3.2 There Goes The Neighborhood

News came to the Willow mansion about Nao’s pregnancy, everybody was delighted, the first child of the fourth generation of Willow’s. Who would have known that they’d come this far? Aurora was delighted, although surprised, that her third son Damien was to be the one to bring in the fourth generation.

At the mansion, there were other things going on, nothing related to babies or children. Dessie was working hard as an inventor and had little time to think of family. Inventing wasn’t always easy, but fortunately it hadn’t costed her her life yet, and it was bringing in a good income for the family.

There was really no limit for what Dessie would invent, her family watched her in awe, but with a mixed feeling of fascinated despair. At times, they questioned her methods and wondered if her inventions were healthy for her. Desdemona didn’t care much, everybody already knew she was insane.

For Isolde things were going well, she and Delores were getting along and decided to go steady. Isa didn’t need an explanation, she already understood that Delores was pregnant, it was obvious from the tasteless pregnancy clothes. Isa loved Delores and that was what was important. Isa dreamed of one day getting married and bringing Delores to the Willow mansion, and that they would have the blessing from her mother Aurora. Delores wanted to take things slowly, becoming a mother was a life changing experience and she wasn’t sure Isa was up for it.

When Brannon was born, Aurora was the first one to go and visit, she was so happy that the Willow’s were spreading around Sunset Valley. This was exactly what her mother, Elvira, the founder of this great legacy, came here to accomplish, and now it was all really happening. Aurora couldn’t be prouder of herself and her family.

Becoming a grandmother had really put things into perspective for Aurora, she decided to invite Delores over for a family dinner. Isa was really happy to have her girlfriend over and meet the family, as usual with these type of things she was a bit nervous that they would embarrass her with some typical Willow craziness, but all and all it went well. Delores was really showing now, it seemed like the baby would pop out any moment. For Isa it felt like a wonderful moment, if they would get married she was going to raise this child as her own, just as Aurora had raised her.

Desdemona’s inventions were great and she was making a name for herself, but nowadays she would find herself in the workshop day and night. The demand on her inventions was so big that she was thinking of getting an assistant, she could barely keep up. In the evenings she would sit by her drawing board thinking of new inventions and during the day she would build them.

Aurora decided to give her daughter some motherly advice, all her other children were in healthy and happy relationships, reproducing and living the sim life. All of that didn’t matter if Desdemona didn’t get married, she was the only one that could give birth to an heiress and therefore keep the legacy going.

Dessie would admit that being an inventor could be a bit straining at times, and she also dreamed about finding the love of her life and of course, of reproducing. She was well aware of what her own mother had to go through as an heiress and hoped that things would be easier for her. She decided to get the fertility treatment and from this point forward she would be out on the look for potential mates.

One morning when Dessie was doing her regular jogging round, she noticed that someone had moved in to the manor at the end of Tristan’s road. The house was beautiful and Dessie had always admired it, she would sometimes dream that she would find the love of her life and they would buy this house, leaving the Willow legacy and the Willow mansion behind. She just had to knock on the door and see who lived there!

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~ by Tota on July 21, 2010.

10 Responses to “3.2 There Goes The Neighborhood”

  1. Great update, can’t wait to see who lives there 🙂

  2. Oh no, MORE SUSPENSE!
    Why? WHYYYY? … But a very excellent chapter!
    Very well writen Tota ❤
    Can't wait to find out more about the house!
    – Mia x.

  3. I love the screenshot of Desdemona brushing her teeth and scorched at the same time, very funny. I can’t wait to see who lives in the house.

  4. Hmmm…could the love of Dessie’s life be living in her dream house?
    Let’s hope so 🙂

  5. W00T! Looking forward to more 😀

  6. yay…update..

    I just love your writing style.. great job.


  7. *anouncer voice* lets see whos behind door number one! could it be the love of your life Desdemona Willow? *cheers*

    im excited! great chapter with great pictures as always!

  8. I’m glad you are all intrigued 😉

  9. gah, loved the chapter! can’t wait for more! (:

  10. OooooOooooOooo!! Can’t wait to see who is in the new house 😀

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