2.4 Mortimer Regenerated

When Aurora went into labour, Mortimer was nowhere to be found and she was furious. It was hard to know if it was the pain or the evilness, but Aurora cursed her unborn children’s father during the whole delivery. Elvira and Christopher took her to the hospital and everything went smoothly, except of course for Aurora’s cursing. Christopher had never seen his sweet daughter in such a state, he hoped his grandchild would not be harmed from such a dramatic delivery.

A boy was born and Aurora decided to call him Mortimer Jr. to make sure Mortimer Goth never forgot that it was his child. To her great disappointment he wasn’t a future heir, that was for sure, she had been feeling unlucky that day, it was the story of her life. The commotion of the delivery must have scared the boy for life, he was born a light sleeper and hated the outdoors. Although everybody had hoped for an heiress, Elvira found herself in love with her grandchild, his poor fragile spirit had already been put through a hardship.

“They are all sad that you were not born a girl, an heiress,” Elvira whispered holding him in his arms. “But you are my baby boy and I love you just the same.”

Christopher loved all of his children and grandchildren and being used to the dramatic characters of the Willow family, he resolved to the more practical tasks. He was happy to be cooking with his great natural cook skills for another Willow baby. He really hoped that things would work out between Mortimer and Aurora, he saw his poor unlucky daughter suffer and he could do nothing but blame himself. He’d hate to see Mortimer Jr. grow up in such an unbalanced household.

To regroup and clear her tormented mind, Aurora took to the brush for therapy. Her painting career was boosted by the drama in her life, when she was upset was when she created the most brilliant masterpieces. This was the curse of a true genius of the arts. She decided she had to calm herself down and not lash out at Mortimer for not being there when his first-born child was born. She feared she would loose him, but at the same time she raged for the unjust way he treated her.

When Mortimer Jr’s birthday came closer, Aurora went to see Mortimer Goth, she had decided not to reproach him for not being there for his son. She just told him how the boy was doing and invited him to come to the birthday party they had arranged for him at the Willow mansion. Mortimer was quick to tell her that he had an engagement elsewhere but Aurora didn’t loose her temper and just said that Mortimer Jr. would be very happy if he could come at least for a little while.

Mortimer Jr’s birthday came and the Willow’s held a private party for the boy, they all tried to disregard the fact that Mortimer Goth didn’t show up. Aurora stayed composed but when they had blown the candles and eaten the cake she could not help to shut herself in the bedroom and cry. Mortimer Jr. was very happy for the cake, the party and all the attention from his family.

Late that night, Mortimer Goth came knocking on the great mansion gate. Christopher let him in, he refrained from saying anything but gave him a disappointed look. Mortimer felt ashamed.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t come earlier,” he told Christopher. “I see how you are with Aurora and Draco and really I want to be a better father, there is just too many things happening in my life right now.”

Mortimer started walking in to the mansion.

“You know,” Christopher said. “Being a father is just one of those things that happen and if you aren’t there, then it will be too late.”

They both went inside without anything more to say. Mortimer Jr. had fallen asleep much earlier and Aurora asked Mortimer if he wanted to stay the night and see him at breakfast. Mortimer agreed, as usual when they met, Mortimer and Aurora had a passionate night together. Aurora couldn’t say if she was happy or sad, both things were utterly painful and confusing for her.

In the morning Mortimer got to meet his son and he was filled with happiness. Aurora saw this reaction and her evil heart softened a bit. Mortimer promised her that he would be there for them in the future, he was determined to be a better father.

Aurora knew that in spite of all the drama between her and Mortimer, she was on a quest, she loved no other sim in the world as she knew it and she had to give birth to a girl to bring this matriarchy forward. She was determined to have another child with Mortimer, whether he was going to be there for them or not. She had given up the hope of getting the opportunity to ask Mortimer to marry her. She had made sure to have unprotected woohoo with Mortimer and with the fertility of a regular sim, she was soon feeling the morning sickness that proved she was pregnant again.

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~ by Tota on May 2, 2010.

11 Responses to “2.4 Mortimer Regenerated”

  1. this was actually quite sad T_T
    I hope Aurora and Mortimer Jr. will not be hurt again by that bloody Goth.. first time I’ve disliked Mortimer. okay, not entirely true. curse that grumpy yet handsome son of the tophatted family.

  2. Well, I’m all caught up with your legacy now. My goodness, Mortimer Sr. had better get his stuff together and marry Aurora. Like, now. xD

  3. From Seaweedy,
    A woman has to do what a woman has to do…if she wants the female heir, I guess she has to put up with Mortimer Goth’s lack of responsibility. I admire her courage.

  4. Pixellated fathers should be there for their babies too! That Mortimer… Grrr!

  5. I hear you all, that Mortimer is hopeless. I’ve been close to give up on him several times, but now that they have a child he better change things.

  6. oh Mortimer, i really hope he gets his act together sooner rather than later. i like that Chris gave him advise (twas great advise) Chris really was a great father even when his children weren’t so great

  7. Mortimer needs to get a grip! xD Yay for baby #2! Hopefully it doesn’t take as long as it did for poor Cherry Blossom to get her girl. lol!

  8. If you want to cheat a little: bring up Aurora and Mortimer’s friendship to the point he agrees to move in (not marry) and then you can work the romance angle from both sides. Got a commitment-phobe to marry a sim that way before.

  9. Praying for a girl… Forget the Goth.. just use him for baby making.. 🙂

    I always giggle when someone says unprotected woohoo… 😀

  10. *crosses fingers for a girl*

  11. oh. how sad. all marriage plans are thrown away and she just wants to get a daughter from him..
    and i am surprised that Elvira loves her grandson so much. maybe in the old days, she’s getting more loving and warm. aww.

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