2.7 The Unbearable Sorrow Of Life And Death

“The Reaper is coming! The Reaper is coming!”

Elvira knew it was for her, she had already lived much longer than a regular sim and it was her time. She wasn’t sad nor surprised, actually she was relieved since the wait felt unbearable at times. Things were exactly as she expected them, a sims life became a bit predictable after one had lived long enough. Behind her she left her memoirs and a name to be proud of, she hoped this legacy she once had come to Sunset Valley to found would be great and she was planning to come back soon and visit. She put her affairs in order and went to meet the notorious Reaper that everybody spoke of but nobody had met and lived to tell the story.

Christopher and Aurora were devastated, without Elvira life just seemed meaningless, she was the true spirit of this family and this legacy. The mansion was in mourning, the adults were unrecognisable for the children since they spent all days crying and moaning, not caring even for the most simple everyday things. Christopher would go everyday to Elvira’s urn and stare at it and cry, he knew it would be her time soon, but still he wasn’t prepared to lose her, this sim he had adored so much.

Elvira didn’t live long enough to see the third generation be secured by the birth of a female heir. As a true member of the legacy bloodline Aurora was doing everything in her power to secure the third generation and when it was time for her to give birth to her third child she really hoped it would be a girl. All the way to the hospital she begged it would be a girl, if not for her, for her late mother who had once a dream of establishing a great matriarchy.

But no, it wasn’t meant to be this time either, they say that the third time is a charm, but fate would just not have it for this unlucky sim. It was a boy, a sweet little bundle that was named Damien and that in the true spirit of this wicked legacy gained the traits of insane and slob. The whole household was insane at the moment, so it didn’t surprise Aurora that little Damien had turned wicked in his own little way.

Being struck by yet another great blow, Aurora locked herself in her room and didn’t leave it for days. With Elvira gone there was nobody there to guide her, she was tired and just run down by all of life’s evil turns. She felt like giving up, three children was enough for her poor body, maybe this legacy wasn’t meant to be, maybe it would die with her. This was a house of men, now she was the only woman in the mansion and who has ever heard of a matriarchy full of men?

Even if Aurora didn’t want life to continue, it did for the boys, they needed to be fed and dressed. With Christopher by Elvira’s urn everyday, Aurora locked in her room and Mortimer trying to console her, it was up to the boys to manage on their own. For Mortimer Jr. it wasn’t any news, all his life he had been neglected by his parents and now that his grandfather was sick with sorrow there was nobody there.

Soon Mortimer realized that he was the only sane adult left in the house, he was the only one capable of taking care of his family, yes, HIS family. He had left behind his life at the Goth mansion and sacrificed his parent’s wishes for Aurora Willow, those sacrifices wouldn’t be in vain. From that point on he cooked all the meals for the boys, he helped Junior with his homework, he changed Damien’s diapers and taught Tristan to walk. He was the man of the house and it was up to him.

On her birthday Aurora was suddenly surprised to see that life did go on, also for her, she had been locked away in her room crying over her late mother feeling pity of herself in the most destructive way. If she didn’t watch out it would soon be her time to meet the Reaper. With that said she still didn’t have the mental strength to really take on life again, it just had to take the time it needed to take.

When she went out of her room she saw that the household was still running, the boys were taken cared of, the dishes were washed, the meals were cooked. Everything didn’t depend on her alone, there were other sims running this family, as for her and her dad, they would get there soon.

In the good tradition of the Willow family, they all gathered around a cake to celebrate Mortimer Jr’s birthday. Aurora was overwhelmed to see her little boy become a teenager, to think that time passed so quickly.

Evil was what life had made Junior, he was now old enough to have things his way, all his childhood he had to put up with his self-centered parents that couldn’t have a regular love relationship like all the sims in the sim world. They had never cared for what he felt or how hard life had been not knowing if they would stay together or break up. It didn’t matter that Mortimer was a great father now, he hadn’t been there when he was a little toddler, now it was too late for him. Inside Junior was consumed by hatred and resentment against his parents. In contradiction of what one might expect this brought Aurora and Junior closer together now that they shared the evil trait, they would sit for hours by the fire and mastermind plots to conquer Sunset Valley, just as Elvira would’ve wanted it.

Mortimer was unsure if Aurora wanted to try to have any more children or not, he felt they had to and thus secure the legacy with a female sim-child, but Aurora never talked about it any longer. She had been so depressed since Elvira’s death and the birth of a third son that Mortimer didn’t dare to mention the matter any longer. Instead he made sure to seduce her every evening and hoped she would get pregnant.

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~ by Tota on May 20, 2010.

15 Responses to “2.7 The Unbearable Sorrow Of Life And Death”

  1. poor Junior..
    I feel quite bad for him, poor lad.
    loving Mortimer’s new look, though, I mean, that guy was born to wear black.

  2. what a sad chapter 😦 i hate when simmies die (even the evil ones! lol) i hope things get better for the willow family. i feel bad for junior, he’s got so much resentment for being ignored growing up. poor thing.

    i agree with kitty, mortimer’s new look is fantastic 🙂 great work ❤

  3. poor poor Aurora, life was just not destined to go her way was it. lets hope that the odds let up and this next one is that little girlie.

  4. OMB I hope she finally gets her girl 😦

  5. I’m glad you like Mortimer’s new look, I think it suits him well, he is a hottie 😉

    *crosses fingers for a girl*

  6. I hope its a girl too… PLEASE BE A GIRL!!!

    Great chapter.. 🙂

  7. Junior is a hottie. When he ages to Young adult, could you please put him in the exchange? I foresee him being a hubby in at least one generation of my legacy.

  8. From Seaweedy,
    RIP Elvira, I feel terrible the family is suffering so.

  9. I miss Aurors already, the house just doesn’t seem right!!

  10. Sad to see Elvira die, she really got this legacy off in a great way. Hoping Aurora will have her girl the next time, she isn’t getting younger…

  11. Oh God, Mortimer! How I love him in this chapter! He’s standing up, he’s being the man, he’s doing what he can to make everything work!

    Luckily Aurora didn’t grab Malcolm back in the days, ahaha.. see, all the patience pays off in the end.

    rest in peace, elvira. ~

  12. why can’t one of Draco’s daughters be the heir?

  13. 😥 Elvira! At least Mortimer (dad) is shaping up. Please Please Please give Aurora that girl!

  14. I think that it’s ironic that now Mortimer is trying to seduce Aurora when it was backwards all those years!
    LOL….oh sims!

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