2.10 The Insane Asylum

The true spirit of a legacy had taken over the mansion, every second day it was somebody’s birthday, the Willow’s were known for their great birthday parties and everybody would show up, even uninvited guests would come. After the parties the whole family had to help clean the huge mansion. It was hard to keep up with the high tempo so the family decided to have a huge party to celebrate both Damien that was turning into a child, and Desdemona that was turning into a toddler.

Even though the guests had come to celebrate both children’s birthdays, it was clear that the highlight was when it was little Desdemona’s turn to blow the candles. The heiress was charming and everybody wanted to know her and congratulate her. Of course, not everybody was truly happy for her, there was a lot of envy towards her and with that came backtalking, still they all had to agree that she was the friendliest sim in town.

Draco had come to the party, but it was clear he had other things in his mind, he was devastated after the death of his loving wife, Holly. Aurora tried to console him as much as she could, but there was no case, he had lost the love of his life and there was nothing that would make him feel better about it. Draco was heartbroken and felt like life was over for him too.

Like if there wasn’t enough drama in the mansion during the party, the Grim Reaper showed up to bring Christopher with him. One second he was helping his grandchild blow the candles of the cake and the next he was a ghost. The party guests were all in shock, this turned out be a party that certainly nobody would forget. Christopher left without a fight, he was ready to go, finally he would meet with Elvira. After that unfortunate event all the guests went home and the family was left in sorrow and with a lot of dishes to wash.

It was the ultimate sign that Aurora was an adult sim, both her parents were now gone and she found herself as the oldest survivor of the Willow family. Well, life was too short to cry away her days and the legacy just had to go on. Aurora wiped her tears from her cheeks and suddenly felt much better, now to take care of the Willow heiress.

As the youngest child and the heiress of the Willow family, Desdemona got a lot of attention from her parents, the boys were all grown up and Desdemona was just charming. She was a friendly child, but at times her insanity would get the best of her and she would have a tantrum that neither Aurora nor Mortimer knew how to handle. Apart from that she was the ideal toddler, she learned quickly and loved to play with her toys.

Actually, all the Willow children had some sort of personality disorder, how things had turned out that way, nobody could say for sure. Everybody had their own theory, but little proof. Damien had grown into a brave child but Aurora and Mortimer would sometimes catch him talking to himself or behaving insane. They had consulted a doctor but there was just nothing they could do about his or Desdemona’s insanity, it was something the children, and parents, had to learn to live with.

Tristan had to struggle with his neurotic side, at times he would find himself unable to leave the house without checking the sink or brushing his teeth at least three times. On top of that his anxiety got a boost from his over-emotional nature making him freak out much more often. At least he composed great music, Aurora and Mortimer just hoped it wouldn’t cost him his life. It was like the family was being tormented by a curse, the rumors spread around town and soon everybody was talking about the wicked Willow children.

Secretly, Aurora was concerned that her turbulent relationship with the children’s father had something to do with the their fragile nature.

The only Willow child that had some sanity left, was Mortimer Junior, he had turned evil like his mother, but at least he was sane. When he grew up into a young adult he got the trait of handy and chose to make his life time wish to become The Tinkerer. Not as many people showed up for the birthday party, maybe it was the rumors about the curse haunting the Willow mansion or maybe it was that still a lot of the inhabitants of Sunset Valley were in shock since the last party.

Finally, Mortimer Junior was old enough to get romantic with Angelique Fulton, he was in love, that was sure.

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~ by Tota on June 18, 2010.

9 Responses to “2.10 The Insane Asylum”

  1. I love the look on Desdemona’s face while she is holding the green block! So funny.

  2. I love the update. Everyone is growing up nicely, even if they area all a little strange.. Reminds me of the Adams family.

  3. i like that they all have some disorder as you put it, makes them more interesting! Desdemona turned out so cute.

  4. I loved the update 🙂 these Willows are quite the kooky bunch. I agree with Kayla, they are like the Adams family 😉 Can’t wait to see how Desdemona turns out when she grows up 🙂

  5. Hehe, I agree they are all a bit odd 😀
    The Adams family is a good rolemodel 😉

  6. Awesome chapter Dessie is going to be a great heiress! ;D

  7. Great chapter. One of my favorite Sim legacies ever. Can’t wait for the next update!

  8. The Willow Curse…I wonder if Elvira would consider that a good thing or a bad thing to be attached to her legacy?

  9. Oh poor Draco. And oh no Christopher is gone, the sun of the family..

    Yes, well there sure is something cursed about the Willow’s. I love such plots..

    oh, it seems like the Willow men are only ever attracted to blond women, haha, first Holly and now Angelique. (;

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