3.1 Futuristic Ambitions

There was a new trio in town, ready to take over the sunny hills of Sunset Valley. Finally the day had come for Aurora to see her daughter, the new heiress, grow into a young adult. With the advice of her mother, and the loyal friendship of her sister, Desdemona was ready to take the role of ruler. Isa and Dessie were an inseparable duo and as young adults the atmosphere in the Willow mansion gained a new strength, a new spirit. They were eager to achieve their dreams and become great sims, the kind that would be remembered by generations to come.

The party had been a hit, the whole town gathered to celebrate this grand day when the new heiress became a young adult. Isa and Dessie celebrated together, like with everything they did in life. First out was Dessie, she gained the trait of dramatic, which suited her well. Isa gained the trait of hot-headed and chose the life time wish of becoming a firefighter super hero. Only time could tell if her new trait would work together with her life time wish, a hot-headed firefighter wasn’t very common.

During the party, Isa decided to come out to her family and friends by making out with her secret lover, Delores Langerak. The reactions were very different, Aurora was disappointed, she wanted Isa to get married and have children like the rest of the family. Damien finally understood why he didn’t have a lot of luck with Delores. Most sims were happy to see two young adults in love, but some were not open-minded enough. It was certainly something to talk about in town.

More drama was added to the party when Delores decided to teach Mortimer Jr. a lesson. After seeing his mother’s reaction to Isolde’s announcement, he went up to Delores and asked if they couldn’t be more discreet, at least. Delores wouldn’t take it and they got into a fight.

With the change of power came other changes, the Willow mansion had a small remodel to be able to fit the needs of the new ambitions.

On the top floor, Dessie set up a workshop for her inventions, becoming the descendant of Da Vinci took hard work and concentration. Being an inventor wasn’t easy, even though she registered as a self-employed inventor at the City Hall, she wasn’t making a lot of money from her gadgets, it was only thanks to the Willow family funds (that were very small by now) that the family was surviving. Dessie, didn’t lose hope, she was sure she would have a break through and make a lot of money from her inventions.

Isolde joined the fire-fighting career and was doing very well thanks to her brave trait, she was also very ambitious and stayed late at work, pumping iron or maintaining the fire alarm and truck. She loved her work and her colleagues, being a fire-fighter was like being part of a large family, everybody took care of each other.

The two girls had so great ambitions and they worked hard everyday to reach their dreams, little by little money was coming in to the household and it seemed like there was a bright financial future for the family after all.

Another Willow that was also working as a firefighter was Tameka, Isa’s cousin, they were very happy to work together and took the time to catch up on family events.

Tameka had a little daughter, Arlene, together with Bernardo Bartholomew, they were very happy and hoped to move out to their own place soon.

Draco had finally found new love after the tragic los of his wife, Holly Alto, it was hard to believe that he would ever get over it and be happy again. He was now living together with his girlfriend Celia Smith. They were both retired and spent a lot of time with the family, helping out with the grand-daughter, Arlene, and such things.

To Isolde’s surprise it turned out that Janelle was dating Misti Langerak, Delores sister. It was unbelievable that she hadn’t found out until now, her cousin dating her girlfriend’s sister. She thought that it might be fun to go out on a double date with them, all the girls together.

Isolde was very happy to hear everything that was going on in the Willow extended family, she was sure to go home and tell Aurora and Dessie all about it.

Unfortunately, things were far from peachy at the Willow mansion, Aurora couldn’t help but be disappointed with Isa for having a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend. They would often get into fights about it and one could feel the tension between the two. Isa was so sad to see that her beloved mother wasn’t handling her choices in life that well, fortunately Dessie was a great support, actually for the two.

“Mother, even Janelle is dating another girl-sim,” she told Aurora. “There is nothing wrong with true love.”

Aurora hid away in her studio to collect her thoughts, she didn’t want to fight with Isa. She really only wanted the best for her two girls, the truth was that things hadn’t turned out exactly as she expected it, but well, if this was what Isolde wanted, then she would have to accept it. Aurora felt that she was getting old, the world was just so different now from when she was their age, she had practically had an arranged “marriage” with Mortimer Goth. The new generation was all about making things happen. If the girls were happy and in love, who was she to judge?

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~ by Tota on July 12, 2010.

21 Responses to “3.1 Futuristic Ambitions”

  1. I hate to think that Aurora is going to die feeling so bitter. If Desdemona falls in love and has children, I’m sure Aurora will feel much better. Hope she lives long enough to see it.

  2. Awesome chapter 😀 Aurora has to be a little more open minded about things. Just because Isolde likes girls, doesn’t mean she can’t have kids. She was adopted herself… it’s like the circle of life or something.

  3. Hmm… Let’s hope Aurora and Isa make up. Still love good old Dessie though 😀

  4. Fights at parties are always the way to go, makes everything more interesting.

  5. It’s sad to see how disappointed Aurora is.

  6. haha omg draco’s new girlfriend is. well. special. but it’s nice that he found someone to spend the rest of his life with and be happy while he can.

    aw isolde outed herself on her birthday. kudos!

    oh aurora.. she reminds me of elvira, though, now that she’ s older.

  7. i really hope Aurora forgive Isolde, i mean she can always adopt little ones just like she was. i cant wait to see who Desdemona ends up with as her mate.

  8. aurora has been through such an emotional roller coaster ride these past couple of chapters, hasn’t she? i hope that she is able to keep an open mind to isodle’s choice in lifestyle.

    draco’s new girlfriend has quite an intersting hairstyle for an elder 😉 to each his own i guess! lol, great chapter tota!

  9. Great start to the new generation! She was right there is a new life breathing into these 2 and you can feel it! Wonderful job Tota!

  10. Thank you all 😀

    As Gabrielle said, it’s been a rollercoaster for Aurora, I hope she can come to her senses and be more resonable 🙂

    About Draco’s girlfriend, actually I made that sim as a teenager in a family I used for a challenge, when I started this game I added the family to the neighborhood, the hair-due looks good on a teenager I think 😛

  11. Aha, I’m glad to see that everyone seems to be finding love. Even if Aurora isn’t happy about it. Besides, I’m sure she’ll come around eventually.

  12. Hello, Tota. I just wanted to comment again so I can congratulate you on your 10,000 hit. What an achievement! I owe you a lot of thanks for commenting on the Notorious Legacy forum the other day. Your positive review really bumped up my readership and I am very grateful.

    • Thank you 😀
      I’m so glad it helped you, I think it is a great story you have there, keep up the good work 🙂

  13. Hi Tota. I love yours Legacy Story, because your sims has got not to much CC and they look wonderful. Your story are the best!
    P.S Sorry, I not good at English.

  14. Ohh great blog I have you in sims 3 site as a friend and i check out this blog … it is great !
    lovely really i will put your blog in my sim links..

  15. Delores seems rather obnoxious, and probably stupid if she assumed she was being asked to be discreet just because she was making out with a girl. It’s usually considered rude to be making out like that in polite company, I mean, we’ve all seen how sims make out. Also, it shows close-mindedness on the part of commentors when they won’t accept Dessie’s view on things.

    • Delores didn’t assume she was asked to be discreet because she was making out with a girl, the story doesn’t tell us exactly what Mortimer Jr said nor what Delores thought. And even though I agree that she is a bit obnoxious, I think it’s rather harsh to call her stupid… I think it’s rather harsh to call anybody stupid, I’d rather put the effort to see where they are coming from and why they are acting in a particular way. Empathy before intolerance.

      • Point taken. I do use the word stupid very loosely to refer to many words that don’t actually mean stupid. However, assumptions is usually the best I can get as I don’t socialize well, much less get to know everybody. Just a bad habit at this point I think.

      • No worries 😀
        Thank you for your comments, I love when people get involved in my characters. I hope you keep reading.
        All the best to you.

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