2.9 Demons Of Insanity

“The heiress has been born!”

“A new Willow heiress has been born!”

All the Willows in town celebrated the birth of Desdemona, the third generation heiress that secured the legacy’s future. Finally, Aurora was thrilled, this was the greatest accomplishment she had made for her family. She was sure that Elvira would’ve been proud of her. Little Desdemona was a beautiful baby that enchanted everybody around her, she was born with the dubious traits of insane and friendly. It was still too early to say what kind of ruler Desdemona would be, time, and future traits, would tell if she was to be a great heiress or not. Aurora wished she would have a happy life and be spared of the heartbreaking sorrows that love was capable of bringing.

All around town the word of the birth of Desdemona spread. The Willows were ecstatic, this family was a force to reckon with. Rumors around town had flourished for long and turned nasty implying that the legacy was doomed as soon as Aurora was in charge. Everybody knew that Mortimer never married Aurora and they all started to think that she was inadequate and incapable of bringing a girl-child into this world. With the birth of Desdemona everybody forgot the nasty words that once were uttered about Aurora. The only Willow that always believed in his sister was Draco, he was truly happy that nobody would back talk his family now.

With so many children in the mansion there was always a birthday to celebrate, this time it was Tristan turning into a teenager. The family gathered in the diningroom as usual and cheered around the cake. Tristan got to make a wish and poof it was transformation time.  They all agreed that the cake was delicious.

As a teenager Tristan was finally allowed to practice on his guitar skill, he had gained the trait of over-emotional that actually came very much in handy with his virtuoso trait, enabling him to truly feel and convey great emotions thus making his music breathtaking.

Aurora had always wanted to go back to Egypt and explore more tombs and feel the hot sand under her feet, she dreamed of buying a vacation home there and return at least once a year. Since the birth of Desdemona Aurora felt she deserved some vacations and decided to bring Tristan with her since he was the adventurous type. It was great to be back in the base camp, so many familiar faces and places. Tristan was the nervous type, he was neurotic and over-emotional, traits that were a bit contra productive for an adventurer. Already on the first day he freaked out and had to stay in all day.

On the contrary, Aurora was right in her element, digging away in old relic piles, exploring tombs and collecting precious items.

Even the greatest adventurer had her bad days and who blames a sim for being dozed off by an arrow trap. Aurora didn’t let anything stop her, all in the quest of having a private museum.

When she got home, Aurora used the money she had gained to remodel one of the empty wings of the mansion into a fantastic display of her greatest relics from her travels. She was really proud of her private museum and would invite everybody in town to come and see it.

Her travels to Egypt and the items that Aurora collected there, were also very inspiring to her own artistic work. She would spend hours recreating the perfect scenes of sunset she had experienced and replicating the urns she collected. It was either traveling or in her workshop that Aurora truly felt happy, the quiet solitude brought her a joy that only loner sims could understand.

When Aurora returned from Egypt she realized that Junior was increasingly interested in the maid Angelique. It concerned her a bit, Angelique was a great girl with surely some great qualities, but Junior was only a teenager, the difference in age was very large, he would be better off if he used his boyish charm in one of his high-school friends. On the other hand, the Willows were known for falling in love with more mature sims, herself was much younger than Mortimer Goth, her brother Draco married Holly Alto just before she turned elder.

Speaking of which, Mortimer Goth became an elder, still he was utterly charming with his silver hair and his piercing eyes.

There was nothing wrong with the passion in their relationship, Aurora was certain that Mortimer loved her as much as she loved him. Still, she couldn’t help but wonder, why had he never asked her to marry him? What was so wrong in wanting their love to be symbolized by a ring on their finger? What was wrong with throwing a big party to let everybody know about their love? Don’t take her wrong, Aurora was very happy with their relationship and she didn’t HAVE to get married, she just wondered why he didn’t want to, it felt that there must be something else to it, something that she didn’t know.

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~ by Tota on June 11, 2010.

19 Responses to “2.9 Demons Of Insanity”

  1. *love this story*

    (je ne parle pas anglais !! sorry !!)

  2. Hooray for the third generation heiress! We’ve been waiting a long time for you, Desdemona!

  3. she finally came! ^_^
    the last paragraph worries me, though.

  4. So glad to see the birth of an heiress, finally!

  5. Congratulations on the birth of Desdemona!

  6. Yay! Finally a girl!!!

  7. I’m so glad it was a girl, I was sure to start crying if I’d have to have yet another kid 😦

  8. Yay!! It’s a girl at last. Hmm about the last paragraph let’s just hope Morty is simply just the not-marrying type 😀 *Fingers Crossed*

  9. oh that last paragraph…

    so happy that Desdemona finally showed up! very cool name btw!

  10. Thank goodness it’s a girl! But what is Mortimer thinking?… Great chapter as always 🙂

  11. YAY for Desdemona, if she wasn’t a girl i would feel bad for you becuase you would than have to have another child. I cross my fingers Mortimer isn’t hiding anything maybe he just doesn’t like marriage. Great update! 😀


  12. Yay! Finally the heiress is born. great chapter. Cannot wait to see Dessie grow up!

  13. Yay! The Heiress has arrived! I just read your legacy from start to finish and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next chapter, and oh my gosh is Mortimer Jr a hottie or what?! Hubba Hubba! :p

  14. I love this! I am so happy I came across your story. It inspired me to do my own, if you wanna read it, I think you might like it.


    Keep the writing up!

  15. Been lurking on your blog for a hot minute. Love the story and I am pleased your heiress has been born! Looking forward for the “big reveal” in regards to your last paragraph.


  16. whoop! finally the willow legacy has an heiress! the legacy will go on! 🙂 tristan bloomed into quite the looker, i loved the picture of him freakin out in egypt. i’m dying to know if mortimer is going to pop the question to aurora. come on morty! you know you want to be an offical willow 😉

  17. yes, why, mortimer, why didn’t you ever ask her.. reveal the secret, ahah.

    but oh well finally! desdemona is born! everyone has been waiting for her since ages. she’ll have a hard time with 3 brothers, lol.. or maybe they will be protective over her, like Draco that backed his sister up all the time. I’m glad we got to see something of him this chapter. kinda miss him, haha..

  18. YAY! The heiress finally. Desdemona is a really sweet name for a girl.
    ANd I wonder why Mortimer is so secretive. I wonder, is he cheating on Aurora? 😥

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