2.12 The Dark Side Of The Moon

Life at the castle continued gently and calmly, the children pursued their talents, Aurora spent her days in the artist’s studio and Mortimer Goth cultivated his garden. It seemed like the exuberant passion between Aurora Willow and Mortimer Goth, that had caused the two and their families so much grief, had cooled off. To be honest, they lived their lives quite isolated from each other. Aurora in her studio or caring for the girl’s education. Mortimer, on his side, spent the days in the garden or in the kitchen, he walked the corridor’s quietly without making too much fuss about himself. To an outsider it may have appear that they had lost their spark with age, others argued that everybody settles a bit when they grow old, that no body was able to maintain a young passionate love all their lives.

Aurora had other things than Mortimer on her mind, as usual, she couldn’t stop thinking about all the aspects of her life, turning every problem up and down, including the fact that she had never married. All her life she felt that she didn’t fit in with the other simmers of Sunset Valley, sure in her home she had always been accepted for who she was, but outside everyone saw her as odd. She was proud to be a Willow, but she couldn’t help that she felt lonely sometimes. One could say this was natural for a loner, but she couldn’t help but wonder if this was why she and Mortimer never married. She went to her parents graves and told them all her worries in the hope that they would come again and give her some advice, but the thing with ghosts is that they appear whenever they feel like it.

Mortimer could sense that something wasn’t well with Aurora, but he didn’t feel like getting into a huge discussion, specially if it was about their relationship. Aurora on the other hand felt just sad about the possibility of her dying as an old spinster, but on the other hand, she wasn’t feeling very passionate about Mortimer these days.

The girls lived their secluded mansion lives without noticing the emotional turmoil their mother was going through. Technically, Isolde wasn’t Mortimer’s daughter since it was Aurora that adopted her and they weren’t married, still Isa loved Mortimer as a father and he loved her as a daughter. In contrast to their mother, the girls were very well liked at school and had many friends. They were both very friendly and charming and everybody knew them as the twins. All the kids were intrigued, and sometimes even envied their close sisterhood, they all secretly wanted to be part of it, or at least be friends with them.

Life could be better for the youngest Willow son, Damien just didn’t have what it took with the ladies, he was absolutely gorgeous, but when he opened his mouth all the girls ran away. He tried his luck with Delores Langerak, seeing that his older brothers had all been popular with the ladies, he wanted to be as lucky. Delores just wouldn’t take it, she wasn’t interested in him that way, but they were good friends. Damien didn’t know what to do, really he just wasn’t very smooth and had a hard time saying the right things. Sure, he was insane and a slob, not a real turn on, but he was also brave and had a photographic eye, maybe he had to learn how to express himself in other way’s than with words.

For the girl’s birthday, the whole family gathered to celebrate, all their brothers, uncles and relatives came to the mansion to see the youngest member’s of the Willow family become teenagers. Isa and Dessie made sure to blow out the candles exactly at the same time so they would be exactly the same age.

As teenager’s they ruled the school, they had both grown into gorgeous girls and it was hard to not like them. Even though they were very popular and heads turned when they walked the corridor, really, they didn’t care so much for the popularity.

Finally the day came for Aurora to become an elder, she looked back at the life she had lived and wondered where her young years had gone, it felt like only yesterday she had visited the Goth mansion for the first time. Now that she could count the days until the Grim Reaper came, the only thing that preoccupied her was to get her three youngest children married and make sure they produced a new Willow generation.

Damien, Isa and Dessie usually listened to their parents when it came to most thing, they were good kids, did their homework, practiced on their skills, but when Aurora came talking about marriage they just wouldn’t hear it. They were too young to care, they wanted adventure, maybe love, but certainly not marriage nor children.

“Well, whether you want it or not, you should all know that marrying and reproducing is what a legacy is all about,” Aurora told them. “So be prepared to change your minds when you become young adults.”

“Mom, you are so old-fashioned…” Dessie complained.

“Specially you Desdemona,” Aurora continued pointing her finger at her. “As an heiress you have to marry and have children!”

“But mom,” Damien said, “you never married.”

Aurora turned red in her face, she was so mad. Poor Damien couldn’t get one thing right.

“Well, I just wasn’t as lucky, but you will be,” she finally said.

Soon enough it was Damien’s turn to become a young adult, the Willow’s celebrated as they always did. This time, Aurora made sure to invite several young and single ladies that could potentially be interested in Damien. Of course she didn’t mention that he was insane, only that he was handsome and very bright.

When the ladies saw what handsome young adult Damien had turn into, they were all in awe. Maybe he would find a girl after all, if he only would learn to say the right thing, or maybe it would be enough if he didn’t say anything at all 😉

Thank you all that nominated me for the Simmy Awards!


~ by Tota on July 1, 2010.

12 Responses to “2.12 The Dark Side Of The Moon”

  1. yowza DAmian did tur out to be very handsome! i wish him the best of luck finding a suitable young lady.

  2. awesome chapter as usual 😀

  3. Excellent chapter. Damien is a cutie ❤ I hope he manages to find a girl who can accept his insanity.

  4. Happy Birthday to the girls and Damien.

  5. Oh I forgot to say something. You should put the Willow Mansion on the exchange!!!

  6. Aswesomeino, yep it’s a new word I made up especially for the legacy be it’s swesome and different 😀

    Anyway, Damien has grown up really well, let’s just hope his insanity scares everyone off. Dessie and Isa are beautiful too!!

    The good genes have come out in force XD

  7. amazing legacy! i wish i had the patience for something like this (:

  8. Damien did grow up into a rather dashing young man, didn’t he? I’m still holding our hope that Mortimer and Aurora will rekindle their love and get married, even if it is a little bit late 😀

  9. Wonderful Chapter.
    Your writing intuiges me 😀
    And Happy Birthday to them all
    – Mia x.

  10. Wow! The girls are gorgeous! Loved the update! I love all the birthdays 🙂

  11. wow! damien is such a looker! great update! everyone’s growing up! 😦

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