2.8 The Awakening

It didn’t take long until Elvira came around for a visit, she was worried that the family wasn’t going to be able to pull through. Really, there wasn’t much she could do, as a ghost it was hard to interact with the living, they only got scared and fainted. To tell the truth, she missed her family so she showed up at night and wandered the rooms of the mansion and watched them sleep quietly.

Actually, the family was getting themselves together. Aurora and Mortimer had found their spark once again and they were very passionate about each other. Mortimer secretly hoped for a new child, a female-child, but as usual he didn’t dare to mention it to the fragile Aurora.

Even Christopher was getting his act together, he no longer waked by Elvira’s urn and he was actually considering burying her ashes in the garden. He made a habit of going over to the park next door to have some quiet time fishing by the pond. There he contemplated his surroundings and dreamed of meeting Elvira once again, in the next life. His sudden recovery put the whole family a bit pensive, could it be that he had communicated with Elvira somehow? Did she come to see him or why was he now so calm and gathered?

The true proof that the Willow’s were back on track was when the whole family gathered to celebrate Tristan’s birthday, they hadn’t been this happy and cheery for a long time. Christopher had the honor to bring Tristan to the cake and help him blow out the candles, and even if one could sense a sad shadow in his eyes, he was truly happy once again.

Tristan gained the trait of adventurous but since he was too young to go on any trips abroad, he had to settle by reading travelers guides and the novels written by Elvira of the family’s travels in Egypt. Aurora longed to go on a new trip, she decided to wait until Tristan was old enough and bring him to Egypt, still she worried that his neurotic trait would be a difficulty when traveling so she didn’t dare to promise anything yet. Time would tell if he would grow into a more stable sim that could bare with the harsh life of the Egypt travelers camp.

Believe it or not, Aurora discovered one morning that she was pregnant, it was all too familiar, the morning sickness the immense hunger and fatigue. She didn’t dare to hope and most certainly, she didn’t dare to tell anybody yet. The thought of having yet another boy was unbearable, she rather not think of it at all.

Didn’t the Willows gather like this in the dining room to celebrate one of the Willow children’s birthday not long ago? With so many in the mansion it felt like every week there was one to celebrate. Between dirty diapers and bottles of milk the sim-days passed so quickly and the little ones grew older. This time it was Damien, the youngest that was to blow the candles of the cake. Aurora couldn’t wait until they were all adults and there would be some peace and quiet in the mansion.

As a toddler his completion was ever so clear, he looked just like a Goth, he was the only of the Willow children that hadn’t received Aurora’s pale and somber skin tone. He really stood out from the other boys, maybe it was his insanity that shown through those big brown eyes of his, there was just something special about that boy that nobody could put their finger on. As the youngest he got spoiled by the rest of the family, almost to create some resentment in his older brothers.

“Be nice to Damien, he is special.” Aurora, Christopher and Mortimer would tell the other boys. “Take care of Damien, he is so fragile.”

Soon enough Mortimer and Aurora had other things to consume their attention, Aurora’s pregnancy was showing and it became obvious for the rest of the family that a new baby was on its way. Mortimer was delighted and so was Christopher, was he going to live long enough to see a girl be born in the 3rd generation? Nobody dared to mention it, but it was obvious that they all hoped for a girl.

Detached from the family and deep within the virtual world of the computer whizzes, Junior spent his nights hacking away or overclocking his computer. He would go to school beaten from an entire night without sleep and of sitting in front of the computer in his bedroom. The rest of the family barely noticed his change in mood from lack of sleep, they were all busy dreaming of a new heiress. Junior had a master plan of taking over the world by hacking his way into the most powerful networks of the sim world and selling the information in the black market, thus making a fortune. He was too evil to care of the consequences, he didn’t even do it for the money, it was just pure adrenaline rush.

Finally the day that all had been waiting for arrived, Aurora was due and they rushed her to the hospital. Would she give birth to an heiress or was she doomed to have a boy yet another time? The whole family was a nervous wreck while they waited for the delivery of the new baby, their whole future depended on it.

Thank you for reading!

*fingers crossed*


~ by Tota on May 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “2.8 The Awakening”

  1. I love gothic stuff!
    I’ll definitely be following this legacy. Here are mine if you’re interested:


  2. I’ll surely keep my fingers crossed, however it may badger me! D:

  3. junior is very handsome 🙂 o boy i do hope Aurora has eaten enough watermelons lol please be a little girl!

  4. *crosses fingers*

  5. oh goodness not a cliffhanger!!! lol, is it a girl?? i need to know! lol, will the willow legacy be carried on??? 🙂 whew now that i got that out of the way 😉 great chapter tota, i’m glad that christopher has finally calmed down a little with his wife’s passing. i agree with hugzies, junior is a very handsome boy 🙂

  6. From Seaweedy,
    OH NO! I cannot wait to find out the sex of this baby…great cliffhanger!

  7. ACK!!! You can’t stop there! Is is a girl? Is it a girl?!!!

  8. PLEASE TELL US ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great cliffhanger.. 🙂

  9. If its not a girl I am gonna cry lol…

  10. oh I love how Damien’s so special, and how he must be treated with special care..
    hehe i hope for a girl, but look at the bright side, if it’s another boy, you have 4 wonderfully gothic children to spread out in town and populate it with gothic-ness. ahah.. oh. whatever happened to Draco?

  11. OMG Please be a girl! *Fingers crossed* Does the Willow family stock watermelons?

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