2.5 While Waiting For The Reaper

Elvira wasn’t getting any younger and when a sim expects the grim reaper any day, it just changes the perspective on life. Elvira and Christopher decided it was time to pay their long-lost son Draco a visit, and get to know their grandchildren Janelle and Tameka that had grown into two lovely girls. Draco and Elvira didn’t always get along, but after some long overdue apologies they felt they could start over. It was difficult for the snobbish Elvira to see her perfect off-spring in such a humble and simple place, living the suburban family life. Draco was a loving father that had left all his mean days behind. Holly, that was much older than Draco was already an elder so he was the one that took care of the whole family. Christopher couldn’t have been prouder of his son and grandchildren, it seemed he had managed to influence someone after all.

In the meantime, Aurora was pregnant again and trying to be a more selfless mother. There was no doubt that she loved her little Mortimer Jr. but she really hoped that her next child would be a girl. Their father was nowhere to be found, Mortimer Jr. was growing very quickly but the last time he met his dad was on his last birthday. Aurora was focusing on teaching Junior all the needed skills in life, hoping he would be well suited to spread the good name of the family. She had gained a better understanding for her own mother Elvira, and what she wanted to accomplish. Aurora herself had decided that she would make her parents proud and make the Willow family the best and most famous family ever to set foot in Sunset Valley.

Knowing that the reaper would knock on her door any time now, Elvira started to look back on her life and all her accomplishments, she had come far from that first day when she arrived spreading her shadow over the valley. She decided to write down all her memories and reflections in a memoir of her life, if not it was for her grandchildren to read and learn what an accomplished sim she had been. Elvira wanted the immortality of never being forgotten, specially by her own family.

Life at the Willow mansion could seem a bit dull at times, Aurora was always hiding away in the artist workshop or out somewhere, probably seeing Mortimer Goth secretly. Elvira was very busy writing her memoirs and well Mortimer Jr. was a toddler and had his routines. It had been a long time since they had a party or any friends over. In an attempt to cheer himself up a bit, Christopher decided to explore a new hobby and dusted off his old serpent basket he had bought on that trip to Egypt many years ago that Aurora had wished for on her teenage birthday. He had been practicing for a while when he decided to upgrade the basket to a cobra basket and it didn’t take long until he got bit on the face.

Finally, some commotion was created in the dark and dusty rooms of the mansion when it was time for Aurora to have her second baby. Christopher was very excited and took her to the hospital as the last time. A healthy boy was born, Aurora named him Tristan, he had gained the traits of neurotic and virtuoso. Even though Aurora was disappointed it wasn’t a girl, she saw in him the true artistic nature she had herself.

It was always fun to feel needed, and since both Aurora and Mortimer Goth were very absent in their parenthood, Christopher was practically raising the third generation Willows on his own. The boys were amazing sims, each with their own traits, so different from each other. Of course, as a caring grandfather, Christopher worried about their future just as he had once done for his own children. Junior didn’t yet have a trait that distinguished him from the rest of the sim world and Tristan on the other hand, being a virtuoso sim was very distinguishing, but he had been cursed with the neurotic trait that could bring the best of sims down to the bottom. Hopefully the boys would grow healthy and sane.

When Junior’s birthday arrived the family had a private party for him, they were all excited to see how he would be as a child. Even Elvira came out from her study and her memoirs. The only one that was nowhere to be found, as usual, was Mortimer Goth.

Junior gained the trait of computer whiz on his birthday, being a traditional family, the Willow’s didn’t necessarily embrace new technology and innovative inventions, so they all saw with skepticism to the boy’s new trait. On the other hand, they all encouraged him to pursue his dream and devote himself to whatever he had talent for, so they even bought him a computer. Despite of a lonely and sad childhood, Mortimer Junior seemed to be a model child that obeyed his elders and did his homework on time.

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~ by Tota on May 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “2.5 While Waiting For The Reaper”

  1. yet another great chapter Tota. two boys, i hope not having their father in their life wont hurt them too much and that Tristan gets some great traits to balance out his neurotic nature.

  2. I love how you dress up everyone, they have such a distinctive feel to them! ^_^
    once again, loved it.

  3. What a devoted grandfather Christopher is.

  4. loved the chapter and your legacy. What a great grandfather Christopher is. I hope Aurora gets eventually gets the little girl she always dreamed of. I have new chapters up on my blog. Please read and comment


  5. Great as usual. I feel sorry for her that she hasn’t had a girl yet though. She’d better have one soon before she has too many children (for grandad) to care for.

  6. Excellent update ^^ Best wishes to Aurora. Dammit, Mortimer, get your act together! Stop being an absentee father! -ragerage- -coughcough- Okay, I’m done xD

    In any case, I really hope Aurora gets her girl!

  7. oo!Handsome boy there. I sure hope she gets her girl. This story has just got to continue!! ūüėČ

  8. Well Nerotic isn’t too bad, they can make sims get out of the Red Zone by freaking out and checking the sink…

  9. Tristan, ahaha.. i don’t know if that’s good or bad, but one of my 3rd generation offsprings is named Tristan too. I just love the name. Hm, two boys for Aurora. Maybe she should get married to Mortimer, and Karma would be gentle and grant her a daughter..

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