask Delores to marry her, she was ready, and she hoped that Delores was ready too. When they got back home she picked up the ring she had been carrying around for days and asked Delores to be her wife. Delores was a bit taken by surprise, sure, they had talked about it, but so sudden, Garett wasn’t even a toddler, and so much work, they would have to wait until he was a bit older to move together. Isa was prepared to wait a little, when Garett was ready, the Willow mansion was open for them.

One that got a bit lovesick after seeing her twin sister engaged, was Dessie, she was sad after her mother’s death and after her visit to the Hutchisons she wished to have a family of her own, a happy and spontaneous one, not a gloomy and Willowy one. For what it was worth she asked Antwan to come over one evening. Actually, from all the Hutchisons he was the most similar to a Willow, he was grumpy and one of the few evil sims in town, somehow that felt utterly attractive to Desdemona.

Well, things went well for Dessie and Antwan, so he stayed the night, but the next morning Desdemona woke up having second thoughts. She was vulnerable and felt a bit lost, she wanted to have a happy family like the Huchisons but she had to pick the most evil and dark of the bunch. It was like there was this inner darkness that drove her decisions. Furthermore, she wasn’t even sure that she liked Antwan that much. On the other hand, she was extremely lonely in the big mansion and wanted to have children of her own. Antwan understood that things weren’t as they should with Dessie, he could tell she was a bit confused, so he proposed they go on a regular date the next week, just to see how they felt for each other, no strings attached.

When Dessie felt distressed about something, the inventor within came out and wanted to blow up things and now that she was the ruler of this empty house, who said she couldn’t blow up anything she liked? Everything just felt much better afterwards.

Thank you for reading!


~ by Tota on July 26, 2010.

20 Responses to “3.3 The Darkness From Within”

  1. Tota, your sense of style is flawless. you make everything come together, from clothing to interior design.

  2. aww, 😦 aurora didn’t get a chance to see her dusghters get married. i wonder where antwan and dessie’s relationship will take them? great update tota! 🙂

  3. Love all these different characters 🙂

  4. Great job as always, I will be curious to see where things for the family from here 🙂

  5. So sorry to hear about Aurora.

  6. gahhh! i love it! can’t wait for the next chapter!

  7. ahh poor lost Dessie. maybe after she knows antwan better she will like him more.

  8. ‘When Dessie felt distressed about something, the inventor within came out and wanted to blow up things and now that she was the ruler of this empty house, who said she couldn’t blow up anything she liked? Everything just felt much better afterwards.’

    Let’s just hope she doesn’t burn the entire house down LOL.

    Anywyas, feel sorry for Dessie with Aurora dying (R.I.P Aurora) and her confusion with Antwen. Things can only get better though can’t they???

  9. It was a wonderful chapter.
    Great Work .
    – Mia .

  10. I will miss Aurora. I feel bad for Dessie and I hope she reconsiders her relationship if it doesn’t bring her happiness. On the other hand, she has a big responsibility as the Legacy heir. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  11. “…and who said she couldn’t blow up anything she liked?” I sense explosions in future chapters, yay!

    It’s nice to see that Dessie may have found someone, but perhaps she is right to have second thoughts about Antwan.

  12. lol *BOOM* nothing like blowing things up to release some tension.

    • In other news, I finally had a female heir, so Mortimer Jr. is in my legacy starting Generation 8 chapter 1. I gave a link back to your page so people can read where he came from. 🙂

  13. Antwan’t outfit…lol, gotta love the sims who wear fancy cardigans with parachute pants 😀 The other brother is more attractive, but he definitely seems a bit more Willow-y.

    Awww, RIP Aurora. So sad that she went alone and didn’t get to see her daughters marry.

    Dessie’s nightgown is beautiful!

    • Hehe, I agree, one thing that TS3 got a bit wrong is the sense of style of the non-interactive sims 😛

      Btw, Dessie’s dress is a formal wear, but since she is insane she wears whatever she likes in bed 🙂

  14. At least Dessie’s genetics hold the key to the Willow family continuing to spread gothiness to the city! ‘Cause even if she wants happy, light and spontaneous she’s still attracted to the traits that would make her Mama proud!! RIP Mama 😥

    Just to let you know, The Clarke Legacy is back http://theclarkes.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/g-2-c-4-under-construction/

  15. Rereading this, Antwan reminds me of my Aunt’s new BF, they look almost identical.

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