2.11 Two Sides Of The Moon

Seeing that Damien’s insanity was a bit overwhelming, the Willow’s decided to celebrate his birthday in a more private manner, only the closest family was invited, and good was that since Damien showed up in his underpants. The dignity of the Willows was such that they made no fuss about it and pretended that he was in his formal clothing like the rest of them. All and all, it was a nice party and the boy turned out handsome as a teenager and gained the trait of having a photographer’s eye. If there were two things that characterized a Willow it would be their unstable state of mind and their great artistic talents, so the family welcomed this creative trait.

Aurora gave Damien a camera for his birthday and off he went to photograph the world and hopefully make some money. Since nobody in the family had a day-job, it was hard to pay the bills and keep up with the way of life that they had.

With all their boys grown up, Mortimer and Aurora had great expectations for their little heiress, Desdemona, she was the curious and outgoing child that they had never been and she charmed everyone with her friendliness. As the youngest of four children, she was a bit spoiled and had no one to play with. Her brothers only teased her or were busy with their grown-up lives.

Like it wasn’t enough having financial problems as it was, one unfortunate night, a burglar showed up at the Willow mansion. Even though the security system was working, the policeman that showed up couldn’t catch the burglar, who ended up escaping with several valuable items. It was hard to say how the Willows would manage to maintain the lavish and glamorous life they had, unless someone took a day-job soon. Aurora received royalties from her books and she sold the occasional painting, but it wasn’t enough to sustain a husband, three grown boys and a little girl. Mortimer also contributed a bit by painting and photographing, but his income wasn’t anything to brag about.

All these troubles were quickly forgotten, since it was Desdemona’s birthday and they had to celebrate the heiress and invite everybody that was somebody, there was no time to be frugal at the mansion.

Dessie grew up into a lovely child, fortunately she gained the trait of artistic which really was what Aurora wished for. Now she could teach her everything she knew about painting and writing, and maybe Dessie would also make it as a great artist. Aurora already introduced Dessie to writing and gave her some pointers, she also encouraged her to start writing her first novel quickly, thus increasing the family’s weekly income.

Seeing how the financial situation had evolved at the mansion, Junior decided to leave the mansion to ease his family’s burden. He married Angelique Fulton and they moved out together. Angelique had a generous income so they were able to buy a house by the beach where they settled.

As predicted by many, the second son of the Willow’s fell in love with the beautiful Mayra Elmore, she had already left high school and was a successful young adult that worked in the music industry. Tristan was sold right away, he longed to grow up and be able to join the music industry and make it as a rock star. Still, he was a bit too young for Mayra, but they became good friends and shared their common interest for music.

Tristan really tried to make a difference in the household by playing the guitar in the park everyday until late, hoping for some tips, and even though he was very talented, it was a hard business and the cash that came in was very little. Maybe one day, he would earn a lot of money as a rock star, one could only dream.

Despite the financial problems that the Willow family was in, Aurora woke up one day with an idea, she didn’t want her daughter to grow up alone in the big mansion so she decided to adopt a child. It had to be a girl just in the same age of Dessie, Aurora hoped that they would become the best of sisters and be there for each other. She picked up the phone and called the adoption agency, the next day, Isolde showed up at the mansion. She was a cute girl, brave and inappropriate but at least a perfectionist. She would fit right in with the family, Aurora was sure of that.

After a quick make over, the girls met, it seemed they had things in common and that they would be good friends. Desdemona was quick to show Isolde around the mansion and to the children’s bedroom which they would share. Isolde was overwhelmed, she had never seen such a fancy and glamorous house, and all the things the Willow’s owned were beautiful. The clothes she got were beautiful and all the toys they had were great.

Since Isolde’s arrival the mansion was bubbling with life, the girls played around together, the boys had their hobbies and everybody seemed very happy. Aurora was delighted to see what she had accomplished in life, even if she would never marry, she had a fantastic family to be proud of.

Isa and Dessie quickly became inseparable, they did everything together and were the best sisters ever. At times it felt like they were the same person, finishing each other’s sentences, thinking exactly like each other and that way predicting what the other one would do. Their relationship was fantastic, but Mortimer and Aurora found their close friendship a bit scaring sometimes, it was like they were two sides of the same spirit. The girls would tell everybody at school that Isa was Dessie’s long-lost twin that had returned home now, they told the story so convincingly that they almost believe it themselves. Since they looked so different, most people wouldn’t believe them when they first heard they were twins, but anyone that would get to know them would say that they had twin spirits.

Tristan’s birthday arrived and the Willow’s did as they always did on a birthday, they invited all the members of the Willow family and their closest friends.

Tristan wasted no time and invited Mayra over the next day, he proposed to her and she said yes, they had a small private wedding and moved out to the country with Mayra’s mother. They both continued in the music career and Tristan hoped that he would become a rock star soon.


~ by Tota on June 24, 2010.

19 Responses to “2.11 Two Sides Of The Moon”

  1. I swear, I can’t get enough of the Willows. you always portray them perfectly. I love how Aurora decided to adopt another little girl.

  2. I even surprised myself by how excited I was when I saw there was an update! I love the Willows ‘uniqueness’, I love your writing, I love this! *spazz*

  3. I am glad for Dessie that she now has a sister. I love the name Isolde, what an excellent choice.

  4. Yay!! Dessie has someone to play with, those two are going to have great fun together, even if money is running quite short.

  5. Great update. 🙂

    Adopting is always fun.

  6. Fabulous! I am so glad they found a playmate for Dessi. Being such a friendly child it must have been so lonely in that big mansion. Yay for the boys finding love. I love… love. LOL!

  7. How nice to adopt a sister for Dessie, I’m glad they are getting along so well. Great update Tota.

  8. Thank you all, so glad you like the newest member of the family 😀

  9. Ohh no! I really hope everything works out and they don’t have to sell their beautiful mansion… 🙂

  10. Isolde is the perfect addition to the Willow family and i cant wait to see the children the boys will have. will we get an update of Dracos girls?

  11. Aw, I am completely sold on your legacy. I love how different the family is, and it’s the first well written gothic themed legacy I’ve had the pleasure to read! I think I’m love with Aurora’s name too!

  12. What an awesome idea! Dessie won’t be so lonely 😀

  13. I caught up on the whole story today and WOW! I love all the characters and their quirks. You’ve done a great job. I’m so glad you commented on my legacy so that I could find yours.

  14. Tota,
    I really love your legacy. I love the fact that you write
    more than just a sentance for each picture. All your characters are very unique and special, and when one of them dies, it makes me sad. Love this story and I check up everyday to see if there is another chapter!!
    – Mia x.

  15. aw, isa and dessie are so cute! i’m glad that aurora decided to adopt! those willows aren’t so evil after all 😉 congrats on being nominated for a simmie award btw! 🙂

  16. Oh, what a wonderfull idea to adopt a girl into the family, so Dessie would have someone close to her age! Aww. But Isolde.. now I totally feel like Isolde and Tristan should be together, haha, because of that famous story behind their names.

  17. I love this family, excellent idea adopting little Isolde so that Dessie would have a sister/playmate. 🙂

    Tristan & Isolde…love that movie.

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