2.6 A Gothic Metamorphosis

As everybody suspected, Aurora and Mortimer kept seeing each other secretly. Nobody was openly against their affair, but Aurora was feeling very guilty due to the fact that Mortimer wasn’t there for the boys as a father and therefore preferred to hide it. The truth was that she couldn’t help herself, she just had to see Mortimer, he was the love of her life. They rarely spoke about their relationship and actually things had become less dramatic with time. Aurora never went to visit him at the Goth mansion, she had decided that she would not sink herself into running after him any longer, if he wanted to see her he had to come to her. Ironically, Mortimer found himself more often wanting to pass by the Willow mansion. At first he would just sneak in through the back door and have his romantic encounters with Aurora in her bedroom, he would sleep over but sneak out again before the rest of the family got up in the morning. One night though, he passed by Tristan’s bedroom to watch him sleep for a little while, Tristan woke up and Mortimer took him up to give him the bottle. From that night on he found himself passing by the boys’ bedrooms every time he was visiting, just to watch them sleep. Suddenly, Mortimer found himself regularly changing diapers and feeding the little Tristan if he woke up in the middle of the night, and the most astonishing part was that he was enjoying it.

By the time it was Tristan’s birthday Aurora was pregnant again. Elvira and Christopher weren’t surprised since they both knew about Mortimer Goth’s midnight visits, but as usual Mortimer was nowhere to be found on these official family gatherings that really meant a lot to the boys. The family celebrated as usual without any remarks either to Aurora’s pregnancy or Mortimer’s absence.

Tristan grew up into a clever young toddler that enjoyed his brainiac peg toy box. Actually, both boys enjoyed logic improving activities. Mortimer Jr. was a shy kid that liked staying at home playing chess on his computer. He was very reserved even with his own family and didn’t have a very close relationship with his mother. Christopher worried about him, he could see the boy was suffering and hoped that he would not grow to resent his parents for their lack of interest.

On the next occasion that Mortimer Goth visited Aurora she announced her pregnancy, really she didn’t expect a great reaction from Mortimer, she was just so happy that she once again was pregnant that she had to share the news. Mortimer felt mortified, he was soon to be father of three children that he only saw when they were in their sleep and he was having romantic encounters with their mother. This was certainly not the life he had intended for himself and all due to an old promise he made his father Gunther that he wouldn’t sell the old Goth mansion. He couldn’t take it any more, he knew it was impossible for Aurora to move, everybody knew that a legacy heiress couldn’t leave the legacy home. And there was no one else that could take her place, she was the only daughter, she had to stay at the Willow mansion or the legacy would end on the second generation. In the spur of the moment he told Aurora everything, about his promise to his late father, that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of their life together. Overwhelmed by this sincerity, Aurora asked Mortimer to forget about his promise, sell the Goth mansion and move in with them. And he accepted.

Junior had overheard the conversation but was not pleased. All his life he had been deprived of the fatherly love he so much wished for, and now that Mortimer Goth was moving in, he couldn’t accept it. As usual, Junior kept his feelings to himself and his distance to the rest of the family, life had just made him that way. Mortimer knew that moving in with the Willows wouldn’t solve everything, but he hoped that Junior would forgive him and that they would grow closer in time, little by little. Mortimer was determined to be a part of his children’s lives and he really made an effort.

The rest of the family were very pleased when they heard the news, they hoped for a wedding soon and thought that now, finally the drama was behind them. Of course, to be really accepted by the family, Mortimer had to undergo a physical metamorphosis, just as Christopher once did, to fit into the family better. Afterwards they all agreed that he looked much better, and more like a real Willow, even though he technically wasn’t one, yet.

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~ by Tota on May 13, 2010.

18 Responses to “2.6 A Gothic Metamorphosis”

  1. Yay! Good Mortimer, I’m glad to see that he’s finally taking his duties as a father seriously. Hope this next baby is the heiress Aurora needs!

  2. oh its about time he revealed what we knew all along! such a happy chapter. fingers crossed that this little one will be the heiress!

  3. I loved it!
    I’m so glad Mortimer finally came around.

  4. From Seaweedy,
    Glad they are a family now.

  5. Mortimer finally saw the light!! Well Darkness 😀 !!

  6. ooo Mortimor is quite handsome in his new threads. Although he looks positively depressed in that last shot. Hope he will adjust and hopefully Jr. will also!

  7. Great update and thanks for all the comments on my legacy,.

  8. whoo hoo! i finall got a chance to sit down and read you entire legacy! 🙂 these willows are growing on me 🙂 are mortimor and aurora ever going to stay together??? maybe he’s bummed that she’s not bella? lol. regaurdless mortimor! get your buns over to your children!

  9. YAY! Happy ending well sorta ^_^ sorry for not commenting for a while but I do read. Your stories are always so dramatic. Do you plan it out to be this way or does it just happen?

  10. Very dramatic, and i love the ending, real nice 🙂 can u check out my legacy and add me to your blogroll? 🙂

  11. Ive just read your whole legacy – its amazing. I am so impressed and i just love your gothic theme – wish i had thought of it first.

    Maybe you could check my legacy out – its not as dark but just as dramatic: http://theseraphinelegacy.wordpress.com/

  12. Thank you so much, I will check out your story 😀

  13. Finally, now! The part about Mortimer and how he grew attached to fatherhood was so heart wrenching. I love such stories. And Tristan is such a great name, ahah, I know I’m repeating myself..
    And I think you should let Mortimer Jr. move in the Goth Mansion when he gets old enough, so the mansion stays in the family. Would be a nice solution. B

  14. oh man, im glad aurora and mortimer are together. but i dont want mortimer to sell the house or for him to change his last name!

  15. Well he took his sweet time getting his act together. Really glad they’re together now! Aurora deserves it!

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