2.3 Passing The Baton

An era culminated when Christopher grew into an elder. The founding generation of the Willow legacy retired, leaving their children in charge, bringing this family forward. Elvira and Christopher could only sit back and supervise how things unfolded, but they knew, they were no longer the main characters of this story. They only hoped that Aurora and Draco would make them proud. Unfortunately it seemed to them that their children had become a bit too self-centered and spoiled. They were afraid that they didn’t put the good of the family first.

In fact, it wasn’t either his parents or the family Draco had in mind when he lured his naive fiancée to have unprotected woohoo with him before the wedding, it was only himself and his own happiness he took into consideration. And as he had predicted it in his mean plan, she got pregnant. At first Holly was terribly upset, she had always hoped to have children, but she didn’t think it would happen so quickly, they weren’t even married yet. Draco tried to console her as much as he could. 

“It will all be good, darling,” he told her. “We will get married in a blink of an eye and nobody will ever remember that you got pregnant before the wedding.”

Nothing that Draco did surprised his parents any more, they were used to his mean and manipulative way. When they found out that Holly got pregnant, Elvira didn’t feel she could oppose to the marriage any longer. If this was what Draco wanted, well, there wasn’t a lot for them to do about it. It would be a scandal and a disgrace to the Willow name if Draco didn’t marry the poor Holly. Elvira and Christopher financed the small private wedding, only the closest family was invited since it was held in such short notice. Soon Draco moved into the Alto mansion and left his old family behind, without more than a goodbye. Elvira was furious, Draco had used them all and got away with it.

Aurora was the first to pay the Willow-Alto family a visit when the twin girls, Tameka and Janelle, were born. Taking care of two newly born babies and a huge mansion was more than Holly and Draco could handle. They had decided to sell the mansion and move closer to town into a smaller, family friendly home. Aurora was sad that they were moving away, looking at the two girls made her long even more for love and a family of her own.

When Aurora returned home after her visit to the Alto mansion she was happy to announce to Christopher and Elvira that their two grandchildren were adorable. Both Elvira and Christopher felt a bit ashamed that they hadn’t paid the Willow-Alto’s a visit, after all, the two girls were their grandchildren, and even though Draco had turned his back on them, he was still their child. Maybe they should swallow their pride and pay them a visit.

Overwhelmed by emotions, in a weak moment, Aurora called Mortimer to see if they could get together and see where they stood. Mortimer came over the same afternoon and the passion between them was so strong they could not keep their hands of each other. Aurora knew then that there was no other sim for her, Mortimer was the one, with all his flaws. They just had to try to overcome their differences and love each other as good as they were capable. In that fantastic moment Aurora really believed that they could get married, have children and make each other happy, in their own twisted way, of course. Mortimer spent the night at the Willow mansion and could for the first time in a long time forget about his duties in the Goth mansion.

However, in the sober morning light, things seemed a bit different. Aurora started with morning sickness and she quickly realized that she might be pregnant. It was all too obvious. At first she was a bit scared, but when she thought of it twice, actually things could not have been better. Even though she wasn’t married to Mortimer, now she was pregnant with his child, probably a future heiress. Maybe this would convince Mortimer to leave the Goth mansion and move in with her. When she announced the pregnancy to Mortimer, he quickly realized the implications of having a child, the responsibility it meant, he was a bit concerned, to say the least. Of course, knowing Aurora’s temperament, he made sure not to show her how he actually felt.

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~ by Tota on April 29, 2010.

7 Responses to “2.3 Passing The Baton”

  1. Yay!! Finally some Willow babies!

  2. Great job. I loved it. I am still really liking your writing style and how you use Simology in the story. ex: unprotected woohoo.. LOL very original. Love it. I have an update as well. Check it out when your able.

  3. yayayayay! Generation 3 is on its way!! :DDDDDD

  4. omg yay! Aurora is finally with child! i am excited to see if its a him or her. i just hope that Mortimer does the right thing

  5. I’m so happy about the developing romance between Mortimer and Aurora, I mean, with making a gothic tale, you just have to have a Goth boarding the funtrain.

  6. From Seaweedy,
    Tota, your entries always leave me ready for more! I can’t wait to see Aurora’ baby. Congratulations to Holly and Draco on the twins.

  7. mwah! i am glad she didn’t go for malcolm. i really hope mortimer will leave the goth mansion and move in with aurora, even though i feel sad for the goth’s house all left behind.
    oh, twins. hope elvira gets to see them soon.

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