2.13 Farewell My Love

It was an unfortunate night when Mortimer Goth received a visit from the Grim Reaper. Unfortunate, not only because a great legend about a great man came to an end, but also since it was a bit embarrassing for the Willow’s that he died in the arms of his lover, Tori Elmore. Aurora and Mortimer weren’t married, but the entire society treated them as such, apparently Mortimer wasn’t faithful to their love. The disclosure of the relationship created a huge scar in the Willow family since Tori Elmore was Tristan’s mother-in-law, the members of the family felt obligated to pick sides.

When Aurora found out, hell broke loose in the Willow mansion. She collected the remains of Mortimer and carried them around with her, unable to decide whether to bury him in the family graveyard or destroying his ashes. Sure, she had her doubts about their relationship too, but she had always been faithful. Mortimer had been the love of her life, with all his flaws and virtues.

To be able to cope with the death of her lover, Aurora decided to confront Tori. She drove all the way to her son’s country home and found Tori working in the garden. Aurora’s evil side took over and she said all the mean things she could think of to Tori, they argued for hours, until Aurora left. She decided never to come back to this home ever again, even if it meant never seeing her son Tristan again.

The next morning when she woke up, Aurora realized that it hadn’t done her any good to argue with Tori. She felt as miserable and lonely as ever, she was a sad and pathetic excuse for a sim and felt sorry for herself that she had to die as an old spinster in this great mansion.

Facing the worst time of her life, Aurora did the only thing she knew how, she packed her bags and left for China. She needed a change of climate, to meet new people and get away from the gloomy walls of her home. The beautiful scenery and the friendly people could maybe make her forget her sorrows.

While Aurora was gone, the kids continued their lives as usual. They were sad to see their father go and their mother in such sorrow, but that was life for you, they could move on. While in high school, Isa realized that when she started to get interested in other sims amorously, she was interested in girls. She was unsure how to handle it since she knew of no other sim that was attracted by the same sex. Fortunately she confided in her best friend and sister, Dessie that fully supported her.

Out of the blue, Damien had a lady-friend visiting him at the mansion, it turned out that they were a couple, but Damien hadn’t had the guts to tell anybody seeing that every time he got excited about meeting someone, he blew it by being himself. Nao Sakaue was new in town, they had met at the library. Damien was blown away by her unusual beauty and had invited her for a stroll in the park, he made sure not to say much and the outgoing Nao took command of the conversation. Soon they fell in love.

When she returned from China Aurora hadn’t reached any real conclusions but still she was feeling a lot better with herself. Now that the Willow’s gained new ambitions, it had brought a range of new items and activities to their lives, there were so many things to explore and test that she wasn’t thinking about Mortimer any longer, yet she carried his ashes without knowing what to do with them.

Dessie found herself in her element with the new items and opportunities, she started inventing and sculpting, soon she gained the life time wish of becoming the descendant of Da Vinci.

It was incredible that Damien had been able to stay together with Nao for so long without saying anything crazy to scare her off. As soon as she became and young adult he decided to ask her to marry him and so they did. They moved in with Nao’s mother Kei in a modern home in the other side of town.

Dessie and Isa were the last of the Willow children living in the mansion, three women living in a huge mansion ready to take on the world. Dessie knew that as the heiress she would live her whole life in the mansion, but she made Isa promise to never move out, they would grow old together.

Finally Aurora had decided what to do with Mortimer’s ashes. She took them to the science facility and asked to resurrect him, since Mortimer had spent his last night alive with Tori Elmore, Aurora wanted a do over and get the opportunity to spend at least one more night with the love of her life. Mortimer became a ghost and they spent a romantic night together under stars of Sunset Valley, they didn’t speak nor argue nor tried to explain anything, they only loved each other one more time. By the next morning, he had returned to the world of the dead and Aurora could finally move on with her life.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you King4510411 for letting me use Nao Sakaue!


~ by Tota on July 4, 2010.

19 Responses to “2.13 Farewell My Love”

  1. Awww such a sweet ending, I ma glad Aurora got to say goodbye to Mortimer properly before he went beck to the underworld.

  2. Oh my gosh your Legacy is so good. Keep it up!

  3. How sad, but I’m proud of her, it takes a lot of willpower to just ignore all the bad and just run with the moment.

  4. I had no idea Mortimer was having an affair, what a great twist. I am glad Aurora got her wish to spend one more night with him.

  5. Great Chapter!! Glad Aurora managed to sort herself out and say her goodbyes. It’s also nice to know that Damien found someone to spend the rest of his life with.

  6. Congrats on the engagment 🙂

  7. Such a nice and sweet yet romantic ending. Aurora took the best of the moment and said farewell to her lover. What a great twist with the affair.


  8. Tota this is a wonderful story! Nao looks great. I’m glad she found someone to love. They look very cute together. I’m glad you could use her.


  9. Tota,
    That was really beautiful. It is just great to see that everything has turned out fine. Isa found someone who accepted her for who she was, Damien found his true love, Dessie Realised what her Lifetime Wish would be, and Aurora fixed up her ‘marriage’ with Mortimer. Loved it ❤
    Mia x.

  10. a perfect end to the strangest relationship. im glad the girls will always have eachother they seem like the perfect match

  11. Aww, this was such a sweet chapter! It’s so nice to see everyone sorting out their feelings!

  12. That was a beautiful ending and a romantic chapter

  13. oh, i like how Nao has that pale skintone and will bring it back to Damien’s bloodline. And I was very surprised by Isolde turning out to be lesbian, aww i had always had hopes for her and Tristan, lol.. yeh, well I’ll get over it.
    So that was the secret behind Mortimer not marrying Aurora. Nasty. And I really hope things between Aurora and her son Tristan will settle one day.. oh, what about Draco? Hope he’s fine. Mh, I kind of grew attached to him.

    But I love your legacy story, and obviously, I have read through it all today. I will add you to the blogroll on my own legacy’s page. It would be nice if you’d link me back, or even come and check out my story, but you know, there’s no rush and only if you feel like it (;


    • Thank you Tallis, I loved reading all your comments one after the other, so interesting to read 😀 Thank you for taking the time and I’m so glad you like it. I will check out your story for sure 😀

  14. This was a great chapter! I really like all your little twists here. So, that was Mortimer’s big secret all this time, huh… Surprising!

  15. I’m so glad you all liked the romantic if yet sad ending of this chapter 🙂 I had to squeeze out one last twist from the epic couple Aurora and Mortimer 😉

  16. aww Yay her love is back! They finally got together and now they will be together forever! 😀

  17. I was kind of intrigued by Nao, mostly because I love her name and the fact that we haven’t really gotten to see her whole face yet. I’m curious as to what shapes her unusual beauty. I always love your characters all the same, they carry such depth and story to them. great job once again, Tota.

  18. so mortimer was seeing someone else behind aura’s back? not so nice morty! with all that being said, i’m glad that she was able to say goodbye to him properly. nao is going to be an adorable addition to the willow family. 🙂

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